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Virtual PO Box

View & Manage Postal Mail Online

Virtual mailbox address

Streamlined Mail Management

Get near real-time notifications with pictures of your mail. You’ll know of the sender, package size & weight, tracking, date of delivery and more. Select an item to be scanned & we’ll upload your mail onto your account.

From there you can save it digitally, shred it, or have the physical copy shipped to your location. When you sign up for a Virtual P.O Box, you will also receive unlimited mail storage for up to 6 months.

On Demand 24/7 Access

Access all snail mail online, from the comfort of your home.

No more unnecessary visits to the Post Office or being stuck in traffic. Within a couple clicks, you will be able to view all paper mail, just like Gmail! Need some item shipped? Get up to 80% off retail rates.

Cheaper Than A PO Box

Real physical space costs money. But when mail is saved in the cloud, storage fees are a lot less. This allows us to offer you a mailbox solution at a fraction of what you would pay at the Post Office.

Pick a plan, get an address and you’re off to the races.

Paperless – No More Mess

When you sign up for a po box online, all paper mail gets digitized. Access virtual mail from a phone or computer, label documents & save files online.

PO Boxes online are also embedded with tools like Dropbox & Google Drive, keeping your folders in order & your spouse happy.

A Real Street Address

Want the best of both worlds? Getting a PO box online means you can keep your home address private while also maintaining a real street address. You can even register a business using our address & streamline all incoming mail.

All mall carriers are accepted & in-store pickups are available too!

Free Check Deposit

Why drive to your bank, when you can deposit a check virtually?

We went the extra mile here, allowing you to deposit bank checks with the click of a button. The best part is that it only costs $0…yup nadda.

Up To 80% Off Shipping Costs

Due to the volume of mail we process, carriers such as FedEx & UPS will offer us lucrative discounts for shipping. These savings are passed down to you, our valued customer.

But wait.. there’s more.

Bundle items together to receive even larger discounts. See how much you can save.

Virtual PO Box For Business

Using a home address for business, is not your safest option. And getting a PO Box to register a business…not too professional. What if you could protect your privacy and still “look good” using a mailbox you accesed online?

Registering for an Online PO Box will allow you to access mail in real time & access an automated mail management system, while saving money on mailroom payroll.

Virtual PO Box FAQ

A Virtual PO Box is a platform where all snail mail can be delivered & accessed online. Think of it as a smart post office box; paper mail will be uploaded into your account in a digital format, which you can access from any smart device or computer.

The cost of a Virtual PO Box is at $10/mo; the lowest pricing you will find anywhere, guaranteed. Additionally, other perks include unlimited incoming mail, free check deposit, free letter storage for up to 180 days, up to 80% off shipping and unlimited forwarding addresses.

Getting a Virtual PO Box is very easy. First, pick a plan to get a real physical address. Then you will want to complete the 1583 Form. Finally, you will want to complete a change of address with the USPS. And that’s it!

Why drive to the Post Office every single week, when you can simply view your snail mail online? Getting a Virtual PO Box will also allow you to save it digitally for future reference, shred any unwanted junk mail and even ship the physical copy to your location at 80% off retail shipping rates.

More features to love your Virtual PO Box

  • 5 mins set up. Online.
    Anytime. Anywhere

  • Customs paperwork assistance on request

  • Pick up mail and packages on request

  • Automatic forwarding options

  • Talk to a live person. Every time. Chat, Email, or Phone.

  • Refer a Friend and Earn 01 Month Free

  • Personal Shopper Services

  • 2-month wind-down option for closing

80,000+ people use Virtual Mailbox to manage their mail since 1999