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Virtual Office With Business
Address, Phone & Fax.

Manage postal mail, phone calls and voice mail remotely. Access online 24/7.

Virtual Office With Business
Address, Phone & Fax.

Manage postal mail, phone calls and voice mail remotely. Access online 24/7.

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Ideal For Solo Professionals & Small Businesses

Not everyone needs physical office space. And with home offices being the new normal, it can get overwhelming to stay on stop of all your mail and phone calls. A virtual office allows you to access snail mail online, forward phone calls automatically to any number of your choice and even record phone calls. Everything you would typically need from a physical office, is now at your fingertips, accesible online at any time.

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Business Registration

If you are looking to register a new business with the Secretary of State’s office, getting a virtual office may be your best next step. The real street address and local phone number you get, can also be used for all your marketing materials & brochures, including your website, directories and Google My Business. WIth just a click, you can access everything you need to get your business off the ground.

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Cheaper Than A Physical Office

Why pay for physical office space when you can get all your work done remotely? Getting a virtual office, allows you to enjoy all the features a typical office space would give you, at a much lower price. It also provides you with virtual mail and phone forwarding technology, that are often provided at a premium by office & co-working spaces.

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Virtual Office On The Go

If you travel a lot, or simply need a more mobile work station, having a virtual office will give you that flexibility. You can access all business mail from your virtual mailbox at any time, change phone numbers or forward phone calls to another number. No matter where you go, you’re just a click away from accessing all your snail mail digitally and staying on top of phone calls.

Pricing built for businesses of all sizes.

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Customize your
virtual office plan

Built for all businesses or enterpreneurs that are looking for a virtual solution to physical office space. Same perks, flexible workplace, competitive pricing.

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Virtual Office


Per user, per month, billed annually $44.95 billed monthly

  • Local or Toll Free Phone Number
  • Real Street Address
  • Unlimited digital mail storage
  • 180 days free physical mail storage
  • Ship physical mail

Features included

Add account names
Add a company name
Exterior envelope scans
Interior document scans
Customizable for larger accounts
Digital mail storage
Free 180 Days
Physical mail storage
Free 180 Days
After 180 days
$0.25/letter/month, $1/lb/box/mont
Local Phone Number
Personal Voicemail Greeting
Change forwarding number anytime
Toll Free Number
Add on
Inbound Calls
1000 free minutes/month
Ship physical mail
Same day shipping
Shipping rates
Discounted up to 80 % off
Search & intelligence
Search by text, sender
Add On
Add On
Add On
User permissions
Integrate with 3rd party apps: DB, G Drive, QB, Expensify, etc
Check deposit
Corporate exports for all mail items
Additional benefits
Pre sort junk mail
Bundle letters for shipping
Bundle items into one box
Billed per outgoing box
Open and inspect items
Billed per item
Customer support
6 hour response time (between 8AM - 6PM CST)

All our plans come with

100% Guarantee

Don't love it? Cancel anytime within 30 days for no questions asked refund!

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Permanent Street Address

Get a PO box online while maintaining a real street address

computer devices
Smart Mailbox

Read all your mail virtually. No paper mess and a greener planet

No limits

Get mail from all your homes and business(es) or both in the same app.

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Free Check Deposit

Deposit bank checks virtually... with the click of a button.

flexible plans
Phone and Fax

Upgrade, downgrade, cancel anytime.

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We want to leave a greener Earth for our children

We plant a tree for every new member sign up

A virtual office is a physical location that comes with a real street address, a virtual mailbox platform, a local or toll free phone number and voice mail system. It is ideal for business registration and maintaining a remote office for yourself or your business. Whether you are working from home or travelling, it allows you to stay on top of all incoming snail mail, packages and phone calls. It is a preferred alternative to physical office space, due to the very low cost (less than your Internet bill) and free add on features it includes. All snail mail, phone calls and fax messages come in directly to your Virtual Mailbox and Phone Tracking platform. Both are accessible from any desktop computer or mobile device Pictures of all mail and packages that you receive, will be uploaded into your virtual mailbox platform.If you need us to scan the interior contents of your envelope, you can send us a request from within the platform. All phone calls are forwarded to your phone number of choice, with the option of changing the destination phone number at any time. Free add on features include personal voicemail greeting, phone recording and 1000 free minutes per month.

Virtual Offices have been the preferred alternative for many solo professionals and small businesses, looking to reduce administrative and real estate costs. The price for a virtual office is less than your Internet bill, while giving you access to all features you would typically enjoy in a physical office location. Additional features such as the virtual mailbox, allow you to receive snail mail online, making it accessible from any desktop computer or mobile device at any time. Any letters or important documents you need scanned, can be uploaded into your account as a PDF file. It essentially functions just like Gmail does, but for postal mail. When you sign up for a virtual office, you also have the option of having packages forwarded to you with up to 80% off retail shipping rates. Additionally, you get unlimited free check deposits, unlimited free incoming mail, free physical mail storage for up to 180 days, junk mail pre-sorting and much more. Phone numbers you select can be local numbers (with any area code of your choice,) or toll free numbers. Phone calls that you receive are documented within your phone tracking platform (also accessible via any desktop or mobile device,) can be forwarded to any phone of your choice (your mobile, landline etc) and can even be recorded.

When you sign up for a virtual office, all your snail mail, packages and phone calls are accessed virtually through a virtual mailbox and phone tracking platform. Pictures of your mail & packages are uploaded into your account. If you need some envelope opened or a letter scanned, you can typically expect that to be completed within 30 minutes. Any packages that we receive on your behalf, can be shipped to you at up to 80% off retail shipping rates Phone calls that you receive, can be forwarded to any phone of your choice with the option of phone recordings as well. You can add or customize the personal voice mail greeting, add unlimited company accounts, integrate with Google Ads, Google Analytics & WordPress.

A virtual office is a lot cheaper than a physical office. That is because you get to access your office virtually from anywhere in the world 24/7. No real estate expenses, no additional phone bills, and a ton of free add on features that you would normally need to pay a premium for, in a traditional office space. Flexibility is another perk of a virtual office. With 24/7 access to your postal mail and phone records, you can work any time of the day. Contrary to an office building where you need to comply to business hours and limited weekend access, you can make your own work schedule according to your needs. Essentially, you get a real business address, mail forwarding and virtual mailbox capability, full phone systems with all its bells and whistles at the fraction of what physical office space would cost.

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