UPS Ground Shipping Time

What is UPS Ground Shipping & how long does it take to reach its destination? Here is everything you need to know.

UPS is one of the most popular shipping companies on the planet and certainly one of the most frequently chosen shipping solutions for folks in the United States. Also one of the oldest shipping companies in the world, the reputation that UPS has built up over time is that they are fast, consistent, and reliable – not to mention one of the more affordable choices, too. A big part of offering affordable shipping options is that a significant number of UPS packages travel via UPS Ground. This standard delivery method is cost-effective and yet still relatively fast, though most UPS customers are (understandably) always interested in figuring out exactly when their packages are going to be delivered and how quick UPS Ground shipping times really are.


Below we cover all the basics you’ll need to know about UPS Ground shipping times, why this kind of shipping option should be considered by individuals and businesses, and how to make the most of everything that UPS Ground brings to the table. Let’s jump right in!



What is UPS Ground Shipping?


As highlighted above, UPS Ground is one of the most cost-effective shipment options available from this shipping company. Unlike expedited packages that are almost always sent via air freight planes (that can get very expensive), UPS Ground packages and parcels are transported across the country on trailer trucks and freight trains for the most part. This helps to keep costs low while still providing pretty rapid delivery times (even if you likely won’t be able to get overnight delivery like you would with UPS premium services). If you have a package you’d like to get to a destination across town, across your state, or clear across the country but don’t necessarily need it there in a hurry, UPS Ground is probably a perfect fit!



Who Benefits Most from UPS Ground Shipping?


There are a couple of types of people (and businesses) that can really benefit most from UPS Ground shipping services. For starters, anyone that wants a reliable yet inexpensive delivery service is going to want to seriously consider UPS Ground (as well as the other inexpensive shipping options UPS provides). You won’t have to worry about cutting corners to cut costs when it’s time to ship packages via UPS. After all, this is still the same reliable company that has a reputation for consistency and security. You know your UPS package is going to inevitably arrive at its ultimate destination, even if it takes a little bit longer (but not much) via UPS campground.


Businesses that ship a lot of merchandise are also going to want to consider using UPS Ground. Online e-commerce operations in particular find that UPS Ground offers a fantastic price structure for relatively fast shipping, giving customers the opportunity to get their packages quicker than they would with say USPS shipping services but not having to pay much more at the same time. At the end of the day, anyone looking to send a package that doesn’t necessarily have to get there overnight (or even faster) would do well to check out UPS ground shipping times.



Average UPS Ground Shipping Times


As far as what the average UPS Ground shipping time looks like, you’re generally going to see delivery timelines that stretch anywhere between one business day and five business days. UPS does guarantee that all Ground packages will arrive within five business days, though the “clock” starts from the moment that your package is picked up by UPS and scanned into their infrastructure. A lot of people (especially those new to using UPS Ground) are under the impression that the five day guarantee window starts the moment that they have purchased something online and paid for shipping.


It’s important to remember that this isn’t always the case, and it may take a day or two (depending on the person shipping your merchandise) to actually get that package to UPS and get started on its way. Those looking to figure out when their personal UPS Ground shipping time is (when the package they purchased is going to arrive at their doorstep), UPS has a “ballpark” schedule that works for most customers.


As a general rule, UPS likes to get their packages out to customers during the work week (Monday through Friday) between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM locally. Weekend delivery is available in certain locations (Saturday delivery is more widespread than Sunday delivery), and generally those delivery windows are open from 9 AM to 7 PM locally. It may not be a bad idea to record the time that your UPS package arrives at your doorstep every time you get a package over the next couple of months, just to sort of the average things out. You’ll have a better idea of when packages at your address are likely to arrive when you analyze this kind of first-hand data.


Where is UPS Ground Available?


As of early 2021, UPS Ground shipping is available in all 50 states across America as well as Puerto Rico. Yes, you are reading that correctly – US customers in both Alaska and Hawaii are going to be able to take advantage of UPS Ground shipping time services even though they aren’t physically connected to the “Lower 48” or the continental United States.


It’s important to remember that UPS Ground isn’t just a service for interstate commerce, but works intrastate as well. In fact, the UPS Ground shipping time for packages being sent from one Alaskan address to another or one Hawaiian address to another is likely going to be significantly faster than sending a package from New Hampshire to Connecticut, for example. It’s unlikely that UPS Ground is going to be expanded any further than it already is for a variety of different reasons. At the same time, though, it could (technically) be possible for UPS to begin offering this delivery service in Mexico as well as Canada – really opening up a couple of international ground destinations connected to the continental United States, too. For now though, just all 50 states and Puerto Rico are able to take advantage of this shipping option from UPS.



