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It’s always nice to have a little bit of extra security knowing that packages you have sent across the state, country, or even across the world have actually arrived safe and sound at their ultimate destination – and that they have been accepted by the person you intended them to be accepted by. And while UPS does a fantastic job of updating people about the route that their packages take as they move throughout the UPS infrastructure (their tracking info is often considered some of the most reliable and accurate in the shipping world), having UPS signature required delivery add-ons take that to the next level.


Obviously, not every package sent via UPS needs to have signature required upon acceptance. But there are definitely circumstances where you want a signature to be provided when a package is delivered, not only providing confirmation that it arrived where it was supposed to arrive but that the right person it was intended for (or their representative) has accepted the package, too.


Below we dig a little deeper through the ins and outs of UPS Signature Required delivery add-ons. We cover the kinds of packages that are likely to benefit most from these kinds of add-ons, how the signature required delivery confirmation process works, whether or not any UPS services require this at to be included, and a whole host of other details as well. Let’s jump in!


Are All Packages from UPS Signature Required?


For starters, it’s important to know that not every single package sent via UPS is going to require a signature upon delivery. In fact, the overwhelming majority of packages that UPS handles (domestically as well as internationally) are not going to have a signature required when they are delivered. Most customers are perfectly content with UPS handling delivery, dropping packages off at their ultimate destination and allowing the recipient to be responsible for confirming that they arrived.


On top of that, modern tracking information is far more accurate and far more accessible today than ever before. This tracking set up allows senders and recipients watch their packages as they move throughout the UPS infrastructure. You’ll be able to watch your package as it is accepted by UPS, sorted and transported via UPS, and see when it is updated as out for delivery or as delivered. That alone can act as a pseudo-delivery confirmation, not necessitating a signature requirement in most situations. Of course, there are also some packages that are very important, very sensitive, or very private that need to get to someone specifically. In those circumstances, signature required delivery confirmations are a huge benefit!


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Better Understanding UPS Signature Required Delivery Confirmations


Right out of the gate, you should know that you only ever have to sign for a package via UPS if the individual or organization sending that package requests and requires a UPS Signature Required delivery confirmation. As we highlighted just a moment ago, the overwhelming majority of packages handled by UPS (and the majority of packages handled by any shipping company, for that matter) are going to be completely free of this signature requirement. At the same, though, if the center of a package wants to have delivery confirmation via signature that they are able to request this service – and the package will not be turned over to the recipient until that signature has been acquired.


The bottom line is this: If an individual or organization wants a delivery confirmation bias signature on any of the UPS packages they are sending out, they are responsible for making this request – not the recipient. The recipient will be required to sign for the package when they accept it. In most circumstances an authorized agent or representative of the individual on the packing information will be able to sign for that delivery, though in certain circumstances (mentioned below) only the person who the package has been addressed to will be able to sign for its acceptance.


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Are There Any UPS Shipping Services That Require a Signature Upon Delivery?


While specific UPS shipping services are not necessarily going to require a signature upon delivery, the shipment and delivery of certain items or substances are required to be accompanied by a signature delivery for sure. For example, firearms that are being sent through UPS (between Federal Firearm License dealers) are going to require not just a signature upon receipt – but are also going to require a signature of the individual listed on the shipping information as well as confirmation that the individual in question is an adult.


The same is true for pharmaceuticals and alcohol. The odds are pretty good if you’re sending (or receiving) this kind of stuff through UPS you are going to have a signature required delivery confirmation attached to your package. At the same time, anyone that is sending high-value items through UPS usually want to include a signature confirmation upon delivery. Obviously, making sure that those high-value items are also completely insured during the trip is never a bad idea. But UPS Signature Required delivery confirmations do not include insurance. That’s something that has to be paid for separately.

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Will UPS Signature Required Delivery Cost Anything Extra?


In certain circumstances, UPS Signature Required delivery confirmations are going to be completely free of charge in included with some of the more premium shipping options available from UPS. In the majority of circumstances, however, individuals that are shipping things through UPS are going to be on the hook for paying for UPS Delivery confirmation, Signature Required confirmation, and Adult Signature Required confirmation.


