DHL With Delivery Courier

What does DHL With Delivery Courier mean? Read more below.

If you have seen the message “with delivery courier” when you’re expecting a package from DHL, you might be feeling confused and frustrated. What does this message mean and why are you seeing it? It’s vague and confusing, and it doesn’t really describe where your package is. “With delivery courier” means that your package is on the final leg of its journey, and you will have it soon. The courier, who will be the person to actually bring the package to your door or mailbox, has picked it up from the distribution center and is bringing it to you now.


dhl worker at a counter


What Does “With Delivery Courier” Mean?


If a package is “with delivery courier,” you should usually expect it to be delivered that day. This message indicates that the package has reached the last distribution center, been sorted, and is now on its way to you. The message does not let you know what time of day the package should arrive, but it is a clear indication that – unless something goes wrong – it will arrive that day. It is rare for packages to fail to arrive after this message has been displayed, unless you are unable to be at home to receive it. This is probably the most important message that DHL can show you, because it is telling you that your item is almost there – and this is the only part of the process that might require action from you.


What Do I Need To Do?


This depends on the kind of package that you are expecting. If you know that the package can be safely left on your doorstep or in your mailbox and there is no issue with this (it will not require a signature, it isn’t too big, etc.), you don’t need to do anything. You can go about your day as normal, and the package will arrive at some point.


However, if you are expecting something that requires a signature or something that is too big for the mailbox, you will need to make an effort to stay at home, or ask a neighbor to get the package for you (assuming the package allows for this). If you aren’t able to stay at home, be aware that you may need to collect the package from a depot later. However, you will usually have to wait until the next day. If the courier cannot deliver the package, it won’t be returned to the depot until the courier finishes their whole route – and this may be late in the day. For this reason, pickup will not be scheduled until the following day at the earliest. If you need your package urgently, it’s important to stay at home until it is delivered if you possibly can.


courier driving holding a package


Who Is The Delivery Courier?


This phrase refers to the man or woman who will bring the package to your door. They will collect all the packages for a given route from the central depot early in the morning, and then they will work their way along this route, delivering each package. This message is only displayed when the courier actually has your parcel in their bag or vehicle. If it is still at the depot, the message should not appear. Other DHL workers will not be referred to as delivery couriers, even if their job is to deliver mail from one depot to another. This will usually be conveyed by a message such as “in transit,” rather than making a reference to the person actually moving the package. The term “delivery courier” is reserved exclusively for the person who brings the mail from the final depot to your home. You may even get to see this person if you are at home waiting for your package.


How Soon Will My Package Arrive?


One of the frustrating things about the “with delivery courier” message is that it does not tell you how soon to expect the package. However, if it’s with the final handler, you may be wondering if it will be with you in the next hour or two. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to tell. Each delivery courier will have a route with many different addresses on it, and they will go to these in whatever order is the most efficient. This may mean that your house is the first, the last, or somewhere in the middle. There is no way to tell, and unless your tracking information offers a delivery estimate, you can’t do anything but wait.


This is frustrating, but unfortunately it is just how the mail works. If DHL offered estimates and then the driver fell behind on the route, many customers would get frustrated and upset because they would be waiting in and the delivery would be late. It is therefore better for DHL to simply let you know it will be delivered that day, without any further information. There is no way for you to tell when it will arrive, because routes are set by DHL and you won’t know which other houses are being delivered to. This means that even if you get regular DHL deliveries, the times will vary enormously depending on who else is getting a delivery that day. You might sometimes get a delivery first thing in the morning, and at other times, not until late. The only guide that you have is that DHL attempts to deliver to residential addresses before eight PM. That means if the day has mostly passed, your delivery should be very soon. However, this is only an aim, rather than a guarantee; your package could be delivered well after eight in some circumstances.


package being delivered


If I Missed My Delivery, Will It Be Reattempted The Same Day?


You might be wondering whether the driver will come back to your house with your package if you have missed the delivery once. Unfortunately, the answer is no. The driver has a lot of houses to get to and a full day’s worth of deliveries, and they will not return to your property just because you missed the delivery. They will usually take all undelivered packages back to the depot after they have finished their delivery route. The following day, yours will be slotted into a delivery route again, possibly with a different courier and a different set of houses.


