How do I view my invoices?

To check any payments or invoices:

1. Log In to your account > Go to Billing History


2. View details of the invoice

Click “Download” to view an invoice and see its details. You can see what the charges include.


2. Understand Payment dashboard 

Invoice ID: Each invoice has a unique ID for accounting tracking purposes.

Invoice Type: Different invoice types include:

  • Account Fees: Monthly or annual or 2-year account fee
  • Referral: 01 month FREE earned from your referrals, automatically set at $0 in your account.
  • Bill: Including fees for shipping, scanning, consolidation, etc…

Created: Date the invoice is created, usually the date your request is processed

Due Date: Date the charges must be paid

Status: If the invoice is paid in full or not paid (not attempted yet)

Paid On: Date that the invoice is paid

Amount: Amount of the invoice

Paid Through: How the invoice is paid: Card, Waved, etc…