Can UPS Ground Shipping Be Expedited?


UPS Ground shipping services can be expedited, but they transform from traditional campground services into something else – something more premium and (always) more expensive. There are certainly some expedited and overnight services available from this shipping giant that move their packages via trucks, trains, and couriers as opposed to airfreight fleets. Intrastate deliveries that are expedited (expedited packages sent through UPS from one Montana address to another, for example) likely aren’t ever going to be boarded onto airplanes.


Instead, the same trucks, the same trains, and the same people responsible for moving packages via standard (and slower) UPS Ground are going to be responsible for moving these expedited packages as well. If you want to be sure that your package arrives on a specific day, or if you have something that absolutely must be expedited and delivered as quickly as possible, it’s important to check out the premium and expedited services available from this shipping company. UPS Ground is always going to be a little slower.


Does Tracking Come Free with UPS Ground Shipments?


Like every other shipping service from UPS you are going to be provided with tracking information or your Ground shipments. The moment that a shipping label is created for your package (initiated by you online, UPS employees at a UPS store, or by UPS directly) a new, unique shipping code and tracking number is going to be created for that package specifically.


On top of that, a barcode containing information for that package is going to be printed directly on the label (just below the tracking number most of time). Not only is this tracking code going to help you watch your package move throughout the UPS infrastructure until it reaches your doorstep, but it’s also going to be used by UPS employees to better manage your package, too.


At the end of the day, it’s nice to know that you aren’t going to have to pony up any extra money to get your hands on tracking down from UPS – even when you’re using one of the least expensive shipping services from the company.



Is Insurance Free with UPS Ground Shipments?


Every UPS ground shipment is going to be insured for up to $100 no matter what, at no extra cost for customers whatsoever. This insurance provides a lot of extra peace of mind for UPS customers. It’s a nice little bonus that helps to separate this shipping partner from the rest of the competition, too. If what is being sent through UPS is going to be more valuable than $100, though, extra insurance will need to be purchased. It’s possible to get $50,000 in insurance for each individual package sent through UPS, with entire pallets of packages able to be insured for up to $100,000.


On top of that, UPS also allows certain packages and certain items to be insured for even more money – up to $70,000. Those packages, however, have to be in line with all of the restrictions that have been established by the UPS Tariff and Terms and Conditions of Service documentation. You’ll need to talk to UPS directly if your package needs any more than $100 in insurance.


Can I Use UPS Ground at the UPS Store?


UPS Ground shipping times aren’t going to be any different whether you take advantage of the service from a UPS store or visit an official UPS facility – or even if you initiate this kind of shipment from your computer using the UPS online tools and technology!


Once again, UPS Ground is easily one of the most popular – if not the most popular – shipping method offered by this company today. Relatively fast, incredibly reliable and consistent, and with a (mostly) predictable delivery window it’s not hard to understand why UPS is responsible for moving millions and millions of packages each and every day via their standard Ground delivery service. You’ll certainly be able to walk into any UPS Store (or official UPS facility) and send a package via Ground.



Accept Packages from All Major Carriers with US Global Mail


While tracking information from UPS has definitely improved over the years (growing more reliable by leaps and bounds over the last 30 years for sure), real time tracking information and immediate updates about its delivery are still not available. No, if you want to be notified the moment that your UPS package arrives at your address or your mailbox you’ll need to take advantage of a service like US Global Mail.


Through the Virtual Mailbox offered by US Global Mail, you’ll not only be able to have all of your packages (UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS included) sent to a permanent street address that offers you better privacy and security, you’ll also get instant notifications every time a new package or envelope arrives at your virtual mailbox.


Not only will you get an instant notification about receipt of that UPS package, but you also get a digital photo/scan of that package, too. This means that you’ll learn exactly when your UPS Ground shipping time is, when your packages are dropped off at your new permanent address, and which package has arrived all at the same time!


There are other benefits to leveraging US Global Mail and their virtual mailbox service as well (privacy, convenience, and improved mailbox management benefits to name a few) but this is definitely one of the best.


To learn more about everything that a virtual mailbox from US Global Mail has to offer, or to dig deeper into how you can better manage your mailbox and package acceptance from companies like UPS with this kind of service, contact US Global Mail today. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself opening up your own account sooner rather than later, just as thousands and thousands of people over the last 20+ years already have.


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