UPS Next Day Air Saver

What is UPS Next Day Air Saver and how can you best use this form of UPS shipping for your packages? Read more below.

Businesses all over the world, especially e-commerce operations, are always looking for ways to keep shipping costs low without sacrificing speed. That’s a fine line to walk, to be sure. Pull it off successfully and customers will be overjoyed. Get it wrong, though, and packages are either going to be slow to be delivered or incredibly expensive – or even both!


Thankfully, though, more and more people are learning about the benefits that the Next Day Air Saver service from UPS brings to the table. Easily one of the most exciting new expedited shipping services available from many of the major shipping operations in the United States in some time, there’s a lot to fall in love with when it comes to this expedited delivery service available from UPS today.


Let’s run through a detailed guide together to shine a light on exactly what makes this service so special!



What is UPS Next Day Air Saver?


Described as an overnight shipping services that provides expedited, next day shipping at a slightly lower price than traditional UPS Next Day Air services, Second Day Air Saver is a huge hit with business owners – especially online business owners.


While traditional UPS Next Day Air has a 100% guaranteed delivery window of before 10:30 AM the next morning, UPS Next Day Air Saver doesn’t have that guarantee. Most packages shipped with this service are going to arrive the next day between the hours of 3 PM and 4:30 PM (local time). Still, most people aren’t upset about having to wait four or five hours when they are able to save so much money and still get expedited delivery on their packages!


How Does UPS Next Day Air Saver Compare to Other Expedited Services?


UPS Next Day Air Saver compares pretty favorably to other expedited services, including those available directly from UPS themselves. As we highlighted just a moment ago, the major difference between UPS Next Day Air and the Second Day Air Saver service is that the former has a guaranteed delivery time of before 10:30 AM the next business day while Next Day Air Saver gets things there before the afternoon is over.


UPS also offers Next Day Air Early services, guaranteeing delivery of packages the next day before 8 AM. Next Day Air Saver services aren’t going to be able to get your packages to their ultimate destination quite as early. But again, most customers don’t mind waiting a few hours, especially when they see just how much money there able to save on these expedited packages.


When you get right down to it, the ability for business owners to leverage an expedited shipping services like this (at substantial discounts) does a couple of things: For one, it definitely builds a lot of affinity with customers. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on shipping. Even if it’s expedited – even if it’s day! There usually has to be a real emergency for expedited shipping services to be taken advantage of, and then customers are expecting to spend a small fortune. Secondly, though, UPS Next Day Air Saver also helps to pad out the profit margins a little bit while offering greater value to customers, too.


Sappy entrepreneurs are going to be able to offer these kinds of shipping options at substantial discounts compared to traditional next day delivery. That’s going to help boost orders, it’s probably going to help boost average sale numbers, and it’s definitely going to generate a buzz in the market when other customers start talking about how cheap expedited shipping is here. All of that gives business owners a bit of a competitive advantage over other operations in their market that aren’t using UPS Next Day Air Saver the way they probably could be (or should be).



Where Are UPS Next Day Air Saver Services Available?


UPS is always looking to expand their reach and their service delivery areas, but as of 2022 Next Day Air Saver is available only to business and residential customers in 48 states and a few locations in Alaska & Hawaii. That means that any of the states in the contiguous United States are going to be able to have Next Day Air Saver packages delivered to them. Customers in Alaska and customers in Hawaii generally will not be able to take advantage of this delivery service (though some addresses in both of those states can be eligible).


At the end of the day, you’ll want to use the shipping tools provided from UPS online to figure out whether or not Next Day Air Saver is available at the addresses you are sending packages to. The odds are pretty good that the overwhelming majority of the packages you are sending for your business are going to be headed to addresses that are Next Day Air Saver eligible! It’s also pretty likely that UPS is going to find ways to make any addresses (the United States, anyway) not currently eligible for Next Day Air Saver services to be eligible in the future. Every year UPS makes significant investments in their infrastructure. They continue to find ways to move packages more efficiently (and faster), and that’s helped to establish the Next Day Air Saver services as it exists today. It shouldn’t be long at all until UPS is offering Next Day Air Saver to every state (and every address) in the United States– and maybe in other locations (like the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas, for example), too!




How Much Does This UPS Service Cost?


The big attraction of UPS Next Day Air Saver is that it is considerably less expensive when stacked up against other next day delivery services, including those available from UPS themselves. Everybody wants their packages to arrive as quickly as possible but most folks don’t have a lot of interest in spending a small fortune to cover expensive shipping. It’s not hard to understand why, either! UPS did a great job eliminating a lot of that overhead and extra expense with the introduction of Next Day Air Saver, a service that last received brand-new pricing updates in the middle of July 2020.


