Top 10 Reasons Why Your Businesses Should Switch to a Virtual Mailbox Service

Smart small business people build their strategies for success from an amalgam of deep research, collective wisdom, purposeful networking, and technology to keep their companies profitable, agile, loved by customers and reviled by their competitors.

Laser Focus and Virtual Mail Service Empowers Small Business People

“They make it all about me,” exclaimed James N.,  a US Global Mail customer of nearly 20 years. “How can they save me time? How can they make my employees more productive? How can they deposit my checks in the bank without my having to walk to the bank? I highly recommend US Global Mail to any business owner or manager. They will lighten your workload or keep trying!” 

virtual mail

Operating since 1999, US Global Mail walks the entrepreneurial walk and talks that way too. Achieving another #1 ranking for our Enterprise Mail Service was more than a big deal for our little, but growing company. This award comes hot on the heels of USGM being named the “#1 Virtual Mail Service in the World” by Top Consumer Reviews magazine.

We humbly attribute the accolades to our relentless passion for serving our customers and our never-ending attention to “the little things” in business that add up to so much.

CEO Tashi Nibber explains, “We got where we are today by dedicating ourselves to a constant mission of improving processes and services for our subscribers. Specifically, we share the strategies for using our service that have helped our other enterprise clients succeed and help them automate their protocols for physical mail.”

The most successful entrepreneurs – regardless of their industry or specialty – know the value of process automation in their businesses and maintain a career-long lookout for more game changing efficiencies. Some brave small business-owning souls strike out on their own, willing to take the lumps and learn from their mistakes. Others seek out new partners or mentors to show them the way. 

The vast majority of entrepreneurs, however, choose to walk a very different path. 

The Entrepreneur’s Business Model for Success

These bright people – small business people and entrepreneurs by and large – build their strategies for success from an amalgam of deep research, collective wisdom, purposeful networking, and technology to keep their companies profitable, agile, loved by customers and reviled by their competitors.  These business people recognize that virtual mailbox services have become an indispensable tool in their daily lives – one efficiency among many insights business people work so hard to uncover.

virtual mail

“My company saves $30,000 every year by using a virtual mailbox service instead of receiving the physical mail ourselves. We use US Global Mail’s enterprise virtual mailbox service because of their reliability and longevity,” exclaims international businessman and software development manager Clint Wilson.

“They just launched a scan bundle that saves us even more money. Plus, their customer service was just beyond anything I had expected.”

10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Virtual Mailbox Service

According to our own primary research conducted over countless Zoom interviews  with actual enterprise virtual mailbox customers, we sussed out the reasons why savvy small business people choose a virtual mailbox service over snail mail post. If you’re getting an idea of what a virtual mailbox service can do for your business, great!

virtual mail

Here are a few more:

Privacy and Security

By using a virtual mailbox for business purposes, you can keep your personal or home address confidential. This ensures your privacy and prioritizes the personal safety of you and your family. Virtual mailboxes also reduce the risk of identity theft and mail fraud.

Mail Management Efficiency

US Global Mail virtual mailbox services offer features like mail scanning, forwarding, secure shredding, and package shipping. This streamlines your mail management workflow, saves time, and allows you to sort your mail digitally, and reduces physical clutter. (Plus, mail management on your phone can happen from anywhere.)

Time-Saving Convenience

Instead of hiking several blocks to the nearest physical mailbox,  post office, or bank – or tasking a distracted young underling with the errand – a virtual mailbox allows you to receive, view, and manage your mail from your phone or other device. Since we shred the junk mail and recycle it too, your time-saving device also bats on Mother Nature’s team (so do we!).

International Expansion

Maybe this isn’t in the cards for every business, but never say never, right? Virtual mailbox services like US Global mail offer physical addresses in the US, enabling businesses to establish a local presence without the need to rent office space. This facilitates international expansion and opens global business opportunities too.

Virtual Mail Management

Virtual mailbox services usually offer digital mail management platforms that allow you to view, sort, and search through your mail physical mail electronically. This digitalization enables better organization, archiving, and easy retrieval of important documents. You can even set up automations to  filter, and sort mail based on pre-set rules or criteria. This saves entrepreneurs time by prioritizing important mail (like checks!), eliminating junk mail, and reducing office clutter.


When you compare them side-by-side, virtual mailbox services from US Global Mail are more affordable than maintaining a physical office or hiring mailroom staff.  By leveraging a virtual mailbox service, entrepreneurs can save money on rent, staffing, and operations, making it an attractive option for startups and small businesses just getting on their feet.

Mail Forwarding and Consolidation

If you travel frequently or operate in multiple regions, a virtual mailbox service can forward your mail and packages to any location you choose, ensuring you never miss important documents or packages. US Global Mail also has decades-long relationships with international shippers that make it possible for our customers to save up to 80% off international shipments! 

Digital integration

Virtual mailbox services often integrate with other digital tools and services, such as email, document management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and even artificial intelligence productivity boosters like ChatGPT. This can streamline workflows and allow for seamless integration of mail-related tasks with other business processes.

