Penalty For Private Use $300

What does penalty for private use $300 mean? Read more below.

Have you recently received a piece of mail that had an official looking seal on it and maybe the words “Penalty for Private Use $300”? Did that piece of mail make you a little bit nervous, make you kind of wonder why you’re receiving the type of mail that could involve a penalty at all, and whether or not (or how) that penalty might apply to you?


If so, just know that you are definitely not alone! In fact, a whole lot more people than you might expect receive pieces of mail just like this almost every day – way more often than anybody realizes, and a lot more often than anybody talks about.


At the same time, not everyone understands what this official looking seal or what this very specific directive means – especially those that are receiving private and personal pieces of mail. Thankfully, though, by the time you finish this detailed guide you won’t have to worry about any of those questions any longer. Below we run through (almost) everything you need to know about the special kinds of mail, about what this message means, and about whether or not you are going to be on the hook for any $300 fines in the near future. Ready to jump right in? Let’s get into it!



I Received a Letter That Says “Penalty For Private Use $300” – What Does That Mean?


Okay, let’s talk about this for second. You’ve just gone to your PO Box or checked the mail at the end of your driveway and discovered a piece of mail you’ve never seen before. Out of nowhere there’s a piece of mail in there that has a very clear warning, that anyone that uses that piece of mail for private use is going to be on the hook for a $300 fine. Combine that with the official looking stamp and seal that almost always is included on these envelopes as well and you might be wondering what exactly has landed in your mailbox.


Well, we can tell you that this mail is almost always official mail that has been sent by some governmental agency. Maybe it’s from a small governmental agency, maybe it’s from a government agency that you are used to seeing on the news all the time, or maybe it’s from the office of a government agent or representative. It’s possible that the envelope could be from any of these different sources (or any number of other government sources, for that matter) just because this verbiage is included on envelopes that are prepaid in bulk specifically for use with the US government.


Am I in Trouble Somehow?


No, you aren’t going to find yourself in trouble if one of these envelopes finds itself in your mailbox. The message really isn’t for you at the end of the day, but is instead for the person that sent that piece of mail to begin with. You see, when the government orders all of these prepaid envelopes (usually always pretty stamped as well, with postage paid) they have very specific reasonings and very specific accounting for them.


Those envelopes and that postage was not paid for by US taxpayers so that anybody working for the US government could take a whole bunch of them home and drop them in the mail. No, these envelopes are very specifically intended for government usage only. They are not at all intended for use by private citizens, or by government agents that are looking to save money on their own personal postage. Because you didn’t use this envelope to send anything to yourself (or to anyone else) you don’t have anything to worry about.



Should I Be Nervous About This Showing Up on an Envelope Sent to Me?


As we highlighted just a moment ago, you really don’t have anything to worry about if this envelope is sent to you – at least you don’t have anything to worry about because of this envelope specifically. There may be something in the envelope that you should be concerned with (or something that is particularly important or pressing for you to open right away), but the envelope itself – and that “Penalty for Private Use $300” warning – really doesn’t mean all that much for nongovernment employees and agents. You can rest easy. You won’t be on the hook for this penalty!


What is Official Mail?


Official mail is pretty much anything sent directly by the official representatives of the US government, their agents, or employees and contractors of these governmental organizations and bodies. Like pretty much everything else the federal government purchases as far as supplies are concerned, envelopes and other office supplies are ordered in bulk – often times years and years in advance. The last thing that the US government wants to worry about are some of their employees not having stamps on hand to get important documents or important notices in the mail and to the people that they are intended for.


At the same time, the US government understands that there’s always going to be a temptation for employees to want to get their hands on some of this “free mail” so that they can send their own letters, bills, and documents through the USPS without having to cover postage all on their own.


Think about it for a second. Don’t you think there’d be at least a bit of a temptation to want to send all of your mail 100% free of charge through the post pretty much forever? Because the US recognizes that this temptation is always going to be there, and because they know that they need a mountain of these supplies on hand, they have instituted a very specific – and pretty steep, if we are being honest – penalty for those that abuse that these supplies.


The E060 Official Mail penalty (as outlined by federal law) has been instituted to let everyone know that these envelopes are not for private use or personal misuse. Every single piece of official mail that goes out – which is every piece of mail specifically from a government body, government employee, or government agent whether that mail is sent to another government agency or a US civilian – needs to have some very specific things on the envelope.


For starters, the complete return address (including the agency name and the mailing address for that facility) needs to appear in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope. On top of that, the preprinted words “official business” and “penalty for private use $300” need to be included directly below that return address information. If these things are not found on these envelopes there can be a variety of different penalties assessed to the individuals that send that mail out with postage paid by the US taxpayer. The least of them (and the most common) is that $300 penalty that is clearly marked in the first place!



What is Franked Mail?


Mail that is “franked” sometimes has this message on it as well. This kind of mail is very specific, sometimes being referred to as Congressional Mail, and is the mail that gets sent without any postage whatsoever by members of Congress, members elect of Congress, and even the vice president of the United States.


There are a handful of other authorized agents of the US government that are legally allowed to send mail “franked” through the USPS – a postage service that basically means these people don’t have to pay a penny to send anything via the USPS.


The reason that this mail is called “franked” mail is because it is always identified quickly by a very specific marking that is printed somewhere in the upper right-hand corner of the envelope. Sometimes this “franking” simply says “MC” – the abbreviation for Member of Congress – or sometimes it says USS, the abbreviation for US Senate.


The franking essentially tells the USPS that these pieces of mail do not have to have any postage attached, don’t have to have any stamps attached, and are instead eligible to travel through the USPS system 100% free of charge.


Obviously, not everyone is going to be able to use a “franking” system to move mail through the USPS. But those that have the ability and the authorization to get pretty familiar with this process in a hurry. It isn’t at all unusual for mail that has been franked to also have the “penalty for private use $300” information attached somewhere on the envelope, almost always directly beneath the return address.


This isn’t necessarily required on every piece of mail that is franked (especially mail franked by members of the U.S. Senate), but because these government agencies are usually using the same envelopes that every other government agency is they might be labeled automatically ahead of time.


Where Can I Learn More About What Penalty For Private Use $300 Means?


If you have received a piece of mail that has the “penalty for private use $300” label on, or a piece of mail that has been otherwise franked, and have questions about it there is a single resource you can lean on that’s better than anything else, and that’s your local post office!


Your local postal employees are going to be able to provide you with a tremendous amount of information about these kinds of mail, these kinds of markings, and these kinds of messages. They are going to be able to clear pretty much everything up for you in a hurry, especially since the odds are good that they’ve handled a lot of this kind of mail in the past – even if you haven’t ever seen it before.


On top of that, they’ll also probably be able to tell you where that mail came from, what kind of government agency is looking to reach out to you, and other details that might not have been immediately obvious, too. When all is said and done these are resources you’ll want to lean on when you have any questions with your mail, regardless of whether or not the “penalty for private use $300” wording is on the envelope or not! Anytime you have a post office question or a question about mail you weren’t expecting in your mailbox, these are the folks to reach out to.



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