To send UPS Next Day Air Saver letters, for example, prices can be pegged at anywhere between $26 and $49. A lot of that has to do with the UPS delivery “zone” of the final destination address. Packages that are being sent via UPS Next Day Air Saver are a little more expensive, starting at $29.66 for the lightest packages and jumping up to anywhere between $355 and almost $1,300 for really heavy packages being sent to destinations extremely far from the origination address.


Obviously, the heavier that a package is the more expensive it’s going to be to send – even via UPS Next Day Air Saver. The further that package has to travel the more expensive postage is going to be, too. Even still, compare these prices for UPS Next Day Air Saver to the kinds of prices traditional UPS Next Day Air services charge and the discounts are almost unbelievable. Businesses in particular (especially high shipping volume businesses) are going to be able to save a mint using UPS Next Day Air Saver.



Does UPS Air Saver Do Deliveries on the Weekend?


As of 2022, the UPS Second Day Air Saver service is not eligible for delivery on weekends. Saturday delivery is not one of the eligible options for the most part, though certain locations in the United States (like major metro areas, for example) may allow for UPS Next Day Air Saver delivery on Saturday at a UPS store or a parcel locker.


There are no Sunday delivery windows available for this particular expedited delivery service, either. Businesses that need to get packages to their customers on Saturday or Sunday will want to consider leveraging the traditional Next Day Air and Early options from UPS. Both of those allow for Saturday and Sunday delivery included in the price. With UPS Next Day Air Saver, though, any package not delivered on a Friday is going to have to wait until Monday (or the next business day).


Who Should Take Advantage of UPS Air Saver?


Plenty of people are going to be able to take full advantage of everything that UPS Next Day Air Saver has to offer, but business owners in particular are going to be able to make the most of this service. As we have highlighted a handful of times already, the big advantage of using this service are the expedited speeds and the discounted prices.


That’s a real winning combination for businesses that want to keep their customers as happy as possible. Just think of how successful Amazon Prime has been over the last few years, a service built almost entirely on the back of promising free two day delivery to customers all over the country. In recent times that two day delivery window has been stretched a little more than it ever used to be (some packages take three or four days to arrive, and some even longer than that).


At the end of the day, though, Amazon really made this a cornerstone of their offering and has added billions and billions of dollars to their bank accounts because of it. People love – LOVE – to get their packages as quickly as possible (as close to instantly as can be) without having to spend a mountain of money. UPS Next Day Air Saver goes a long way towards making that happen for customers that don’t necessarily have to have Amazon’s deep pockets or relationship with shipping partners.


Of course, regular folks can take full advantage of UPS Next Day Air Saver as well. Perhaps you need to make sure that a birthday gift arrives ahead of schedule. Maybe you need to make sure that important documents get to someone ASAP. Maybe you just want to surprise someone and have a short window of time to do so with your package. Whatever the reason, UPS makes getting your stuff to that recipients ASAP almost effortless and affordable with the help of the Next Day Air Saver program. Compare sending packages with this service to UPS Ground (from a price perspective, anyway) and it’s not hard to immediately see the value that customers are going to get out of this expedited option.


If you need to get your package somewhere inexpensively and quickly, this is the road to go down!



US Global Mail – The Ultimate Alternative for Receiving Packages and Mail Today!


But what about when you want to simplify and streamline (not to mention speed up) receiving packages and mail instead of sending it? That’s where US Global Mail and the Virtual Mailbox services they have operated for more than 20 years comes into play. Easily one of the top virtual mailbox providers on the planet, US Global Mail has found a way to modernize the mailbox in a way that the USPS and companies like UPS and FedEx simply haven’t been able to.


For starters, all Virtual Mailbox service account holders receive a permanent physical street address that they can have all of their packages – including UPS Next Day Air Saver packages – sent to directly. No matter how often they move in the future, no matter where they move in the future, this address is going to remain the same so long as they remain a US Global Mail customer. That address provides a lot of privacy and a lot of security (as well as a little bit of extra anonymity, really important in today’s times).


On top of that, though, Virtual Mailbox service customers are going to get instant notifications about every package and piece of mail that arrives at their mailbox, digital scans and photos of those packages and envelopes, and a whole host of other benefits including check depositing and mail forwarding at up to 80% off! Talk about some pretty substantial benefits, right?


To learn a little bit more about everything that helps make US Global Mail so special, or to sign up for a Virtual Mailbox service, visit their website right now.

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