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Virtual Mailbox
Manage postal mail online

Still going to your mailbox to get your mail?
There's a better way!

Virtual Mailbox
Manage postal mail online

Still going to your mailbox to get your mail?
There's a better way!

The Ultimate Tool to Manage Your Mail Online

smart mailbox

A Virtual Mailbox That Does It All

Imagine a mailbox that you can command to open your mail and scan it for you to read. That saves your mail digitally so you access it anytime again. That’s smart enough to filter out junk mail so you don’t have to.

Scan. Save. Print. Share. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.

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Permanent US Mailing Address. For Life

Just like you don’t change your cell phone number when you move, you don’t have to change your permanent address, no matter how many residential addresses you may live at. Sign up and get a permanent US mailing address.

Redirect your mail to that address via a USPS change of address form and… Voila! Your new permanent address in the US is ready!

virtual mailbox for personal or business on a smart phone

Simplify Your Mail - Going Digital

We notify you as soon as we receive your items and log them into a Virtual Mailbox which you access via a secure login.

See images of your envelopes. Choose to have all your mail opened and scanned automatically or choose individual items to open and scan.

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Save Time - No More Hassle of Dealing with Mail

Save important mail to your computer/cloud/drive. Handle your mail efficiently and securely. Shred whatever you don’t need -we shred all discarded mail securely and recycle paper. Manage bills, taxes, notices etc online.

Ship anything you need in its original form – credit cards/passport/ID cards etc. We’ll ship it via a traceable service to wherever you are. No more lost, stolen or misdelivered mail. Deposit checks from your virtual mailbox with a click.

How it Works

snail mail is processed & converted into virtual mail

Sign Up

Sign up and you get a virtual US Address. Use this address and forward mail from your office(s) to your new USGM address.


Paper mail becomes digital

Your mail arrives at our location. We send a notification and upload images of your mail in your secure, virtual mailbox. Get 24/7, 365 access to your mail items. No disruptions and no lost or misplaced mail.


Manage your mail online

It’s like e-mail…only better! Log in and manage all paper mail virtually. Get mail scanned, checks deposited, junk mail securely shredded, shipped if needed- all with a few clicks.

Affordable plans

Transparent Pricing. No Gimmicks. Cancel Anytime.


Per month, billed annually.
$14.99 billed monthly.

  • 1 name on the account
  • Free check deposit
  • 45 days Free mail storage

Per month, billed annually.
$19.99 billed monthly.

  • Add multiple family members
  • Upto 80% off on shipping rates
  • Free check deposit
  • 90 days free physical mail storage
  • Priority response time

Per month, billed annually.
$29.99 billed monthly.

  • Add multiple companies
  • Add multiple family members
  • Free check deposit
  • 180 days Free mail storage
  • Upto 80% off on shipping rates

All our plans come with

100% Guarantee

Don't love it? Cancel anytime.

location on the map
Permanent Street Address

Get a PO box online while maintaining a real street address

computer devices
Virtual Mailbox

Read all your mail virtually. No paper mess and a greener planet

No limits

Get mail from all your homes and business(es) or both in the same app.

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Free Check Deposit

Deposit bank checks virtually with the click of a button.

flexible plans
Flexible Plans

Upgrade, downgrade, cancel anytime.

Tree on the top of the world globe

We want to leave a greener Earth for our children

We plant a tree for every new member sign up

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual mailbox is an online mailbox, via which you can access all snail mail (USPS mail) online. Simply log into your account from a desktop or mobile device, and browse through all postal mail just like e-mail!

All your paper mail is forwarded to our mail processing warehouse, scanned & uploaded into your account. You’re just a click away to view all your paper mail virtually. Select a mail item for scanning, shredding mail shipping & even get check deposits done at no additional cost.

Virtual Mailboxes are $9.95/mo – the lowest price you will find anywhere with all the benefits!

More questions? Check out Help Center