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Required Documents

Essential Documents for Your Virtual Mailbox Setup.

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  • Quick start guide


    Select your address and you’re ready to go in just 5 minutes! No documents are required to kickstart.

    Required Documents After Sign-Up: ID’s and Form 1583

    1. Two Types of ID: Depending on your plan:

      • Personal Plans: 2 IDs for every adult
      • Business Plans: 2 ID’s for the person opening the account. No additional paperwork for business is needed.

      Note: At least one ID should be government-issued with a photo. Examples include a Passport, Driver’s License, Armed Forces ID, etc. Credit cards and social security cards aren’t accepted. See more info here

    2. Form 1583: Required per US Postal Regulations. You will get a pre-filled version of the form in your account dashboard.

  • What types of ID do I need to provide?


    Required ID Types for Account Set-Up

    For Personal Names:

    • One government-issued photo ID. Examples: Driver’s license, Passport/ U.S. State, Territory, Tribal Driver’s or Nondriver’s ID Card / Uniformed Service ID / Certificate of Naturalization /U.S. Access Card / Matricula Consular / U.S. Permanent Resident Card
      /U.S. University ID Card / NEXUS Card
    • One secondary ID that contains your existing address- U.S. State/Territory/Tribal Driver’s or Nondriver’s ID / Current Lease / Home or Vehicle Insurance Policy / Mortgage or Deed of Trust / Vehicle Registration Card / Voter Card

    For Business Names:

    • 2 ID’s of any company officer on the account.

    You don’t need to be a US resident or citizen to complete your account.

    Unacceptable IDs include social security cards and credit cards. For your own security, kindly refrain from uploading these.

  • 1583 form- the why and how


    Form 1583 is a legal document that allows us to receive your mail. To ensure the safety of your mail, US postal regulations require us to receive your explicit permission via this form.

    You will find a pre-filled version in your account to sign. The form must be notarized by an official notary. 

    Depending on your country location, you may use a local official like an attorney or a bank representative to notarize the form or use our online notary service to set up an appointment and complete it online.


  • What is a notary and where can I find one?


    A notary is a licensed official who will verify your identity and provide an official stamp on the USPS Form 1583. This stamp (in English or the local language) is required on your Form 1583 for completion.

    Some options to get the form notarized include the following:

    • Notarize via Zoom call with US Global Mail’s online notary service. 
    • Using a local official, such as an attorney or bank official, who can provide a similar stamp. Notarization can take place in the country you reside in. 
    • Call your country’s US Embassy for the service, if you’re a US citizen.

    Note: Notary services do incur a small fee in most cases.