Prohibited Export Items Internationally

When purchasing something online from the US, do you ever wonder “Can I ship this?” If so…keep reading.

Due to US export regulations and carrier restrictions, there are certain items international shoppers are prohibited from exporting into their country. Whether you are shipping to Germany, Canada, India or anywhere else overseas, it is best to make sure the United States doesn’t have restrictions on your item. Some items are classified as hazardous, some items are flammable, some items don’t have an FDA approval or aren’t approved by another agency. Other items are just illegal to ship, such as various drugs or narcotics. Whatever the rhyme or reason, this is a rough list of items that are prohibited from international shipping. Know before you shop!

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Shipping from the US to your country (what you cannot ship from the US):

Medicines, Prescriptions, Various

  • Prescription medications
    • Including dental
    • Including veterinary
  • Prescription medical devices
  • Medical devices if not FDA-approved
  • Pro hormones, Human Growth Hormones, stem cell treatments, steroids or synthetic versions
  • The following items that are not labeled in English, or without FDA-approved labeling requirements:
    • Non-prescription medications
    • Dietary supplements
    • Cosmetics
    • Food
  • Any food, supplement, drug or cosmetic that has been issued a Consumer Safety Advisory Warning
  • Perishable products of any kind
  • Lab reagents, biologics, cultures, medical specimens
  • Poisonous substances
  • Toxic substances
    • Including inhalation hazards
  • Infectious substances
  • Explosives, fireworks, gun powder, flares or matches
  • Gasoline, diesel or other fuels
  • Lighters containing fuel
  • Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)
  • Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides
  • Radioactive elements or products
  • Self-balancing boards (hover boards)

Weaponry and Components

  • Oxidizing agents
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Firearms, guns & accessories
    • Including replicas
  • BB/pellet/air soft/paintball guns, parts and projectiles
  • Ammunition, magazines & bayonets
  • Stun guns & tasers
  • Tear gas, mace & pepper spray
  • Gas masks & gas mask filters
  • Law enforcement striking weapons, including saps, batons & billy clubs
  • Handcuffs of any material, including plastic zip tie restraints & straitjackets
  • Body armor, helmets or personal protection articles with kevlar or ballistic ratings
  • Military/tactical/police shields
  • Government, police or military uniforms, IDs and Badges
    • real or replica
  • Military training equipment
  • Military and/or dual-use flight helmets and flight jumpsuits
  • Military and law enforcement equipment
  • Thermal imaging, Infrared or other night vision devices
  • Rifle-scopes, laser pointing & aiming devices for firearms
  • Defense articles controlled under the US Munitions List as defined under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations


  • Self-propelled vehicles
  • Damaged batteries
  • Any dual-use or commercial article controlled under the Commerce Control List (CCL) as defined under the Export Administration Regulations, where the control status requires a Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) approved export license
  • Counterfeit products
  • Contraband or illegal substances
  • Lottery tickets
  • Gambling devices & accessories
  • Lock picking devices
  • Rough diamonds
  • Live or dead animals or insects
  • Human remains
  • Coral
  • Brazilian rosewood
  • Skin or leather of snakes, alligators, crocodiles, stingrays, and other reptiles or amphibians
  • Skin, fur or leather of wolves, bears, elephants, rhinos and certain deer and foxes
  • Sturgeon or Beluga caviar
  • Agricultural products, including certain seeds, live or dead plants, unfinished or untreated wood & soil
  • Items containing animal products controlled under the Endangered Species Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, or requiring a permit under CITES
  • Any unidentifiable material, substance or chemical

List of prohibited items for shipping

These are the most common prohibited items worldwide, some countries may have even more restricted or prohibited items. These are items that may not leave the US at all.

Commonly asked questions:

Can I ship liquids?

Yes! If it is things like perfume, lotion, and shampoo, you can ship internationally. However, some exceptions include:

  • perishables
  • toxic substances
  • gasoline

Can I ship alcohol or aerosols?

No, USGM does not allow shipment of alcohol or aerosols.

Can I ship electronics?

Yes, with some exceptions. Those exceptions include:

  • Integrated circuits
  • Processors
  • Microprocessor chips,
  • Micro controllers
  • Satellite Phones
  • Ruggedized Computers
  • High Powered / Commercial Grade Networking Devices (Servers & Routers)
  • Military Grade Electronics of any kind
  • High-End Devices: Encryption Devices, GPS, Radar, Sonar Devices, Communications Devices / Radios

Collection of digital gadgets

For more information for your country, check restrictions by carrier:
Prohibited items to ship via USPS
Prohibited items to ship via FedEx
Prohibited items to ship via UPS
Prohibited items to ship via DHL

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