Committing to work with a mail forwarding company can be a big risk to take. You are putting your trust into complete and total strangers, hoping your mail is safe and secure. Checks, IRS statements, family Christmas cards, Grandma’s birthday card with a crisp $20 bill, literally everything will now be going to the hands of someone else! That can be a bit daunting, to say the least. So exactly how secure is mail forwarding? Why do you have to provide so much information just to get your mail? How do you know that your mail is safe and only accessible by you? What measures does the mail forwarding team take to ensure the confidentiality of your personal mail?

First of all, you are provided with a personal mailbox number (pmb) which is yours and yours alone. The mail forwarding company will never disclose this information to anyone without your consent. To obtain a pmb, there are certain documents that are required:

  • Two forms of ID for each person on the plan
  • A verified credit card

These are ways we ensure “you are who you say you are”. Unfortunately, mail forwarding is an easy way to impersonate someone and start receiving their mail, credit cards and checks. However, it’s not easy to pilfer multiple IDs for the same one person. Though tedious, these are necessary steps to guarantee the safety of our customers.

The only persons who can access your virtual mailbox are you and all those listed on the account. No other customer will be able to see your mail or its contents. Nothing is done without the consent of the customer. Mail isn’t forwarded without a request, nor is it scanned without a request. Mail is neither trashed nor shredded without a request. Your mail will literally sit untouched, in your pmb until a request is made. When requesting a scan of a letter, you will be directly emailed and directed to a pdf of the item once it is scanned. The scan requests automatically get deleted after 120 days – just another safety measure.



Your inbox is itemized by date and each item is tagged with a unique barcode. If any issues arise with any of your mail or packages, you will be able to pinpoint the problem immediately.  Security, confidentiality and trust are key factors when choosing the right company to forward your sensitive personal mail. Be sure to peruse the company’s social media outlets to see what other people are saying. Getting the perspective of other individuals like yourself, is always helpful when delving into something new.

Here is a trusted and very well secured mail forwarding service we recommend!

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