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Available addresses

Your address will be a street address, not a PO Box. So you can recieve both mail and packages at your address. Find out what your address will look like.

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  • What if I want my address to be in LA or NY or FL etc.?

    Your address with mail forwarding services is state-agnostic. Once you fill out a redirect form with USPS, it will forward your mail to the new address, irrespective of where it is in the US. That means the senders don’t need to know your address in Houston and can keep sending mail to your old address. You can receive your mail as if your address never changed.

    If you are moving overseas, the State of your address is in matters even less. You access your mail 24/7 via the Virtual Mailbox.


  • Where will my address be?

    Your address will essentially be in the cloud!

    We are headquartered in Houston, TX with addresses available throughout the US.

    Getting an address in Houston, TX will in no way delay the delivery of your mail. All mail is redirected by the USPS at a central facility, therefore making expected mail delivery times the same regardless of whether you get mail at our location in Houston, or our partner addresses.

  • What will my address be?

    Your address will be an actual Street Address, not a PO Box. It will have this format:

    Your Name or Company
    123 Sample Street.
    City, State
    Zip code

    For example, if you select our Houston, Texas address it will have the format:

    Your Name or Company
    1321 Upland Dr.
    Houston, TX

    US Global Mail provides virtual addresses throughout the US for you to pick from.

    *NNNN is the box number. PMB stands for Personal Mail Box, but once your address is moved, you can use Suite, Apartment or Office number.