UPS Delivery confirmation along is going to cost two dollars (flat rate) and can be attached to any UPS package, parcel, or envelope that is being sent via any of the UPS services. UPS Signature Required and Adult Signature Required confirmation services are available on all UPS shipping options as well, though this is an extra $4.50 add-on for standard Signature Required and a $5.50 add-on for Adult Signature Required. On top of those options, UPS customers can also request a “verbal confirmation of delivery” as well. This kind of confirmation is handled by UPS representatives, and they will contact the “preferred contact telephone number” listed on UPS premium shipping services (like UPS Next Day Air Early packages, for example. Verbal confirmations of delivery from UPS are going to cost three dollars.


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Can All UPS Packages Have Signature Required Delivery Add-Ons Attached?


If you to add UPS Signature Required delivery add-ons to your package you’ll have the opportunity to do so, regardless of whether or not you are looking to send your package via some of the more basic UPS shipping options or some of the faster or premium services available from this company. This is something that you are going to have to request before your package gets handed off to UPS, though.


If you are going to a UPS facility to have your package shipped for you, you’ll need to make sure that you have requested this add-on be included at the time of dropping your package off. Most of the time, the individual behind the cash register any UPS Store or UPS facility will ask if you’d like to have any add-ons attached to your package. That’s the time to bring this extra up!


If, on the other hand, you are creating your own shipping labels online or through UPS partner tools you are going to want to make sure that you include Signature Required delivery confirmation with your shipping details before the label has been generated. As soon as the shipping label has been entered into the UPS system it’s a lot more difficult to add Signature Required delivery confirmations. This is definitely something you’ll want to square away before you create or print your label for sure.


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What If I Won’t Be Home to Sign for a Package from UPS?


If you aren’t going to be home to sign for a UPS package that you know has Signature Required delivery confirmations attached there are a couple of options available to you. For starters, you can contact UPS directly and request that the package be delivered at a later point in time. You’ll be able to provide them with a day and time that you are available to receive that package, and they will do absolutely everything they can to accommodate this request (within reason).


Secondly, you can see if you have to be home to sign and accept your package or if you are able to have a representative handle this for you. If you don’t necessarily have to have your signature on the package, you could see if someone else from your home or family is going to be around and have them sign on your behalf.


Finally, you may be able to have the package held for you at any local UPS facility. In these situations, your visit the UPS Store or facility when you have an opportunity to do so, providing a signature as well as identification that you are who you say you are – picking up the package physically when it’s most convenient for you. All in all, there are plenty of options available to those that may not necessarily be home all the time to receive packages from UPS when they are most likely to deliver them.


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How Will I Receive a Confirmation of a Signature Upon Delivery?


Confirmation of a signature upon delivery will be sent to you in a couple of different ways. For starters, a physical copy of that signature (whenever possible) will be mailed to your address on file when you have requested a signature to be produced upon delivery.


Secondly, a digital copy of the signature (when recipients sign on UPS electronic devices) will be uploaded directly to the UPS platform. A copy of this signature will be sent to you directly or provided inside of your UPS customer account dashboard for your review almost instantly after the signature has been collected. If you are having any trouble whatsoever with your signatures for delivery confirmation, or have questions about this process, it’s a good idea to reach out directly to the folks at UPS customer service whenever possible. Their online support team as well as their customer support phone line are very helpful. It may be even be advantageous to pop down to your local UPS store or facility and ask about these kinds of things person, too.


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Never Wonder About Package Delivery Status Again with US Global Mail


Alternatively, you might want to avoid having to be around to sign for any packages – from UPS or any other company, for that matter – and instead sign up for a US Global Mail virtual mailbox account. This account provides you with a permanent physical street address that you can use to have all of your packages sent (as well as any piece of mail, too).


More than happy to receive packages from companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL (something that the USPS cannot and will not do for PO Box customers as of early 2021), even packages that require a signature to be delivered are going to be handled by US Global Mail for all of their customers.


Not only will someone always be there to accept your packages on your behalf and sign for their delivery, but they also be held for you and secure and safe parcel lockers until you’re ready to have them forwarded on to any address of your choosing. On top of that, you’ll pay up to 80% off of traditional shipping when you become member of US Global Mail!


There are a whole host of other benefits available to those that choose to take advantage of this service, a service that’s been around for more than 20 years and an industry leader in the modern virtual mailbox world. For more information about the services available to US Global Mail account holders, or to sign up for your virtual mailbox, don’t hesitate to contact them at your earliest convenience!

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