About The World's Best Mail Forwarding & Mail Scanning Service

The Earth is changing...
So should the way we do mail.

Being in the mail industry, we see first hand the mountains of junk mail that people get everyday. Which prompted us to start digging into the impact of junk mail on our planet.

We were shocked to find that of the 5,600,000 lbs of junk mail is printed every year, less than a quarter of it is recycled. Which means 4.3 Million lbs of junk mail ends up in America’s landfills every year.

gold trophy with the depiction of 10 years that a company has been in business

We figured why not use our expertise...

In handling mail to provide a better way for people to manage their mail and reduce the negative impact of junk mail in our lives.

An average American spends 32 weeks of their life sorting through junk mail! And a 100 Million trees are cut each year to print junk mail. We want to change that. We want to reclaim the 32 weeks back for ourselves and for you. And plant a 100 Million trees to reduce the forest debt junk mail creates.

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To help recycle 5,600,000 lbs pounds of junk mail every year

We shred and recycle all junk and discarded mail for our members. But that’s not enough. Our dream is to recycle ALL the junk mail that gets printed. All 5.6 Million Pounds of it. Because that would mean we not only help recycle millions of tons of junk mail that otherwise would not get recycled but we also reduce the number of garbage trucks on our streets that transport this junk mail – 340,000 trucks every year by some estimates.

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green vision

And go further – plant trees for every user to help repair the planet

More than 100,000,000 trees get cut to print junk mail every year. Yes, a 100,000,000 trees. Deforestation accounts for almost 20% of the worlds carbon footprint.

We decided to not only neutralize the carbon foot print for our members, but actually reverse it. So for each user, we plant a tree to compensate for the junk mail created for them. Are you ready to join the movement?

Our mission is to plant 100,000,000 trees

green tree in the middle of a forest that has been cut down

Let’s leave a greener planet behind

image of a green tree in the middle of a forest that has been cut down

When you sign up...

You will stop getting postal mail at your home as USPS will route all mail coming to your home, to your US Global Mail address.


The junk mail automatically reduces by 50%

As we are a registered agent of the United States Postal Service, senders of junk mail recognize your US Global Mail address is not where you live. Which is great because many stop sending you junk mail and your home address stay private.


We plant a tree in your name

We shred and recycle every piece of junk mail you might get and any mail you discard. We also plant a tree in your name when you sign up. You help us reduce our collective carbon footprint and leave a better planet behind for all our kids.

Meet our team

We are a core team of people who’ve come together to revolutionize the way we handle
mail and in the process, leave a better world behind.

Our Dharma – do the
right thing, always.

As a team, we are friends who share a common love of trees, of philanthrophy, of using technology to make peoples lives easier. We also share a strong desire to leave a better world behind for our children.

As professionals, we are alums of Microsoft, Washington Post, Barclays, Aker, AT&T, Red Cross and See Your Impact among others. We have over 10 years of experience in the mail industry and know a thing or two about handling mail!

We are driven by our core values of: Authenticity: say what we mean and mean what we say; Frugality: use our and worlds resources with respect; Optimism: trust our attitude and beliefs shape our environment and results; Durability: build organization and develop leaders to thrive for the very long term; Philanthropy: leave a better world behind.

Caring is at the heart of everything we do. Caring for our customers, our employees, our planet- that’s what drive us.

Randip Singh, Co-Founder & CEO