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  • Srividhya V

    Global Head – Marketing Intelligence & Category Analysis, Shell

    Our mail forwarding from our company got cut. US Global was a perfect solution for us! Setup was fantastically easy. Check deposits are simple with a click-snap-authorization. Using it to get medicines we need from the US. Highly recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.

  • Jodi Simasingh

    Director of Sales, AIG

    We chose to partner with U.S. Global Mail as they are indeed “The Whole Package”. Their pricing is straightforward and very competitive, which is very appealing to our expats. We are very happy with the service and recommend it highly. 


  • Evgenia Rozenfeld

    Outpost USA Manager, Shell

    Many of our Shell Expats have been using US Global Mail Services. US Global Mail creates piece of mind for the expats by providing fast and secure access to important documents in addition to saving considerable amounts of money on shipping costs.

  • Amanda


    I think they are extremely organized. I love how you get a picture of your tracking label and your shipping information

  • Amanda

    I think they are extremely organized. I love how you get a picture of your tracking label and your shipping information

  • Amanda


    I think they are extremely organized. I love how you get a picture of your tracking label and your shipping information

Expat Mail Handling in 3 Easy Steps

  • 01
    Paper mail in a physical mailbox
    Expat gets a US address

    We provide the expat/assignee a physical address (not a P.O. Box) in the US. Expat/Co. directs his mail and packages to that address. All mail is logged into a secure Virtual Mailbox, accessible 24/7.

  • 02
    Viewing Mail in Real Time
    Access Mail in Real Time

    Expat can see an image of every mail piece in his Virtual Mailbox and manage it online. No company personnel, mailroom or HR involvement. No HIPAA issues!

  • 03
    Paper mail arriving fast
    Timely and Secure Arrival of mail

    Expat controls and manages his mail and can choose how, when and where to recieve his mail. Options range from 30 minute scans to a 2-4 day worldwide express delivery via UPS, FedEx or DHL

Expat mail management

Eliminate Liability and HR Headache

Eliminate possible HIPAA violations. If you handle expat mail in house, there is a real risk of co-mingling of company and personal mail.

We’ve helped companies where mail was compromised from co. mail rooms; where company mail got stuck in customs with expat mail; and where companies had to spend $$$ to reimburse expats for lost or delayed mail.

We reduce stress and work for you. Ask for a demo on how we can help.

Save with mail forwarding

Cut Expenses

Save monthly expenses and opportunity cost related to company or HR staff performing mail functions.

International shipping regulations are complicated and ever changing. Keeping on top of what can or cannot be shipped to every country is cumbersome and expensive.

Ask how we can help you reduce costs, time and effort of handling expat mail.

Expat mail forwarding

Enhance Assignment Satisfaction

Solve a thorny issue for most expats. Our service provides them real time access to their mail (taxes, IRS notices, homestead paperwork, subscriptions etc). Mail keeps the family happy and connected back to home.

Expats tell us our service makes their settling-in experience easier. They love how they can see their mail in the Virtual Mailbox and access any urgent mail immediately via a scan. And get medicines, journals and other hard to find items shipped from the US at deeply discounted shipping prices.

Case Studies

Save with US Global Mail's business services

Outsourced mail handling saves $39,000/year

A CA based software company was using 2 full time contractors to receive, sort, pack, label and ship company mail. They approached US Global Mail and outsourced expat mail. 

Every expat got their own Virtual Mailbox to view, access and manage their mail. Expats paid for shipping their mail while the company paid for the annual membership fees for them. Expats are able to see their mail in real time and also receive any shopping they wish from the US shipped at our discounted shipping rates. We package all the expats shopping and mail into one box and save them up to 80% on shipping costs.

The company saved approximately $39,000/yr. in space and contractor expenses alone related to mail handling because of outsourcing expat mail to us.

Additionally, the company was able to enhance expat satisfaction in developing countries where expats found hard to find items their spouses and kids wanted. Sometimes, getting a jar peanut butter can make all the difference when you are missing home! 

How USGM Helped a Textbook Distributor Grow Sales by 22% in the US

Company mail stuck in customs for 3 weeks

Expats in this TX based oil & gas company could send personal mail and small packages along with the company mail. A well-meaning HR employee added an expats package to the company packet going to Saudi Arabia without checking the contents of the package.

The mail got stuck in SA customs as the package contained small Pokemon toys that one expat had ordered for his son! Poekmon toys are banned in Saudi Arabia (go figure!) so they held the entire shipment. Company legal and in country staff had to get involved but after 3 weeks, SA customs destroyed the entire shipment.

Now, we help the company by ensuring the expats can still get their items but they are never shipped with company mail. We know what can or cannot be shipped to any country. So, we advise the expat beforehand if a package contains something that is illegal for import in the expat's country of residence. This helps them avoid hassle and shipping costs.

USGM Helps A Small Retailer in India Access US Market

Expat satisfaction sky rocketed to 91%

Company with about 50 expats was managing their mail in house. Expats would get their mail usually once in 2 months depending on when the HR employee had time to sort, package and mail the items to expats. This resulted in delayed mail, sometimes to severe consequences.

An expat whose house was rented got flooded. The expat received the mail about expired home warranty 3 weeks late as the mail was delayed several weeks before it was sent out. The company had to pay the expat $14,000 in compensation for his loss due to delayed mail. 

We helped the company with our solution that lets expats read their mail the day it is delivered, via mail scanning requests. This ensures a similar situation is never the liability of the company. Plus expats love that they can manage their mail themselves rather than risk an employee inadvertently opening up their tax notices or prescription notices.

A survey done by the company 6 months after our service showed the expat satisfaction with their mail handling program had sky rocketed to 91%.

We've helped over 100 companies like Netflix, Chubb, Shell and Siemens

Since 1998, we've served expats from over 100 companies from the Fortune 500 list. We've served 80,000+ expats and shipped to over 190 countries. Let us help you save time, money and make life easier for you!

Step by step guide to mail forwarding

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do you offer for Global Corporations?

    We specialize in Corporate Expat Mail Services. We help expats of Fortune 500 companies like Netflix, Symantec, Google, Apple, Rockwell Collins, Wal-Mart, BP, Shell, Regeneron, AmerisourceBergen, Exterran, Anadarko etc. and can customize plans for your needs. Please contact us with any queries.

  • I am an Expat and would like to get this service via my company

    Many companies offer mail forwarding service to their Expats via us. Examples include Netflix, Amerisourcebergen, Anadarko, Exterran, Shell etc. Many of them pay for the expats membership fees and also cover some shipping expenses. Simply provide us the contact info of the person we should talk to and we’ll be happy to show them how our service can provide offer big savings for expats and the company.

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Help your expats save 50-80% off international shipping rates.

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USGM Helps A Small Retailer in India Access US Market

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USGM Helps A Small Retailer in India Access US Market

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