Shipment restrictions – US Global Mail

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Shipment restrictions

Before you start shipping, here's what you need to know about what we accept as well as what we cannot ship.

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  • Are there limits on the size of shipment US Global Mail can receive?

    There are no limits on the shipment size. But if you are sending us a freight shipment, we ask you to let us know in advance. Please inform us here.


  • Do you accept certified mail, registered mail, and COD shipments?

    Yes, if you select this option on your 1583 Form and registration page. 

    It’s FREE. However, we must have your explicit confirmation before receiving such shipments. 


  • What items cannot be shipped?

    Prohibited items vary by country. To see a complete list, please select check country regulations here. We cannot ship anything that is prohibited to ship by US customs laws and/or by shipping company restrictions.

    Common examples of prohibited items include flammable items such as perfume, matches, butane lighters, pressure tanks, gasoline and fuels; weapons, explosives, ammunition, scopes, guns or any parts; military and law enforcement equipment;  poisonous and toxic substances, live and dead animals, human remains, items protected under the endangered species act; etc.

    If you are unsure about what items are permitted into your country please make sure you double check this before getting items sent to your mailbox with us.