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    Paper mail in a physical mailbox
    Sign up to get a US business address

    5 minutes to sign up online. You’ll get a US business address to receive both personal and business mail for multiple users. Learn more.

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    Distribution service
    Direct your mail to the new address

    Inform the senders of the new address to receive mail in the new address. You’ll get near real-time notification via email whenever a new item comes to you.
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    Fulfillment truck delivering mail
    Manage your mail via Virtual Mailbox

    Log in to your Virtual Mailbox like your Gmail to check your mail. Request us to scan, ship, or discard your mail online. Learn more.

Mail forwarding process

Street US Business Address

Show your business’ presence in the US and gain access to a market of $13T.
– Receive both letters and packages in this address.
– Add UNLIMITED, both personal and business names, to receive all mail in one location.
– Store your mail at your new address, FREE 180 days for letters, and 30 days for packages.
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Cheap distribution service

Virtual Mailbox

Manage your mail more efficiently.Stay connected to U.S. customers and partners. Online. Anytime. Anywhere.
– Get near real-time mail arrival notifications.
– Log in to check and manage your mail.
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Manage orders online

Order Management

You send us boxed orders with the address for each box. We ship the items for you. Repacking is available for a small fee, if needed. No additional Fees! Usual Shipping rates apply.

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Forward your mail and packages anywhere

Forward your mail and packages domestically and internationally.
– Up to 80% OFF on shipping rates from major carriers: USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and Aramex.
– Add UNLIMITED forwarding addresses to get your mail wherever you, your customers, or your partners are.
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Case Studies

Save with US Global Mail's business services

How USGM Saves M. Designs $40,000 Every Year

M. Designs is a designer company selling bridal jewelry and accessories in the US.

Business problem: M. Designs wanted to maintain a U.S. presence when the owner’s husband was transferred to the U.K. As the company’s ambassador to the United States, returning to the U.K. would provide logistical issues for overseeing day-to-day operations at the company’s office/warehouse and limiting attendance to conventions/trade shows.

Our Solution: Using US Global Mail allowed M Designs to maintain a U.S. presence while also saving the company costs (employee, insurance, rent, etc.) of operating a business in California. Joining US Global Mail also freed the company’s management from supervising an overseas operation and allowed it to focus on other aspects (sales, quality control, etc.)

What we do for M. Designs: US Global Mail serves as an inventory fulfillment provider. M Designs’ orders are already placed when the bulk shipments arrive. USGM staff separates, inspects, packages and ships the merchandise. We enter the completed orders into the company’s mailbox and process them when a shipment request is placed.

Measurable results: Using US Global Mail’s services, M Designs has saved costs of maintaining a physical retail/office space (lease, electrical, etc.) as well as employee costs (payroll, insurance, etc.) This freed up funds to be used in other areas (marketing/advertising, travel to attend additional trade shows/conventions, etc.) The company also saved money by not having to pay California business insurance fees for maintaining a shipping warehouse there. M Designs estimates they save approximately $30,000-$44,000/yr with US Global Mail.

How USGM Helped a Textbook Distributor Grow Sales by 22% in the US

How USGM Helped a Textbook Distributor Grow Sales by 22% in the US

Textbooks Unlimited (name changed as per client request) is a worldwide textbook distributor located in Malaysia.

Business problem: TX wanted to sell books in the US and give his customers a return base in USA to build customer confidence and speed up the return process.  Also, they wanted to store books at USGM in order to speed up the fulfillment process. Instead of having to fulfill orders directly from Malaysia, which would increase costs and slow turnaround for their clients.

Our Solution: USGM provided a virtual business location for the company to seem local, provide a location to accept returns, as well as offer a shipping base to give fast distribution needs.

What we do for TX: USGM serves an order fulfillment provider and a return point. As stock from Malaysia or returns from customers arrive, USGM staff enters the books into TX's inbox. TX notes the sale in USGM system and provides a shipping address for the customer. For returns, TX is able to validate the tracking information on the returned packaging of the books to verify the customer return and refunds them at a faster pace.

Measurable results: Using USGM has allowed TX to save cost by shipping from Malaysia to customers. Additionally, having a domestic U.S. point gives its customers a faster response time and level of reliability. Customers are able to buy and return books to TX as if it were local. Accessing returned books immediately, TX is able to resell them back. This has helped the company grow by over 20% each year. 

USGM Helps A Small Retailer in India Access US Market

USGM Helps A Small Retailer in India Access US Market

Business problem:  Being based in India, Herbal CO (name changed per client request) was in need of a U.S. based distribution center for its American customers.

Our Solution: US Global Mail was able to provide a warehouse for storage and distribution of products.  This allows the items to be sent over in bulk and entered into the Inventory system.  All that is needed from the company from this point is to log into their account, select the item/s that they want shipped, and then enter the recipients address.  With the items shipping from US Global Mail, it saves both Herbal Co and their customer time and money having to deal with customs and delays in any shipment received.

Packaging:  All items when pulled are placed in a padded envelope for shipping.  This provides protection for the item, and keeps the price lowered as it is not in a bulky box.  When shipping multiple items, it is our job to find the best packing material to go with the items so that they are secure and make it to the customer in one piece. Trained employees handle items efficiently and pack securely.

Measurable Results: USGM saved Herbal Co money, time and space  for costs associated with renting, hiring and retaining employees, insurance etc., by providing our warehouse.   Herbal Co estimated USGM's services saves them about $25,000 to $35,000 in shipping fees alone, each year and a whole lot more in related costs, should they open a physical location in the US 

Why Businesses Choose to Work With Us

  • US Address for your Business

  • Virtual Mailbox with 24/7 online access

  • Business expansion in the US

  • Up to 80% savings on shipping rates

  • Ship like a local business

  • A+ customer service

  • Expert support on customs and shipping

  • Complete security with all in-house processes

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