Mail Forwarding with Virtual Mailbox and US Address
“I have had a great experience with US Global Mail. I have used it for 3 months now and it has been so easy having my mail redirected to Australia. It is very easy to view what mail has arrived. The ability to have mail scanned is very useful for urgent matters. Their website is very simple and clear and if you have any questions, they respond very quickly.”
-Carlo D.

Get your mail scanned, shredded, deposited, or shipped with up to 80% Off on Shipping Rates

Join the 80,000+ people who use a digital mail box to manage their mail. No more stolen credit cards, lost checks or mail. Since 1999, we’ve digitized over 20,000,000 million pieces of mail. Ready to move your mail to an app?

Set up your mail forwarding in 3 Easy Steps

us address

Sign Up & Get a Physical US Address

Sign up and get a physical, street address in the US (not a P.O box). Use that address to route your mail and shopping to. We notify you when we receive your items and log them into a Virtual Mailbox which you access via a secure login.

Virtual mailbox

Manage Your Mail in Real Time

In your Virtual Mailbox, you will see images of your envelopes and boxes. Tell us to open and scan your mail and/or bundle it together and ship. We will shred any junk mail and deposit checks in your bank as per your instructions.

Shipping consolidation

Receive Your Mail.
Fast & Worry-Free

When you need to ship your mail, you can do that at up to 80% less than retail shipping rates via your virtual mailbox. And save up to 80% on retail shipping rates. Cancel anytime. Prompt refunds. No questions asked.

Trusted by 80,000+ customers worldwide...

Here's what you'll get

Which Plan is Right For You?

Virtual Mailing Address


These solutions are great for:

  • Expats
  • Overseas retirees
  • Digital nomads

Physical address with mail scanning, free pre-sorting of junk mail, free shredding, and mail bundling for shipping with up to 80% off on shipping rates.

Virtual Business Address

Small business address

These solutions are great for:

  • US business address
  • US business virtual mailBox

US street address for your business, with a virtual mailbox to manage business mail online. Scan, ship or shred mail as needed.

Company Expat Mail

Expat mail handling

These solutions are great for:

  • HR / Global mobiility
  • Relocation companies

Become a hero by helping company reduce costs and HR headaches with handling employee mail in house. Eliminate risk, liability and compliance issues.

Every feature you need. In one low monthly plan.

  • -Secure, 24/7 Virtual Mailbox
    – FREE check deposit
    – FREE Images of your mail
    – Up to 80% off on shipping rates

  • – Free discard of junk mail
    – Free secure shredding of all discared mail

  • 1 account for the whole family on Family Plan

  • Excellent customer service. A live person every time you call or chat

  • 5 minutes set up. Secure cloud storage of your mail

  • Customs paperwork assistance

  • Permanent US Street Address. One address no matter where you move

  • – FREE letter storage for 180 days

    – FREE package storage for 30 days

  • – Mail Scanning upon request.

    – Read your mail within 30 mins to 2 hours

Save 50-80% off International Shipping Rates

Save 50-80% off international shipping rates

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