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Postal Mail Scanning

Read & Save your paper mail online 24/7!

Virtual mailbox address
Paper mail processing and uploaded into a virtual mailbox

Here’s How It Works

Sign Up & Get A US Address

Once you sign up you will get a virtual address to which all mail moving forward, will be sent to. This is just the beginning of the best rest of your life!

Pick The Item You Want Scanned

From the comfort of your own home & phone, you just pick any item in your Virtual Mailbox that you want us to scan. See dimensions, weight and a picture of the outside of your folder online. Then, we just scan your mail and upload it into your Inbox. Smart mail indeed!

View Your Paper Mail Online

At this point, the scan has been completed and you can view your mail online. Label it, save it, delete it – just like Gmail!


Desktop & smart phone view of the virtual mailbox

Why Mail Scanning

    • Access Anywhere & Anytime 

It’s always easier and cheaper to download, store or send your paper mail digitally. No more shipping hassles. No more long days of waiting for mail from abroad. No more lost mail!

    • Security Guaranteed 

When it comes to an important piece of mail, a digital version is best to ensure that the content is well kept. That is because all data is encrypted and all scanning/uploading is done by industrial machines. No more ID theft.

    • Never Miss A Check or IRS notice

Stay on top of your checks and keep good tabs with the IRS. All your physical mail is uploaded into your virtual mailbox. You can always go back, and retract from your archive. We even handle free check deposits.

    • All mail in one place

Label it, organize in different folders, download; all with the click of a mouse. It’s just like using e-mail; only better. You can also request us to ship your mail to wherever you are.

How Do We Compare

Here at US Global Mail we pride ourselves with not just offering top notch mail scanning & mail forwarding services, but with offering such services at the lowest cost in the industry!

No matter what competitor you look at, we have the lowest prices for every plan.

We have even done the research for you, and put together all major mail forwarding companies and how our prices compare to theirs. See for yourself!


Mail Scanning

Price Comparison
US Global Mail $10 – $15 180 days $0.00 Up To 80% Off Retail
Mailbox Forwarding $14.95 – $29.95 30 days $.30/letter after limit Retail
Travelling Mailbox $69.99 – $99.99 60 days $.25/letter after limit Retail
Anytime Mailbox $19.90 – $99.99 30 days $5/letter after limit Retail +$5 Markup

Mail scanning features you will love

  • 5 mins set up. Online.
    Anytime. Anywhere

  • Customs paperwork assistance on request

  • Pick up mail and packages on request

  • Automatic forwarding options

  • Talk to a live person. Every time. Chat, Email, or Phone.

  • Refer a Friend and Earn 01 Month Free

  • Personal Shopper Services

  • 2-month wind-down option for closing

80,000+ people use Virtual Mailbox to manage their mail since 1999