Changing Your Service Plans

When your needs change, you can change your plans accordingly.

Changes to your plan are done in your account. Your plan will change at the end of your billing cycle.

To change your plan immediately, please contact us with the following details:

  • Box number 
  • New service plan you’d like to use
  • Date of change

We’ll make adjustments to your account.



If you’re changing to a longer-term plan or feature-richer plan, you’re upgrading your plan. For example: From Individual Plan to Family Plan. 

To upgrade your account, follow these steps:


1. Log In To Your Account > Settings > Account Details > View Plan Details


Click on “Edit Subscription” 


2. Select the new plan

You’ll be provided a list of plans to upgrade in the dropdown menu.

Select the plan you want to update to. The charge for updating will be displayed.

Click “Update Subscription”.



3. Update your payment method if needed.