Does CVS Sell Stamps?

What type of stamps can you find at CVS? Read more below.

If you need to post a letter, you are going to need to purchase a stamp. A lot of people wonder where they can pick them up from. CVS, of course, is great for general-purpose stuff. A lot of their stores are open 24/7 too. So, does CVS sell stamps?


Yes. CVS does sell stamps. They do not have the greatest range of stamps in the world (they only sell a book of 20), but if you need stamps in a pinch, then they are going to be more than helpful.


Let’s go into a bit more detail on this. This is because while CVS does sell stamps, it may not necessarily be the best place to pick them up. At least, it isn’t going to be the best place to pick them up if you only have a single letter to post.


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How Does CVS Sell Stamps?


If you want to buy a single stamp, then you are out of luck. CVS will only sell booklets of stamps. In fact, they will only sell the basic first-class stamps. If you are after anything else, then you are going to need to head to a different store.


These booklets will contain 20 stamps. At the time of writing, they are priced at $10. Although, of course, the price of first-class stamps is always on the rise. This means that the price may be slightly different when you are going to buy them.


Can You Get Limited Edition Stamps From CVS?




CVS will not sell anything other than basic stamps. At no point will they ever have the limited edition stamps in stock, so it isn’t even worth trying them. The stamps on sale here are purely for those that are looking to post a letter. They are not for somebody that is looking to collect stamps…unless they want to collect the most basic American stamps, of course!


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Can You Buy Stamps From CVS Online?


No. The stamps are not listed on the CVS website. This means that you cannot add them to a CVS order that you are placing online. If you really want to purchase stamps directly from CVS, then you are going to need to go into one of their almost 10,000 stores spread throughout the United States.


How Do You Buy Stamps From CVS?


Well, the good news is that every single CVS store will have stamps in stock. Because they are not a big seller for CVS (most people don’t even know that they have them!), then you are likely going to be able to buy them from the store with ease.


The stamps won’t be out on display, though. If you are looking to buy stamps from CVS, then you are going to need to head to the stationery and office supply department. You can ask one of the staff members there. They will be able to point you in the right direction.


If you are going to be posting letters, then you may as well pick some envelopes at the same time. CVS is pretty cheap on them.


If you want, you can also ask at the checkout when you are buying from CVS. Most of the cash registers should have some stamps in the drawer, and the staff member will be able to hand them to you. This is great if you are looking to do a bit of last-minute buying!




How Many Stamps Do You Need From CVS?


Well, you have no choice but to buy the booklet of 20. You can’t just go in there and purchase a single stamp.


If you want to know how many stamps that you need to put on your letter, then you will need to head to the USPS website. They will give you a pricing guide. Remember, you can add multiple stamps to the same letter. Generally speaking, the first-class stamps are for one-ounce letters. If the letter weighs more than that, then you are going to need to put an additional stamp on there. In fact, you may even need to put multiple stamps on the letter.


Is It Worth Buying Stamps From CVS?


Well, the cost of stamps at CVS is going to be exactly the same as if you purchased directly from a post office. This means that you are not losing out financially if you decide to buy your stamps from CVS. Obviously, the major downside is that it can get very expensive if you need one stamp. There is no sense in buying 20 stamps if you only need one.


We would avoid using CVS to purchase stamps if you are not getting through them all that frequently. It may be better to go to the post office and purchase a single stamp from there.


We would also avoid using CVS if you are looking for limited edition stamps. As we said, they do not sell them there. This means that the store is not going to be for stamp collectors in the slightest. In fact, they aren’t going to be for those that want to add a jazzy stamp to the packages that they sell out.


About the only time when you will probably want to buy stamps from CVS is when you are there anyway. There are just so many better places around where you can pick up stamps. It makes no sense to take a detour to CVS. Trust us. There aren’t that many people that really need stamps that desperately that CVS is their only option.


