USPS First Class Package

What is USPS First Class Package? What are the pros & cons of using it? Read more below.

If you are looking for a straightforward and simple option for sending mail, the USPS First Class post is probably one of the top solutions. It’s reasonably well priced, results in fast delivery, and can be used for a whole range of different packages and letters. There are certain requirements that you need to bear in mind, however. First Class packages will usually arrive in one to five business days, or sometimes even more quickly for small packages. You will be charged according to the package’s weight and destination, and free tracking from door to door will be provided for certain kinds of mail. If you want insurance on your package, you will have to purchase this separately.



What Is USPS First Class?


USPS First Class shipping is one of the services that USPS offers to customers who want to send items reasonably quickly, but not at the top speed. You will pay less for this service than for many of the other quick alternatives, such as Priority Mail or Overnight Shipping, but it will take somewhat longer. This is one of the most standard and basic shipping services, and a lot of people use it every day. It is thought that around 52 billion items were sent using First Class mail in 2021, which is an extraordinary number.


How Quickly Will The Package Travel?


The speed which First Class mail achieves depends upon how large the item is. In general, mail will be delivered in one to five business days from the day it was shipped, but small packages will be delivered in one to three days, so they can arrive very quickly. This makes it a particularly attractive shipping option if you are sending small packages, but slightly less so for other kinds of mail. However, even for letters and postcards, it is still one of the better options overall.


What Does First Class Shipping Cost?


The cost of First Class shipping will vary depending on the item that you are sending and where it is being sent to. This mail option is priced according to both weight and zone, with prices starting from $0.40 for a postcard. It’s a good idea to check whether the weight of the item you are sending or the zone that you are sending it to makes First Class shipping an economical option or not. In some cases, it will be cheaper to send items via other methods, but often, First Class combines the benefits of fast shipping with the attraction of low prices.



How Much Can A First Class Package Weigh?


This is a complicated question, because it depends upon how you send the package – surprisingly. There is a discrepancy between the weight that you are allowed to send with the First Class mail service in a Post Office and with the First Class mail service you can access online. In a Post Office, First Class mail is limited to a maximum of thirteen ounces, and anything over this amount will be sent as Priority Mail (unless you select a different service). You cannot send items over thirteen ounces via the First Class service, unless you do so online.


Online, the limit is 15.9999 ounces, and this means that you can send slightly heavier packages without having to pay for Priority Mail or switch to a slower shipping option. Although this may not seem like a significant weight difference, it may matter, particularly if you are running a small business and your shipping margins are tight.


It is a good idea to purchase your First Class mail label online unless you know that your package falls under the lower weight limit. It is frustrating to take it to a Post Office and then discover that it is just slightly over the weight limit and you have to pay more to mail it. This makes shipping heavy First Class items annoyingly complicated and can make it harder to use the service if you don’t have easy access to a computer.


Should I Purchase First Class Shipping?


If you need a shipping service that combines economy with speed, First Class is often a good option, especially for small parcels. It is not ideal if you need an item to arrive very quickly, however, or if you need to send large items cheaply. You may instead wish to choose the Priority Mail service or one of the Zoned services in order to improve the speed or keep the costs down. It is a good idea to consider First Class shipping, though, particularly if you run a small business. Most customers will accept waiting one to five days for their items to arrive, and they can enjoy the benefits of cheaper shipping costs, which may help you to sell more. Of course, you may also want to offer a more expensive expedited shipping option for customers that are in a hurry to receive their goods.



Will My Package Be Tracked With This Service?


Yes, First Class shipping includes package tracking from door to door (or from drop off point to door), which is again great for sellers. It provides peace of mind and ensures that you can let your buyers know what is going on with their package and when to expect it. It is important to note that certain First Class items are not tracked, and this includes flats, letters, and postcards, but you may be able to add tracking if you decide that you want to. Talk to the employees in your Post Office about this or check out the options online. It isn’t the same level of tracking and it costs extra, but it is an option.


Any packages you send will be tracked. You can access information about them on USPS’s website and get updates if they have been delayed or there are any issues. You don’t need to purchase this tracking separately; it is included in standard First Class mail and it cannot be removed to reduce the costs.


