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Closing your account

Simple and worry-free steps to close your account with US Global Mail, with assistance every step of the way.

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  • What do you do with mail that comes to a closed or suspended account?

    USPS regulations require US Global Mail to accept incoming mail sent to an address for 6 months after the date of cancellation. 

    After this period, any mail existing in storage and any new mail items received will be returned to sender and or shredded.


  • How do I close my account?

    You can cancel your account via your Virtual Mailbox, in Account Settings anytime.

    Here’s how to do so:


    1. Log In To Your Account, go to the SETTINGS and click ACCOUNT DETAILS



    2. Click on the “CLOSE ACCOUNT” button at the bottom right hand corner:




    3. This will make a popup appear where you need to acknowledge that any mail coming into your account once closed will be securely shredded. Your account will be closed effective immediately.


    (Please noteThe 1583 form only requires us to receive mail for 6 months on your behalf but if you want to have the mail forwarded your account must be open. We do not forward mail on your behalf)




    Closing at the end of your term

    If you wish to cancel at the end of your current term instead of immediately, please email us your request to and our friendly Customer Service team can assist with that.



    If you leave in the middle of your account term, you will not get a refund. 



    Forward Your Mail 

    Make sure to notify your senders of the new address. 

    Per United States Postal regulations, mail addressed to an addressee at a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA) is not forwarded through USPS.

    It is a long-standing USPS policy that only addressees can refuse mail, and the CMRA agent is not the addressee.  CMRA is unable to refuse mail for its customers because the customer is the addressee, not the CMRA agent, even after the account is closed, for until 6 months after closure.

    Following these regulations, US Global Mail, being a CMRA, is required to accept mail of former customers for up to 6 months after termination of service. After the 6-month period, US Global won’t accept mail addressed to a former customer. 

    USPS rules also stipulate that a CMRA cannot return mail to sender, or return it to the Post Office, or redeposit mail in the mail stream without new postage.