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Managing Account

Learn how to update and add information to your account.

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  • Managing your forwarding address

    After receiving letters and packages at your US Global Mail address, you might want to get the items where you are. That’s when you need to add a forwarding address (for example: your new overseas address) to your account. 

    The forwarding addresses can be either in the US or overseas. We can also forward to APO addresses. 

    You can add UNLIMITED addresses to your account, and forward your items to different addresses every time. No worries even if you move around; forward the items to where you are. 



    NOTE: Address change in “Account & Preferences” does NOT automatically update on your open shipments. If you need to update the addresses for any shipments, you need to edit for each shipment.  

    1 Log In To Your Account, click “ACCOUNT & PREFERENCES” > My Saved Address 

    Managing your forwarding address 1

    2. Click “Manage Addresses” 

    • To add a new address, select “New Address” at the bottom. Enter other information. Click “Make this address my default address” if you want it a default address when shipping. Click “SAVE NEW ADDRESS”. 

          Managing your forwarding address 2


    • To edit address details, select that address in the “Address Book” at the bottom. Edit the details. Click “Make this address my default address” if you want it a default address when shipping. Then click “UPDATE ADDRESS”

          Managing your forwarding address 3



    To delete an address, click “Delete” the address in “My Saved Addresses”. Confirm the deletion, and you’ll get the message “Address deleted”

    Managing your forwarding address 4

  • Update Email/ Reset Password

    It is very easy for you to update your email address or password whenever you need to make a change. This can be performed directly from your account.

    You will need to log into your account by entering your username and password via our login page.

    1. Click the ‘Account’ page and you will see the following:

    Update Email/ Reset Password 5


    2a. To change your email address go to the ‘Change Login Details’ section and click “Change my email address”.

    • Enter your new address then click the “Save” button. 

    Update Email/ Reset Password 6


    • You should get the success confirmation.

    Update Email/ Reset Password 7


    2a. To change your password, go to the ‘Change Login Details’ section and click “Change my password”

    Update Email/ Reset Password 8

    You should get the success confirmation:

    Update Email/ Reset Password 9


    If you come across any issues with the above, simply let us know and we’ll be happy to help you.




  • Managing Account Names

    Your account can receive mail under of names listed in your account. 


    Adding alternative names for one person

    • You can add different names of yours (ex: maiden names) in all plans (including One-person Plan). 
    • You’ll need to show us IDs of these names (even if the IDs are no longer valid).
    • Contact us to add your alternative names to the account. 

    Adding other individuals’ names

    Except for One-person Plan, you can add UNLIMITED individual names under your account. 

    Adding names of a deceased family member

    Add the name to your account, and provide us the death certificate as 01 ID and a notarized form 1583. You can add a deceased family member’s name to your form 1583. 

    Adding companies’ names

    To use receive items under a business name, you’ll need to add a business name to your account.

    Your account must be a business account to add business names. If currently not in business plans, you’ll need to upgrade your plan


    1. Log In To Your Account, click “ACCOUNT & PREFERENCES” > Account Names

    Managing Account Names 10

    2. Click “Add New Account Name”

        Fill the name, select type of users, add notes, and upload 2 IDs for the person. 

    • Type of users: Spouse, Minor Child, Deceased/Estate, Reject: Return to Sender, or Other. 
    • Verify user IDs: We need one ID to process your shipments for all carriers except for USPS, which also requires a second ID. 
    Managing Account Names 11


    Acceptable IDs for individuals:

    General guidelines:  

    • At least one ID must have a photo of the applicant
    • At least one ID must verify the home or business address
    • ID’s lacking both a photo and address are not acceptable.

    ID’s that are acceptable: 

    • Valid driver’s license or state identification card (not a driver’s license)
    • Armed forces or government identification card
    • Passport, alien registration card, or certificate of naturalization
    • A Current lease, mortgage, or deed of trust
    • Voter or vehicle registration card
    • Home or vehicle insurance policy
    • School ID
    • Work/Corporate ID

    ID’s that are NOT acceptable:

    • Social security cards
    • Credit cards
    • Birth certificates
    • Utility bills

    Acceptable IDs for businesses:

    Per US Postal Regulations, US Global Mail must have one the following documents:

    – Incorporation certificate

    – Commercial Registration

    – Certificate for The Registration of The Name along with a photo ID of the 
      officer named in the document. 

    Click “SUBMIT” after filling the information. 

    We will review the user IDs and get back to you within 01 business day. 

  • Can I add additional names to my account?

    Yes, and for FREE, except for Personal (1 person) Plan.

    If you’re using Personal (1 person) Plan, you can upgrade to Family Plan to enjoy this benefit.