USPS ePayroll

What is USPS ePayroll & who can use it? Read more below.

Have you ever wondered what USPS ePayroll is and how you can make use of this service? This is a helpful tool if you work for the United States Postal Service, but what’s it for and why might you use it? The USPS ePayroll service is intended for employees of USPS to use when managing things like their compensation accounts, their benefits, and their set tasks. It’s possible for employees to view and print earnings using this system, as well as view deductions, adjustments, and more.



What Is The USPS ePayroll Service?


This service is designed for USPS employees to manage their finances relating to their employer. It gives access to a variety of different functions, allowing employees to see what money they are being paid, the benefits that they enjoy, and their deductions. It shows pay adjustments, gross pay, net pay, and other information relating to the employee’s earnings, and allows the employees to print bi-weekly earning statements if necessary.


What Is LiteBlue?


You have almost certainly also heard of LiteBlue as well as ePayroll. The LiteBlue service is a portal through which you can log into your ePayroll account, and it contains other information that may be of use to you as an employee. For example, employees can provide feedback to their employer, bid for new assignments or routes, and view their upcoming work schedules. Your weekly schedule will be available, along with any vacations that you have booked. If you need information that is not provided on either the ePayroll or LiteBlue parts of the site, you may need to contact your HR department or speak to your manager, but these two services are intended to be your first port of call for all work-related questions.


What Is LiteBlue ePayroll?


This term simply refers to the ePayroll aspect of the LiteBlue portal. It is accessed via LiteBlue and contains all the information mentioned under the ePayroll section above.



Which USPS Employees Can Use the ePayroll Service?


All employees of USPS should be able to use the ePayroll service by signing up through their employer, including mail carriers, employees of sorting offices, cashiers, etc. You will be issued a username and you can choose a password that you will be able to remember, and then you should be able to log into your account as you would with any other online account.


Can Non-USPS Employees Use The ePayroll Service?


No, this service is only for the employees of USPS and it is not offered to non-employees. If you work for another business, you will need to ask about electronic financial management software separately, because ePayroll is used by USPS only.


What Are The Main Features Of The ePayroll Service?


So, what can you do on the ePayroll service that you couldn’t do with paper billing? Let’s find out about the major features.


The ePayroll service offers the following:


  • Information about salary slips
  • Information about the number of leaves taken, including sick leaves and paid leaves
  • Information regarding the overall structure of the client’s income
  • Statements relating to salary history
  • The ability to connect with administration easily and keep track of communication


The portal also offers recruitment posts, information related to upcoming events, and announcements from USPS, ensuring that all employees are on the same page and know what’s going on.



Can You View Paid Leave Through The ePayroll Service?


Yes, if you log into your ePayroll service, you should be able to view any paid leave that you have taken or you are owed on your online account. You will need your username and password in order to log in, and nobody else will be able to see your personal information from their system.


Is There A Mobile Version Of The ePayroll Service?


There is now a mobile version of the ePayroll service for both Android and iOS. This will let you view your earnings more easily on a tablet or a smartphone, and will again require you to log in via the website. The mobile version is much easier to use on a portable device than the browser, so make sure you download it if you regularly access your payment information while away from your computer. Whenever you want to use the app, you will need to log back into it using your employee identification number and password. If you have lost these, you won’t be able to access the app until you recover them. The mobile version of the ePayroll app was released in October 2019 and it displays the same level of detail as the browser version, but it has been reformatted to ensure it is easy to navigate when using a mobile device. You should be able to access all the same functionality as you can on the desktop version.


Is The ePayroll Service Environmentally Friendly?


Yes, this service is considered environmentally friendly because it massively reduces the amount of paper that gets used while employees are handling their accounts. It is thought that over 600,000 sheets of paper can be saved just by allowing the employees to access their financial information online. Given that there are currently over 600,000 employees at USPS, it’s easy to imagine how much paper is saved on a monthly basis, especially if employees need weekly or bi-weekly updates.


How Do you Access The ePayroll App?


