What types of ID do I need to provide?


Required ID Types for Account Set-Up

For Personal Names:

  • One government-issued photo ID. Examples: Driver’s license, Passport/ U.S. State, Territory, Tribal Driver’s or Nondriver’s ID Card / Uniformed Service ID / Certificate of Naturalization /U.S. Access Card / Matricula Consular / U.S. Permanent Resident Card
    /U.S. University ID Card / NEXUS Card
  • One secondary ID that contains your existing address- U.S. State/Territory/Tribal Driver’s or Nondriver’s ID / Current Lease / Home or Vehicle Insurance Policy / Mortgage or Deed of Trust / Vehicle Registration Card / Voter Card

For Business Names:

  • 2 ID’s of any company officer on the account.

You don’t need to be a US resident or citizen to complete your account.

Unacceptable IDs include social security cards and credit cards. For your own security, kindly refrain from uploading these.