Can I Get Free Packaging From USPS?


If you are using certain services from USPS (such as the Priority Mail) service, you may be able to get free boxes from them with the name of the service stamped on the box. This can be a great way to keep your costs down and to make packing items simple, and many people utilize this service.


Unfortunately, USPS does not offer the same options for using their First Class service, and you cannot get free packaging from them. You will need to use your own packaging for wrapping your items. Some people try to use the free boxes intended for Priority Mail and simply cover up the words, but doing so is not permitted by USPS and might result in your package being charged at the Priority rate, or rejected. These boxes are only intended for use with the Priority Mail service.



What Are The Permissible Dimensions For First Class Packages?


As well as having a weight limit, First Class mail must fit within certain size dimensions in order to be sent using this service. If it does not fit within the dimensions, you will have to use a different mailing service. Your package must not be more than twenty-two inches long, eighteen inches wide, and fifteen inches thick. This is fairly generous on the whole, but you should check that any large parcels fit within the dimensions before you pack and send them.


Does First Class Shipping Include Insurance?


No, First Class shipping does not include any insurance, but you can purchase some for an extra fee. Talk to USPS employees about this if you are sending high value items, because if they get lost, you will otherwise have no recourse and you will have lost your money.


What Are The Alternatives To First Class Mail?


If you don’t want to ship items using the First Class mail service, you might want to try the Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express services. These options are considerably more expensive, especially if you are sending the package a long way, but they do offer a better deal in terms of speed. If you need items to arrive quickly, the Priority Mail Express may be the best option, as it offers a two-day delivery service and a money-back guarantee. This is one of the best ways to get a package to the intended recipient very fast, but it is unsurprisingly much more expensive.



Is First Class Mail Delivered On A Sunday?


USPS only delivers certain items on Sundays, and not First Class Mail. This is because on the whole, this is considered the standard for sending mail, and therefore it isn’t thought of as important or urgent. Only USPS Priority Mail and packages that USPS is delivering due to a deal with other companies (such as Amazon) will arrive on a Sunday. Even if the USPS mail carrier brings one of these items to your house on a Sunday, they will not deliver any other mail at this time; it will come on the following Monday.


Is First Class Mail Delivered On A Saturday?


Yes, USPS delivers mail as a standard on a Saturday, and First Class mail will be delivered as normal on these days. Saturdays also count as one of the business days for the purposes of delivery estimates. USPS continues to move mail around the country on Saturdays, and therefore the mail will get closer to its destination.


How Do I Know When First Class Mail Will Arrive?


It can be tricky to know exactly when First Class mail will reach its destination, because it can take anything from one to five days, or less if it is a small package. In some cases, First Class mail will arrive just a day after you send it.



Can You Send First Class Mail Anywhere In The USA?


Yes, First Class mail can be shipped to any part of the USA, although it will cost more to send it to certain zones. You can send items to PO Boxes, too, making this a popular option.


Is First Class Mail The Same As Regular Mail?


There is technically no such thing as “regular mail,” but First Class mail is the same service that most people are thinking of when they look for regular mail. It is not the very cheapest mail option out there, but it is often considered the best value for money because it also offers reasonably swift shipping. It is very simple to send First Class mail, and it doesn’t require you to have any sort of shipping passes or pre-purchased labels. You can just take a package to your local post office and purchase the label from the employees, or buy it on the USPS website.


Are Any Items Required To Be Sent Using First Class Mail?


Yes, you might be surprised to learn that certain kinds of mail must be sent using this service. For example, bills, credit cards, and invoices must be sent using this method. Similarly, certain kinds of business correspondence and any handwritten materials must be sent this way too. The only exception is if they are sent using Priority Mail instead.





The USPS First Class service is a great way to send packages both cheaply and quickly, and it is probably one of the most popular mailing services in the USA. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of this system is that it isn’t easy to predict when a package will arrive, and if your recipient needs to be at home to collect it, this can be frustrating. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this that doesn’t involve paying extra for priority services. Getting a Virtual Mailbox from US Global Mail will ensure that you can receive mail at any time, whether you are at home or not. Your packages will be kept securely and you can view images of them online, and collect them whenever it suits you to do so.

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