You should be provided with a user ID and a password by USPS, either when you join or shortly afterward. These can be used to log into your account and view your personal details. Without the username and password, you will not be able to view any personal information, so make sure you keep these in a safe place and don’t risk losing them. You must make sure that you do not share your information with anyone else, including colleagues or management at USPS. You should always keep this information secure.


Is The ePayroll Service Secure?


The ePayroll service is considered very secure, and anyone who tries to log in without authorization could face legal action. This is true of both the browser version and the app; both are designed to protect the information of the users. Because financial information is being stored on this service, it’s critical that it provides employees with safety and peace of mind. As long as you keep your login details secret, there should not be any way for unauthorized users to access your account and view your information.


How Soon Can New Employees Access ePayroll?


When you first get employed by USPS, you will be provided with a temporary personal identification number and a temporary password that will give you access to the LiteBlue system as a whole. This used to be sent by mail after the employee started, but now you will receive it prior to your start date via an encrypted email. This will allow you to log in and set your permanent credentials before you begin training, which will position you well for the Welcome to USPS course. During this course, you will be shown how to log into and navigate the LiteBlue system.


At this point, you will be given access to all of the LiteBlue features except for PostalEase and ePayroll. In general, access to these areas will be granted after 5 days of employment, allowing users to log in and view their financial and leave information before their first week is over. If you have not gained access to the ePayroll system after 5 days of working for USPS, you may wish to discuss this with your manager so you can get the issue resolved. Access to this portal is an important element of managing your online account with USPS, so you need to make sure you get it.



How Do You Log Into the USPS ePayroll System?


If you’re looking to log in, you will need to go to the LiteBlue site on your browser. You can search for it or enter the URL directly. Once there, navigate to the login page. Here, you will be asked to enter your Employee Identification Number and your password, both of which are unique to you. If you have forgotten your Employee Identification Number, you can check on any of your previous earning statements. It is an eight digit number and should appear on all statements.


Your password is the same password that you’ll use if you log into other USPS services, such as PostalEASE and LiteBlue. If you have forgotten it, you can reset it by requesting a reset through the site. Make sure you create a secure password that others cannot easily guess. Once you have both your username and your password, enter them into the relevant boxes and click on “log in”. As both boxes are case sensitive, make sure your caps lock key is not turned on.


What Are “Extra Payments”?


Some of the things on the ePayroll service can be confusing the first time you view them, and you may not be sure what certain headings refer to. The term “extra payments” refers to any premium pay, allowances, or additional compensation that you receive. These things will appear under the “Additional Pay / Other Compensation” section on the earnings statement. You may not see any extra pay, which means that you weren’t entitled to additional amounts above your standard salary for the period that you are viewing.


How Do I Read The Earnings Statement?


If you’re finding the ePayroll site a little confusing to navigate, don’t worry. It can be challenging to understand when you first start to use the system. When you log into the site, you should be able to access up to 40 earnings statements, covering 40 payment cycles of employment at USPS. These will appear chronologically on the site so that you can easily view them in order. To view an earnings statement, all you need to do is click on the date it was paid and this will open it in a separate window. You can then navigate to this window and view the full statement there. You can do this for as many statements as you like (for the 40 available statements).


How Do I Print A Statement?


If you want to print a statement, follow the steps described above so that you have the desired statement open in a new window. Once it has finished opening, you should see an option that says “Print This Page” at the top of the window. If you click on this, the page should print. Make sure you have a printer connected before doing this. You can print as many statements as you like; there is no limit. However, the point of the service is to cut back on paper use and allow employees to manage their financial information online.


Can I Have Statements Mailed Instead?


If you want to have statements mailed to you, you can do this too. You will need to log in to your account and then navigate to the statement list. On that page, you should see information about your delivery preferences. To change these, simply click on “Update” and alter the settings accordingly. This allows you to start receiving paper statements and to stop again with ease. Make sure that your address and personal details are correct before requesting statements be mailed to you, however.





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