Delivery will be attempted a second time. If this is missed, you may be given the option to pick the package up yourself, or a third attempt may be made. With each missed delivery, you should get a card informing you about what to do next. You cannot ask for the driver to return to your address that day. This is frustrating if you need the package urgently, but drivers are given full routes and once they have moved past your address, they can’t come back to it until a new route is issued. You should note that the delivery time will vary from day to day, because the route will have changed. A missed delivery at 11 in the morning does not mean the delivery will be attempted at 11 the following day. Routes are constantly changing, and drivers will deliver when it fits into their route, and not at a specific time.


It’s After Eight And My Package Hasn’t Arrived


If your package hasn’t arrived and eight PM has passed, don’t despair. It is possible that your driver is simply running late. This could be due to traffic, bad weather, or deliveries taking longer than anticipated. Your package may still be delivered that evening, but if the driver falls very behind with the route, it might be pushed back a day. If this happens, the package will be returned to the depot, and reassigned on a route the following day. This is very frustrating, but unfortunately it does happen sometimes. Drivers cannot always avoid traffic issues, vehicle issues, etc. They also cannot keep working all night, so at some point, they will have to stop the route and return any undelivered packages to the depot. If this happens, a delivery will automatically be rescheduled to the following day, and your package should arrive then.


dhl driver delivering a package


What’s The Latest My Package Should Be Delivered?


If your package does not get delivered on the same day as it switches to the “with delivery courier” message, you might be wondering what the absolute maximum amount of time you could be waiting for your package is. The maximum is four working days, and it is unusual for it to take this long. However, do be patient if your package does not arrive on the same day as you see the “with delivery courier” message, because this is not a guarantee that you will have it that day. It is merely letting you know that the package is ready to be delivered to you, and the delivery courier has it. While it’s frustrating to have to wait up to four more days for a package, it is rare for this to happen, and all you can do is remain patient.


What’s The Difference Between “With Delivery Courier” And “Out For Delivery”?


You may also have seen the message “out for delivery” displayed when your package reaches this stage. If so, you might be wondering what the differences between the two messages are. There is no significant difference between “with delivery courier” and “out for delivery.” Both of these mean that the package has been picked up by the courier at the warehouse, and it is in the courier’s vehicle, waiting to be delivered to you.


Either of these messages will mean that package is part of a scheduled delivery route, and it is on its way. You don’t need to worry about which one appears, because they both convey that your package should be arriving imminently. It is possible that “with delivery courier” means that a local courier is bringing the package, rather than a DHL employee. This occasionally happens when DHL is unable to deliver to your area, or it is logistically better for them to pass the package to another courier. However, this is quite rare, and should not have any impact upon your package or its delivery. In general, DHL staff will deliver the packages in person.


calling dhl for missed delivery


Should I Call DHL If I Missed The Delivery?


If you are not at home for the delivery, you might be wondering whether you should get into contact with DHL to book a re-delivery. The best thing to do in these circumstances is to read the card that should have been left if you missed a delivery. This will give you information about what DHL will do now and what you should do. If you need to re-book, you will be instructed to do so. If you have not got a card, it means that the courier has not been to your property yet. If it has reached the end of the delivery day and this is the case, you will need to wait and see if your item is delivered the following day instead. Do not try to contact DHL unless you have a problem that you need to resolve. In most cases, they will attempt re-delivery automatically. You can also usually go online to update your delivery preferences or reorganize a missed delivery. In some instances, you may be able to collect the package from a local depot yourself, rather than waiting for a courier.


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The message “with delivery courier” means that your package has been scanned by your courier and they are bringing it to you. You should have it that day, or in the following few days. However, waiting in for deliveries is frustrating, time consuming, and unrewarding. Unfortunately, it is something that many people end up doing, especially when packages need to be signed for, or they are too bulky for a mailbox. If this process annoys you, consider getting a Virtual Mailbox. This allows you to take deliveries at any time, no matter where you are, and eliminates all the fuss and frustration of waiting for a package that never shows up.

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