In this era of endless technology expansion, the world moves at a relentlessly fast pace. Actions that used to take days now take seconds. And someone somewhere is working around the clock to shave off the time it takes to write this article. In regards to communication, this causes us to wonder why we need snail mail at all. After all, there’s email or text. Why do something slow when you can do it quickly? However, this mindset isn’t universally adopted like one would think. That’s why we’re here to give you all the reasons why snail mail is still important:

IRS Notices

The IRS is the #1 reason snail mail is important. Unlike scammers would have you believe, the IRS does not send notices via email or social media. They send their notices through mail. Al Capone, one of the most well known gangsters of all time, got away with many crimes but even he couldn’t escape the IRS. Whether it’s a fat tax return you don’t want to miss out on or a notice that something is wrong, you’re going to need a mailing address  to communicate with the IRS.


Passport and Camera on top of world map

You may be able to tweet the Department of State (@StateDept) that you want a passport, but it’s unlikely that you’ll get a response. Passport applications have to be submitted by mail and as much as we wish it were quicker, we have to wait 6-8 weeks for them to mail our new passport to us. If you don’t have a mailing address, those plans of traveling in the world might never come to fruition.


If you plan to own a credit card you’re going to need a mailing address. Not only is it needed for you to receive your physical credit card, it’s needed for bank statements and the address verification system (AVS). Being hacked is one of the biggest fears people have while online shopping. The Address Verification System compares the numeric portion of the billing address provided to the merchant to the one on file with your card network to reduce fraud.

Credit card swiping at a POS machine

Driver’s License

Gone are the days of going to the DMV, passing the tests, and walking home with your Driver’s License. Now, you’re issued a paper copy and receive your license in via snail mail within 2 weeks. Want to the freedom and convince that driving give you? You’ll need a mailing address.

Voter Registration

A roll of "I voted" stickers

Voting is a civic duty of every american citizen. Being able to choose who you want representing you at every level of government is a powerful tool. However, voting isn’t as simple as answering a Facebook poll. To obtain your voter registration card you’ll need an address not only to verify that you’re a resident, but to receive your card in the mail. Don’t have a mailing address? I hope you like the representative you didn’t get to choose!

Jury Duty

Generally, getting summoned for Jury Duty isn’t the highlight of someone’s day. It isn’t very fun to spend hours at a courthouse waiting to be chosen or having a trial that goes on for weeks. Jury summons come by, you guessed it, snail mail! And although it’s some most people want to avoid, doing so could lead to a judge issuing a bench warrant. They won’t be breaking down your door anytime soon, but if you happen to get pulled over, you could be hauled away and fined.


Job Interviews

If you didn’t already know, a good tip for job interview is to send them a thank you note. According to an Accountemps survey, 80% of Human Resource managers say that receiving a thank you note is helpful . However, only 24% of applicants actually send one. Now you could send them a quick email. You can copy-paste your script, change a couple words, and boom, you’ve sent your thank you. But is that good enough? With a handwritten letter, there is no copy-paste, you’re using your time to write every single word and your interviewer will know that. As people use snail mail, less and less, each time someone receives a letter, it stands out that much more.

It’s More Meaningful

Handwritten Letter/snail mail and fountain pen

Wishing you a happy birthday or congratulating you on a big achievement with a Facebook post and money transfer isn’t difficult. It takes about 5 minutes. But a card through the mail? It’s especially personal. It’s a card they choose just for you, their fingers touched the paper, It’s their handwriting, it’s their spit sealing the envelope, and you know that they took the time to write it, stamp it, and drive to their mailbox all to convey how proud they are of you.. Time is valuable and as a result, it’s a very powerful gift.

Need a good mailing address?

Snail Mail is still important. But what if you don’t have a safe place to get your mail? There are mail thieves ravaging your neighborhood or your roommates like to snoop. Or maybe you’re moving out of the country and don’t even know where to start? Get a US street mailing address with US Global Mail. US Global Mail allows you to manage your snail mail online, combining the best aspects of email and snail mail into one. Learn more about how it compares to a PO Box here.

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