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Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to common queries about US Global Mail services with our easily navigable FAQ section.

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  • I Want To Pay Month To Month. Is This Possible?

    Of course!

    If you are not ready to jump into a longer term virtual mailbox or mail forwarding plan, we have month to month plans that will help you test out the service. Granted that it’s the right choice for you, you can always upgrade (or downgrade) at any time.

    Keep in mind that month to month plans tend to be a bit more expensive (as opposed to signing up for a 12 month or 24 month plan.) But we realize the need for customers to start small, see if it’s the right fit, and extend from there.

    For any questions about our plans or our 30 day money back guarantee policy, you can contact us here.

  • Can Someone Give Me A Call? What Is The Best Contact Number?

    Here at US Global Mail, it is one of our top priorities to ensure that you have all the information you need, to make a decision that is right for you.

    We can be reached via a variety of ways, including e-mail, chat support and yes; phone support.

    To contact our award winning customer service team, you can call us at +1 (281) 596-8965.

  • Is There A Fee For Check Deposits?


    In fact, that is one of many things that distinguish us from other virtual mailbox and mail forwarding companies.

    Simply request a check deposit from within your virtual mailbox and you’re all set!

  • Do You Ship To Country XYZ?

    US Global Mail has partnered with the largest shipping companies worldwide, including UPS, FedEx and DHL.

    As such, we are capable of having any item that is allowed by customs into the country you reside in, shipped. Not only that, but we can typically get you up to 80% off your typical retail shipping rates!

    Simply add your address and desired delivery time, and we will take care of the rest from here.

    Need to look up shipping rates?

    Use our shipping calculator to compare pricing and save big!