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Issues with shipments

Solve any and all issues that occur with your shipment here.

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  • What happens if my package is returned to US Global Mail?

    Sometimes shipping carriers will return a package for one of the following reasons:

    • They cannot locate the recipient’s address
    • The recipient refused the package / unpaid customs fees
    • Customer changes their mind and wants to send it to another location

    (Of course, there could be other reasons too.)

    However, all carriers will charge a return fee that is not a discounted shipping fee. All return fees charged to US Global Mail will be subsequently charged to the customer’s account.

  • Why is an item not showing in my Inbox yet?

    We upload all mail received within 24 hours.

    If a piece of mail or package is not showing in your Inbox, it could be:

    1. Item is in Lookup

    If someone sends you mail with an incomplete address, we look up your name and match such items manually to your account. This causes the disruption in the automated process and thus delays the entry of item into your Inbox. 

    2. Item is not addressed to your account names or box numbers

    You can only view items addressed to the approved names in your account. If the items has a name that is not an exact match to the name on your account, we might put it in quarantine

    This is to protect the security of your mail so we make doubly sure the mail belongs to the intended recipient.

    Contact us with details of the items to double check.

    3. Shippers have not delivered your items 

    Shippers sometimes marked an item as “Delivered” or “Attempted Delivery” when they have not yet delivered it. This is most common for USPS which sometimes marks packages that are to be delivered the same day as ‘delivered’.

    Double check a package with ‘delivered’ notification for the zipcode. US Global Mail facility’s zip code is 77043. If the delivery zipcode shows another, we recommend you contact the shipper to check where it was delivered.

    Sometimes, shippers will leave packages outside of our business hours (Mon- Fri. 7am – 6pm) and mark them delivered. We will not get the packages until the next business day to enter them into your Inbox.

    4. Holiday season delay:

    During the holiday season, USPS volume increases and First class mail delays can happen as a result. We see this happen every year. So mail is often delayed.


  • Missing Items in Shipment

    If you do not receive all items at the selected destination, reasons can be:

    1. Customs refused the items’ entry

    If customs refuse the items’ entry, the items will be returned to our facility. Then, the items will be re-entered into your inbox within 24 hours of arrival. 

    2. Items went missing during shipment 

    We used the barcode to track every single item in the warehouse. If the items processed and shipped out of our facility, your items might go missing during shipment. It can get lost in transit or confiscated by customs.

    We will make a claim with the carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Aramex) to investigate the issue. 

    Contact us with details of the shipment and items.

    • Does the package look like it was opened before it was delivered to you?
    • Pictures of any damages in the package and items
    • Copies of the purchase invoices

    3. Items not shipped out

    In some cases, the items might be mistakenly left in our facility. Upon your request, we will search our system to locate the items. 


    Please contact us if an item is missing from your shipment. We will do our best to support in any cases. 



  • Why hasn’t my item shipped?

    If your shipment is showing a status other than ‘Shipped’, possible reasons are:

    1. The shipment has not been submitted
    2. The shipment has not been paid
    3. The shipment is too big 
    4. Can’t Ship: Incomplete/Missing Declarations

    1. The shipment has not been submitted

    Please go to the SHIPMENTS tab in your account. Go to the shipment in question, its status should be New Request (can’t ship).

    Why hasn’t my item shipped? 1

    Click on Edit, and edit your shipment. Make sure to select a shipper and click SUBMIT AND SAVE REQUEST button at the end of the page. 

    Why hasn’t my item shipped? 2


    If all information entered correctly,  you will get a message stating the shipment is now in queue.

    2. The shipment was not paid successfully.

    Please go to the SHIPMENTS tab in your account. Go to the shipment in question, its status should be Waiting for payment.

    Why hasn’t my item shipped? 3


    Please click on the ACCOUNT tab at the top and scroll down to the Payment section.

    Why hasn’t my item shipped? 4

    Add a new card or update the existing one as necessary. This should ensure your shipment will be charged and shipped.


    3. The shipment is too big

    Your items combined exceed the maximum capacity for the envelope service selected. You can ship the item by either:

    • Remove some items from the shipment to meet the size requirements
    • Select an alternative shipping method 

    Please let us know how you would like to proceed. 


    4. Can’t Ship: Incomplete/Missing Declarations

    Unknown items is not an acceptable declaration for customs.

    We can open and declare the items for you at your request, but we are unable to proceed with this shipment until a more detailed description is provided.

    Please let us know how you would like to proceed.


  • What if my package is stuck in customs?

    Each country has its own regulations. Neither mail forwarding services or shipping carriers have any control over customs agents or policies in foreign countries. 

    However, we do try to get involved and help. Please let us know as soon as possible if that happens. We can work with the shippers and the local agents to find out what is needed to get the packages as quickly as possible. Customs usually require additional paperwork and/or receipts. If we need those, we’ll be sure to ask you to provide them.  


  • What if a USPS delivery comes to my box number, but I don’t have a 1583 form for that name?

    An item that comes under a name which is not already approved on your account will go into quarantine. Items in quarantine can’t be shipped, opened, or scanned. You’ll need to get the items out of Quarantine before performing these actions.

    You can view basic details in your inbox, under the “Quarantine” section. The quarantine section is to protect the recipient’s privacy and confidentiality. 

    To release the item to your inbox, you will need to:

    Add and verify the name for your account. US Global Mail is only authorized to receive mail and packages for the names on your account. 

    Provide US Global Mail your form 1583. The form authorizes us to receive your USPS mail.


  • Why do I get an “Undelivered/Unable to accept package” message from the shipper when they attempted to deliver?

    Shippers attempting to deliver outside business hours will send you an undeliverable message.

    We only receive deliveries during our business hours (8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, US Central Standard Time).

    Please ensure you don’t have any shipments delivered on the weekends as these boxes may be left outside our building and we would not be responsible for deliveries placed outside our premises.