No text messages, no social media, no email…none of that back in the day. How did we even survive back then? (my 15-year-old son asks)

And although most of the aforementioned means of written communication have taken up the lion share of what the USPS used to be responsible for, it still hasn’t completely wiped out this organization that employs so many millions of Americans. IRS notices, the occasional letter from grandma, the DMV (and the list goes on) are some of the reasons why everyone still needs to receive some kind of paper mail. 

A pen sitting on a written letter

Of course the environmental toll we’re paying is humongous, considering that most paper mail is junk (marketing) mail. Other factors to consider (outlined in the paragraphs below) may lead someone to start thinking of alternative options to traditional paper mail. Something faster, easier to use & more secure. A virtual mailbox.

What Is A Virtual Mailbox?

It is a secure mailbox you can access online, in which all your paper mail is scanned & stored in a digital format.

The process is very simple:

  1. First you will receive a virtual address.
  2. Then all your mail arrives to that address.
  3. Items you receive are scanned (exterior envelopes) and you can view them in your Virtual Mailbox
  4. And finally you pick which items you wish to have opened and scanned. We scan and upload the document into your Virtual Mailbox. 

Snail mail entering a mobile phone and coming up as digital mail

Above and beyond the obvious benefit of not having to drive to the post office, being able to view everything online instantly and getting real-time notifications, the virtual mailbox gives you several options: you can scan a mail item, discard, shred or even select the option to have it mailed to you. (Sometimes you may need the actual physical mail, for example, your driver’s license.)

Another huge convenience is the ability to go back and view mail that came in many months (or even years) ago. It serves as a terrific mail management system, with superb archive features. Which is why you need to ensure you are working with the best virtual mailbox service.

And if you own a business, you realize the amount of paperwork and paper mess this archival system can help you avoid. 


Overwhelmed professional looking at a stack of papers


Something to consider if you have a business that you wish to display in a more “prestigious” fashion, is the fact that a real street address looks a lot better than a PO Box. 

It is true you can register your business using the Post Office and get a PO Box, but consider how that would look on your website or when doing a presentation to a client? 

A streamlined enterprise mail management solution could help with other business needs as well, such as a check deposit. Check deposits are offered both for individual customers and businesses alike and can come in handy in order to save time from going to the bank. Endorse your check digitally, and you’re good to go!


Mail being delivered across the world with the click of a button


Here is a list of the advantages you get, when using a Virtual Mailbox:

  • Save time, money & stay organized. Long gone are the days when you needed to drive, sometimes in harsh weather, deal with the traffic and get stuck behind a turtle car. If you consider the amount of money you spend on gas going back and forth to the post office yearly, that’s some extra needless spending. And you know what they say about time being money right? So factor that in too! And what about archiving all your documents and going back months & years at a time, digging up some old IRS notice? It’s evident that a Virtual Mailbox, if nothing else, would provide you great convenience and would also be a money saver.

A clock held on the one hand and a dollar sign on the other hand


  • Save up to 80% on shipping costs. Sometimes you need to access your physical mail and get the actual paper envelope. We understand that, which is why there is an on-demand shipping request made available to you. The advantage here is the fact that when using a mail forwarding service like US Global Mail, due to the volume of mail we ship & handle, we are able to provide bulk pricing. The irony is, that so do several mail forwarding companies, but many of them decide to even mark up the shipping service itself. If you do proper due diligence, you will find mail forwarding services that offer you shipping at a fraction of what the retail cost would be (up to 80% off.) US Global Mail is proud to be one of them.


Shipping boxes sitting on a keyboard key labeled as shipping


  • The environmental consequence. The tons of junk mail that end up in landfills or our oceans, is scary to even think about. Unfortunately, most residents tend to simply trash the junk mail (magazines, marketing mailers, etc) instead of recycling. Using a digital option, would help lessen our global footprint, considering that the sponsored mailers that we get – should you decide to do so – we shred and recycle.

A giant human footstep that has demolished part of a forest


  • Security & privacy. Mail theft in this country is growing at a record pace. Identity theft is on the rise, and having your mail exposed in public, can create a series of headaches or even amount to personal losses with criminals using your identity for malicious activity. When you compare this to having all mail sent to a warehouse secured with 24/7 surveillance systems and security personnel, it is evident that you your mail will stay away from the hands of crooks. Additionally, all mail is encrypted and you have access to it all, whenever you choose. 


USPS mail theft notification


In summary, e-mail in no way has been able to eliminate all physical mail. But obtaining a virtual mailbox will allow you to digitize even the extra pieces of mail that our 21st century digital age has not been able to disrupt. 

Two things are certain: virtual mailboxes aren’t going anywhere and nor is snail mail.

The good news is, streamlining your mail management and keeping everything online in one place, can help organize the busiest individuals and businesses. 

What are your thoughts?

How can a Virtual Mailbox make your life easier?

Let us know!


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