We reckon that the vast majority of stamps that end up getting sold by CVS are going to be purchased by businesses. This is because CVS is very competitively priced on business supplies, so it makes sense to pick up some stamps at the same time, right?


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Does CVS Have Mail Boxes Nearby?


This is really going to be dependent on where your CVS is located.


CVS stores won’t have a mailbox inside of the store. They will not have anything that resembles a mailbox in the slightest. However, because CVS stores tend to be in rather convenient locations, there is a chance that there will be one pretty close by. It may be just down the road, or it even could be located out of the store. It is all dependent on how USPS has planned its mail routes. However, we have noticed that they do tend to place them close to stores like CVS. It is just that much more convenient.


Can You Post Mail While You Are In CVS?


No. The store is purely for purchasing stamps. There are no facilities to post mail while you are in the store. If you want a store that posts mail, then you are going to need to go to your post office.


Can CVS Weigh Your Letter?


As far as we know, no. There is no way for you to weigh your letter in-store. While we are positive that they may have some scales set up for demonstration purposes, these are not going to be for weighing your letters at all. You probably don’t want the staff to catch you!


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Can You Return Stamps to CVS?


If you have the receipt and the booklet of stamps is complete then, yes, you will be able to return your stamps to CVS. They can give you a refund or exchange.


However, you will not be able to return the stamps if you have used any of them in the booklet. This is because CVS do not sell partial booklets, although we are sure that you knew this by now!


If you do not have the receipt with you, CVS is unlikely to accept the return. This is due to the way in which stamps work, if you purchased before a price increase, you could return them and make money. Obviously, CVS does not want that to happen!


Are The Stamps in CVS ‘Forever’ Stamps?


A forever stamp is one of the best stamps that you can buy. This is because of two things:


  1. These stamps never expire
  2. These stamps will not have a price on them.


The stamps are always going to be first-class stamps. This means that if the price of the first-class stamp goes up after the purchase, these stamps are still going to be usable as first-class stamps, even several years down the line.


The stamps that you can pick up from CVS are always going to be forever stamps. This means that you do not need to use them right away. in fact, we actually suggest that you pick yourself up a book or two of stamps from CVS when there is a price increase around the corner. It may even up saving you a few dollars which is great, especially if you are running a business.


man checking a parcel


Can CVS Stamps Be Used On Parcels?


Sort of.


The stamps that CVS sells are going to be made for first-class letters up to one ounce in weight. They are (in 2022) valued at 55-cents each. This means that can you stick multiple stamps on a parcel. However, it does become a bit inconvenient for heavier parcels. After all, you would need to stick dozens on there! If you are sending anything other than a letter, we would always suggest that you go to a post office.


You should also bear in mind that these stamps may not be suitable for international mail. While you can certainly place these stamps on a letter destined for foreign countries, you will have to add some extra stuff to the envelope to ensure that it is sent properly. It is best to go to the post office in this case. They will be able to ensure that you include everything that you really need to be including on the letter.


It is unlikely that CVS will offer additional stamp offerings to help with parcels or international mail.


Where Is The Best Place To Purchase Stamps?


While stamps from CVS are great to pick up if you are there anyway, it is nowhere near the best place to pick up stamps.


If you want to pick up some stamps, then we suggest that you head to your local post office. Here, they will be able to weigh the letters for you. They will be able to choose the right number of stamps for the letter (there will be no need to purchase a booklet!), and they will even have limited edition stamps if you are into that sort of thing. Prices will be exactly the same as in CVS.


If you must purchase from one of the bigger stores, then Walmart always seems to be good for stamps. They are going to be the same price as CVS, but they will be much more likely to have the limited edition stamps in stock. Although, Walmart will still only sell stamps in bulk.


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CVS does sell stamps. However, it is not going to be the best place to purchase your stamps. This is because they only sell them in books of 20. While they are cheap, most people do not need that many stamps. You should also bear in mind that you are not going to be able to find any of the limited edition stamps here. These are just going to be plain forever stamps. Still, they are going to help you if you want to send mail abroad.


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