Business expansion and market research

Virtual mailbox services empower forward-thinking entrepreneurs to establish a beachhead in new markets without the need for an actual office. This facilitates market testing and expansion strategies, allowing your company to assess the viability and demand for their products or services before committing to a new, costly, and probably permanent location.

Environmental sustainability

By using a virtual mailbox service, entrepreneurs can contribute to reducing paper waste and the gigantic carbon footprint associated with traditional snail mail systems. Taking your mail management completely digital aligns with the sustainability goals of environmentally-friendly businesses.

Is Your Business Still “Running” on Snail Mail?

virtual mail

Ever hear the expression, “you’re working harder than you need to be?” No? How about, “Work smarter, not harder?” Same principle. Hence, the question in the header.

In the age of the InterWebs and artificial intelligence, why should you spend another hour – and who knows how many paper cuts – opening the daily mail? Obviously, there’s a better way. It’s called a virtual mailbox and you can get the best from US Global Mail right here

The immediate advantages will make you forget to check the ol’ physical mailbox forever:

  • No more paper mail
  • No more junk mail (it gets recycled for you)
  • No more hours spent sorting the office mail (instead, do it in seconds on your phone)
  • Forward, scan delete, save, or shred mail with a click
  • Automatic check deposits 

Besides being a huge level up in time management, US Global Mail also employs bank-grade encryption to ensure your privacy, security, and the safe handling of your mail. Customers enjoy uninterrupted, protected access to their virtual mailbox. They like knowing that they’re still in control of their mail. 

How Does a Virtual Mailbox Service Work?

People ask us all the time, “How does a virtual mailbox work?” The GIF we create for our home page tells a short, but compelling story: physical paper mail gets sent to us, we scan it and notify you, then recycle your junk mail and plant a tree in your name.

Truthfully, we only plant the one tree in your honor when you become an enterprise customer – but we’ll gladly pitch in a few more, if you want to lay down some roots with US Global Mail! 

Here are a few of the basic details regarding your journey to a virtual mailbox for your company:

  1. You subscribe to the enterprise plan.
  2. Then you complete a change of address form, redirecting your mail to one of our high-tech mail processing facilities.
  3. We automatically photograph and upload pics of the exterior of your mail and packages to your online inbox.
  4. Now, you get to log-in and sort your virtual mail with the device of your choosing. Save, scan, forward, shred or ship to yourself or someone else.
  5. We automatically shred and recycle your junk mail.
  6. We plant a tree in your name via the green folks at I know we already mentioned this, but the environmental benefits of virtual mail are practically incalculable!
  7. You wonder: why didn’t my company do this back in ’99!? 😉

Want the granular, nitty-gritty, electron microscope detailed view? We totally get it. We created the How It Works page for people just like us. Er, you. Click over now and stroll through our work process! Or, if you want to see us in action, schedule a demo

The Bottom Line

As a small business person, entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, contractor – or however you choose to self-identify – capitalism often boils down to the same tired, yet sadly true cliché. Time is money. You make the most of both by automating some processes while transforming your business to a paperless model. More than email, this means switching from receiving snail mail at the office to a flexible virtual mail plan that evolves with your business and can be managed from anywhere on the planet. 

For Entrepreneurial Eyes Only:

virtual mail

“We chose to partner with U.S. Global Mail as they are indeed “The Whole Package”. Their pricing is straightforward and very competitive, which is very appealing to our expats. We are very happy with the service and recommend it highly.” 

  • Jodi Simasingh, Director of Sales, AIG

“Our mail forwarding from our company got cut. US Global was a perfect solution for us! Setup was fantastically easy. Check deposits are simple with a click-snap-authorization. Using it to get medicines we need from the US. Highly recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.”

  • Srividhya V, Global Head – Marketing Intelligence & Category Analysis, Shell

Speaking of Trust: We Want to Earn Yours 

US Global Mail has been in business for 20 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are certified partners of the United States Postal Service, Worldwide ERC (also known as the Employee Relocation Council), and members of the Better Business Bureau and the Forum of Expat Management.

And all of that is very important. But not nearly as important as getting to know your customers new and old to demonstrate the difference we can make in your day-to-day business.

Want to see how we can help you? Click here to schedule a demo.

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We plant a tree for every new member sign up

Customer service that speaks for itself

We couldn't live overseas without them.
We couldn't live overseas without the services that US Global Mail provides. Mail service where we live is...
Nicholas Bruce
Excellent!! Look no further! This is the BEST service around for mail forwarding.
Excellent!!! I cannot say enough about how fantastic this service is. We are moving to Portugal and this is the...
LC from Brooklyn
A must have for those on the go - customer for over 10 years
Their Virtual Mailbox is great to have while on the road. Have always received prompt and...
Laurent Muller
I HIGHLY recommend the services at USGM
I HIGHLY recommend the services at US Global Mail. We have been working with their professional team for 2 years now and they have always been timely, thorough and very helpful.
Dean Jarnig
Performance is just as advertised. They have never missed on any request I have asked of them in the 2+ years..

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