US Global Mail Reviews
  • Douglas



    I have used US Global Mail service for 1.5 years since moving to Japan. Having a US mailing address has relieved most of the problems about living abroad while maintaining bank accounts, retirement accounts etc in US. There has never been a problem in receiving, reviewing and forwarding mail. The prices are excellent; the best in the business and service superb. I will be renewing for a second 2 years very soon.

  • Donnell


    Customer for 3 yrs

    I have been using US Global Mail for years now and I am extremely happy with the customer service, pricing and shipping options. There are other companies out there, but I trust US Global Mail as my international mail/packaging forwarding service. I am happy to have suggested their services to friends and colleagues.

  • David L


    Mexico City

    I live in Mexico City and began using US Global Mail before moving here in December, 2015. USGM has provided perfect service. They have worked out deals with overnight carriers that make it extremely affordable to get important pieces of mail to me here in much less time than it would take for senders to send mail to me directly and at no additional cost to senders. The few times I’ve needed to speak with customer service I found them most helpful. Even if you think you don’t need a U.S address, you probably do. I highly recommend US Global Mail.

  • Kristen



    This service is amazing and so helpful. We moved to Europe and through this service we have been able to keep up with our US mail. The staff works really really quickly and I get my mail sent out so quickly as well as scanned within the requested day. I always get an email to let me know when I have mail, when it has been sent out, and when I have scans. Highly Highly recommend this service.

  • Carrie


    Hong Kong

    When we moved from the US to Hong Kong, we were worried about what to do with all of our incoming mail. Luckily, we found US Global Mail through an internet search, and it took a lot of the worry away. We’ve used the service for four years to scan our mail and for forwarding mail when necessary. We also used their service to consolidate and forward packages, which saved us money in shipping charges. They always scanned, shipped and/or consolidated in a timely manner. And they were easy to get hold of if we had any questions. 

  • Raman K


    Customer for 5 years

    I have been using US Global Mail for over 5 years now. Very satisfied with their service. They have taken good care of all my packages stored & shipped from their facility in Houston, TX. We surely recommend this company to anyone looking to use their service for personal or business use.

  • Dean


    Customer for 3 years

    We HIGHLY recommend US Global Mail! Since moving abroad there have been several (mailing) items we can not do without and even after sending all our vendors our new address some still arrived to USGM with an incomplete address. The friendly and professional staff at USGM have always been extremely helpful and proficient in coming to a solution.

    Keep up the great work and THANK YOU!

  • Nanette


    Customer for 2 years

    Their customer service is excellent. I love the scan feature which allows me to be able to view mail online without the expense of having it delivered. Good work!!

  • Mary Stone


    Google review

    Absolutely the best service I’ve ever used. Should’ve done it years ago. Every interaction and every service has been carried out in a world class manner.

  • Phil Marsh


    Customer for 6 years

    I have had an account with these guys for several years. I used to buy stuff and then ask they repack everything to save weight and volume for forward shipping. I now trust these guys. I just tick the box to repack and they do an excellent job. Very professional.

  • Dean Woods


    Google Review

    These guys help me keep track of my mail no matter where my job sends me. Its awesome to get an email letting you know what you get and the services they do for you when you get mail are top notch. If you get thrown around like a bird in a hurricane, at least you’ll know where your mail is when you land.

  • Diane


    Middle East

    As an expat living in the Middle East, I could not be happier with our decision to use US Global Mail as our “in US” address. The service and pricing has been top notch and it has made our adjustment to living overseas so much easier and more manageable! From holding mail, to compiling and forwarding on packages, we have been thrilled with all of the features available.

  • Miranda


    BBB Review

    US Global Mail has made it so easy to manage my US mail while living abroad. The turn around time for scanning and mailing is very quick and pricing is very reasonable , this makes the whole administrative process so simple.

  • Odelia


    US Global Mail always gets my packages to me and packed exactly to my specifications. Never any problems in 9 years of using this service. I live in Mexico for a good part of every year and often order things over the internet that cannot be delivered outside the USA. No problem – US Global Mail has it covered. Thanks a ton!

  • John F


    Saudi Arabia

    ‘ve been using USGM for close to a year and have had a great experience. They provide images of all of your incoming mail, and can easily scan letters for you. I’ve even had them scan in paper checks that I’ve then printed and deposited with my bank’s mobile app. Likewise, I’ve had no problems with them accepting packages, re-packaging them, and sending them to me in Saudi Arabia via Aramex (and it’s not always easy to get things shipped here). I recommend them strongly.

  • Benjamin G


    Customer for 5+ years

    As a customer, of 5+ years, I have found US Global Mail to provide top-notch service. They offer a useful service at a competitive price and are constantly working to improve services and rates to their customers. Any time I have contacted their customer support, responses have been quick and thorough. Shipments are always packed with care and mistakes are non-existent or extremely rare.

    Simply put, there is good reason they are one of the highest recommended mail-forwarding services in Expat forums all over the internet!

  • Cheryl A



    I’ve used US Global Mail now for over a year. The service is reliable and prompt. Customer service is excellent. I have heard of other expats with horror stories regarding their mail forwarding services. Some don’t scan; they just ship you everything, including junk, which you end up paying for. With US Global Mail, I have the option of discarding mail so that no extra costs are incurred. I can also request a scan of just the first page of opened mail; the scans are sent within two hours. Excellent service for the price. I definitely recommend using US Global Mail.

  • James R



    I like being able to review my mail and pitch most of it, which is what I would do if I still had a home address. When I need to see something, the scans are almost always available sooner than promised. I’ve had stuff shipped to me in Europe and Mexico with no problems. I definitely recommend US Global.

  • Randy G



    These guys live up to their promise. Shipped several times to India and to Europe while located there. Service is excellent. They can be trusted. Prices are way lower than retail shipping and even most competitors. Go with them, you will be glad.

  • Sheveta T


    Customer for 4+ years

    I am recent convert from another mail forwarding company. The reason for moving was they were charging me a whole lot more $ than what I was being shown initially. Charges for photos, scanning, invoice removal etc.- you name it. I had initially signed up with them thinking they were cheaper. NOPE. I am paying about 20% less with you guys but just the way you guys respond to my requests and provide support alone is worth the switch. I am happy camper!

  • Mansi A



    Thanks for letting me write my own customs declarations. That feature alone has saved me hundreds of $$ which I was paying earlier. Good shipping prices too with no surprises in the bill. Good job, keep it up.