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US Global Mail Affiliate Program

Our average affiliate earns $500 every month of continuous income. Many earn $1000+

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Earn a recurring source of income

If you talk to the same audience as us, you could earn a good side income every month. No sign up fees, no contracts and no obligations. Sign up and we’ll send you a unique traceable link to add on your blog, website, newsletter, or anywhere your customers or subscribers will see.

Every time someone clicks on that links and signs up, you’ll earn $25. We’ll send you regular payments for referral sign ups. You can also track your referrals via this unique ID in your account with US Global Mail.

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Grow with us

Benefits you’ll get working with us:
• $25/customer sign up.
• Transparent monthly reports and payouts.
• Cross-sharing your content on our Facebook community of 23k followers and other social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn)
• Full marketing support – all advertsing and publishing materials and the full strength of our marketing dept.

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1. Click here to apply to the program.
2. Choose from banner ads, text links, articles, and other marketing materials and place them with your unique ID link on your website or emails sent.
3. Watch your performance and start earning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

US Global Mail has been around since 1999. Since then, it has been a privilege to cater to tens of thousands of customers some of which are leading Fortune 500 companies (e.g Shell, Netflix etc.) The lion share of our customer base consists of individuals who either want a virtual solution to their snail mail, or are frequent travelers or have moved permanently abroad and still need to access their US mail. Currently, we have a few hundred affiliate partners on our team, who have been responsible for an approximate 30% of our new customer registrations. Needless to say, your role is crucial in getting the message out to people that need a reliable virtual mailbox, via which they access mail & packages. We look forward to having you join our team!

Here at US Global Mail, we are very good about staying on top of the earnings you have received. Which is why, we have tracking affiliate links in place. Essentially, every time someone uses your link to sign up for our virtual mailbox or mail forwarding service, you will get a commission of $25. Once you sign up, we will grant you access to our affiliate dashboard. In there, you will be able to view all pending payouts you have earned, based on the number of registrations that are accredited to you.

Our marketing team consists of some of the best graphic designers & video editors you will find. We went the extra mile here, creating affiliate banners that you can add onto your website. You just plug in the collaterals we send you, into your site, and that’s it! Just kick back and watch the registrations come in.

Excellent question. The truth is, you are free to promote any mail forwarding or virtual mailbox company you like. Several of the affiliate partners we have on our team, promote a variety of mail forwarding companies. Every company fills in a specific niche within the industry. For example someone specializes in RVers, while someone else focuses more so on expat mail. We all have our role and need to work with each other, instead of trying to over extend our specialty for the sake of market share & dominance.

Since the launch of our affiliate program, we have found PayPal to be more convenient on behalf of our partners. When you sign up, make sure to tell the admin who will help you get settled with everything you need, what your e-mail account is on PayPal.

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