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Receiving Mail

Everything from the type of items that you can receive, to mail notifications, security & troubleshooting.

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  • Why is an item not showing up in my inbox yet?

    If your package has not shown in your inbox, there could be several reasons:

    1. Items are in Lookup

    If anyone sends you mail with an incomplete address, we look up your name and match such items manually to your account. This causes the disruption in our automated process and thus the delay of their entry into your Inbox. Read more.

    1. Items not addressed to your account names or box numbers

    You can only view items addressed to the approved names in your account. If the items come into names that are very close to yours but not exactly as you provided, we might have put it into quarantine.

    If the item is addressed to the wrong name or box number, they will not show up in your inbox. 

    Contact us with details of the items to double check.

    1. Shippers actually have not delivered your items 

    Shippers sometimes marked an item as “Delivered” or “Attempted Delivery” when they have not delivered.

    You can double check the zip code in the tracking notification. US Global Mail facility’s zip code is 77043.

    We recommend you follow up with the shipper and ensure that they deliver the packages during our business hours (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm US Central Time). 

    1. Holiday season delay:

    During the holiday season, USPS has volume increases and First Class Mail delays can happen as a result. We see this happening every year as USPS struggles to manage their workload.

    1. Lost Item:

    It’s rare but items can get misplaced. Please contact us with all items details so we can look into this for you.

  • How secure is my mail in your facilities?

    Your mail is very secure in our facilities. We operate in a state of the art facility that tracks every piece of mail from the moment we receive it to the point it is picked up by shippers. Each incoming item has a barcode assigned to it so using scanners we know exactly where your mail is and who handled it as it goes through the warehouse. You can rest assured that we take the security of your mail seriously. Additionally, our warehouses have 24/7 monitoring, security cameras, electronic doors and alarm systems in place.

  • I didn’t get the mail arrived notification email. Why is that?

    Please contact our Customer Service Team and we’d be happy to look into this for you.

  • How quickly do you notify me when mail arrives?

    We will notify you of your items within 24 hours / same day the items arrive at our facility and you will receive an email notification in your mailbox.

  • Do you receive packages on the weekends?

    We are closed on the weekends so we would not recommend having any shipments delivered on a Saturday or Sunday. Please be sure to update your Amazon accounts for ‘no weekend delivery’.

  • Can I return packages that I accidentally got sent to my mailbox?

    Certainly. If you don’t want to forward the package then you can have the item returned. If it is a USPS shipment, simply contact our Customer Service Team and we’d be happy to write “Return to Sender” on your package and give it to USPS.

    If you wish to have a non-USPS package returned, we can help you with that too. Simply provide us with a returns label and we’ll affix it to your package. Please note that with non-USPS packages there will be a $5 return fee incurred for this extra service.

  • Is there a weight limit to the items you can receive?

    There is no weight limit but we would recommend that you check our shipping calculator to ensure you are happy with the estimated prices to ship your items. You are welcome to check with us directly too if you want to make sure we can receive your items.

  • I forgot to have my box number put on my package/letter! What do I do?

    Don’t worry! You just need to email us and let us know what the tracking number is (if you have one) and we’ll use that to identify your package. If there is no tracking number let us know the date you think the item arrived. We can help trace and find the package for you.

  • Do you allow packages too?

    Yes, you can receive packages in addition to letter mail.