Why is an item not showing up in my inbox yet?

We upload all mail received within 24 hours.

If a piece of mail or package is not showing in your Inbox, it could be:

1. Item is in Lookup

If someone sends you mail with an incomplete address, we look up your name and match such items manually to your account. This causes the disruption in the automated process and thus delays the entry of item into your Inbox.

2. Item is not addressed to your account names or box numbers

You can only view items addressed to the approved names in your account. If the items has a name that is not an exact match to the name on your account, we might put it in quarantine.

This is to protect the security of your mail so we make doubly sure the mail belongs to the intended recipient.

Contact us with details of the items to double check.

3Shippers have not delivered your items 

Shippers sometimes marked an item as “Delivered” or “Attempted Delivery” when they have not yet delivered it. This is most common for USPS which sometimes marks packages that are to be delivered the same day as ‘delivered’.

Double check a package with ‘delivered’ notification for the zipcode. Your zip code can be found in the virtual address you signed up for, at the bottom left of your virtual mailbox. If you signed up for US Global Mail’s Houston address, the zip code is 77043. If the delivery zipcode shows another, we recommend you contact the shipper to check where it was delivered.

Sometimes, shippers will leave packages outside of our business hours (Mon- Fri. 7am – 6pm) and mark them delivered. We will not get the packages until the next business day to enter them into your Inbox.

4. Holiday season delay:

During the holiday season, USPS volume increases and First class mail delays can happen as a result. We see this happen every year. So mail is often delayed.

5. Lost item:

It’s rare but items can get misplaced. Please contact us with all items details so we can look into this for you.