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Pros & Cons Of Using A Mail Scanning Service

Is a Mail Scanning Service worth it? What are some pros & cons of having all paper mail scanned & uploaded into your virtual mailbox? This and other points (including cost) will be covered extensively in this blog.

Travelling Mailbox VS US Global Mail

US Global Mail vs. Travelling Mailbox. Which one is less expensive, offers better service? What about hidden fees? These & other topics covered extensively in this thorough review!

Pros & Cons Of Having A Virtual Mailbox

Virtual mailboxes can come in handy for expats, digital nomads, travelers, RVers and pretty much anyone that wishes to have access to their paper mail, via a virtual mailbox. Here's a list of all the pros & cons of owning a virtual mailbox!

iPostal1 VS US Global Mail – Which Mail Forwarding Company Is Right For You?

A deeper look into how US Global Mail compares with other companies. Is iPostal1 a better option?

US Global Mail VS Everyone Else: How Do We Compare?

Decision-making is so much easier when you can make comparisons. Here's a look at how we fair against our competitors.

Thinking of retiring abroad? Read this first

Retiring abroad can seem like a scary process, but we're here to break it down and explain how it can be cheaper than retiring at home.

What Is A Virtual Mailbox? Here’s Why You Need One

A Virtual Mailbox sounds complicated but it really isn't. It's a very practical and efficient solution to the important mail we must receive in paper form.