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Where we ship

How do you get your packages? Learn about where we ship and how you can pick up your items.

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  • How much does it cost to ship one letter?

    Shipping costs depend on several factors: weight, dimensions, destination, carriers, shipping method, etc.

    You can get an estimate of shipping rates here:


    We offer up to 80% discounts on shipping rates, depending on carriers and methods.

    Please note that our rates don’t include tariffs, customs, or taxes.


  • Can I pick up my mail and packages in person?

    You may, but please note that we are not set up to handle walk-in pick up requests efficiently and it causes a disruption in our normal business operations. 

    There is a handling fee for pick-ups. 

    For letters: $5 flat fee. 

    For packages: $15 service fee plus $1/pound

    Learn more here


  • Do you ship to locations within the U.S.?

    Yes. Many customers living in the U.S. use our services to manage their mail and packages. Those who are often on the move (RVers, Globetrotters, Sales Reps, etc.) love our service features and our discounts on shipping. You can save 30-50% over retail shipper rates shipping within the country. See savings in our rates calculator.


  • What countries do you ship to?

    Most all countries that the US govt. allows shipping to. Check if your country is available in our shipping calculator here.