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What does this tracking notification from Rapid Enterprises mean? Read more below.

If you have recently been getting notifications popping up on your phone that are starting to irritate or concern you, you might be wondering what Rapid Enterprises Inc/Stamps is and why it keeps sending you notifications. Nobody wants unsolicited information, so where does this come from and why? Rapid Enterprises Inc started trading in 1994 and its services relate to the postal services. Unfortunately, in recent years, some other scam companies have started trying to use this well-recognized brand to send out spam messages in an attempt to gather information or commit fraud.


What Is Rapid Enterprises Inc?


Rapid Enterprises Inc is a company that deals with shipping, and it will send out notifications to users’ phones with tracking information and updates about the packages being sent. This may cause confusion at times, especially if someone has forgotten that they ordered a package or became eligible for a free gift that has just been mailed. Getting one of these messages can prompt a sense of wariness and even alarm. The notification will display as coming from Rapid Enterprises Inc/Stamps notification, and it can come at any time and on any day of the week.


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Are Notifications From Rapid Enterprises Inc Legitimate?


Unfortunately, there is no way to tell from the message alone whether it is legitimate or not. This is the name of a legitimate mailing company, but many people claim that they have received spam mail associated with this name, and this is likely due to other businesses managing to spoof the name or getting themselves connected with it. This means that if you receive a notification, you will need to think about whether you have ordered anything, or whether a family member may have ordered something on your account. In most cases, it is likely to be legitimate, but it is still a good idea to be cautious if you don’t immediately recognize what a notification like this is referring to.


What Does The Notification Look Like?


The notification may differ slightly depending on the situation, but it will usually appear something like this: Shipped From: RAPID ENTERPRISES INC/ STAMPS, followed by an address (or partial address). The sender will often be USPS, so think about whether you have an account with USPS, and whether you have given them your phone number. If your notification looks similar but has some slight variations, it’s likely conveying the same information. In cases where it is legitimate, it simply means that your package has been dispatched and is traveling to you with the appropriate courier now. In cases where it is not legitimate, it may mean that your phone number has been compromised or that something else is going on.


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How Do I Know If It Is A Legitimate Package?


When you receive this notification, take a few minutes to think about the packages that you are expecting, how they are traveling, and whether the notification is likely to refer to a legitimate package that you have ordered. You might find that it helps to sit down and run through your order history on various websites. Is there anything that you were expecting would be dispatched soon? Have any retailers sent you an “item on its way” email, or marked something as dispatched? Has a regular or scheduled order occurred without you remembering it? Any of the above scenarios could answer the question.


You could also check through bank statements and credit card statements to get an idea of recent charges and items that you have paid for. Make sure you mark any charges that you don’t recognize so that you can follow up on them. See if you can identify an item you have purchased but not yet received. This may help you to determine whether or not the package is a real order that you have made. If you are struggling to identify it, follow up with any family members that may have placed the order, and check your order history on shopping sites. There is a high chance you will find something that you had forgotten about buying, and this will answer the question. There are a few cases mentioned online where the buyer hadn’t directly purchased anything, but had been offered a freebie in exchange for a review – and this resulted in the generation of the Rapid Enterprises Inc/Stamp message. Consider whether this could apply in your situation if you still can’t identify the package.


What Else Could It Be?


The next option to consider is that the package could have come from a friend or family member who doesn’t live with you. They might have set it up so that texts would be delivered to you even if the item was a gift, so you could use the tracking number and make sure you were available for delivery. It is therefore worth checking in with your loved ones to see if anyone has recently sent you a package. You should also think about other possible sources, such as competitions that you may have entered, Kickstarters you may have helped to fund, and more. This could solve the mystery. It is also a good idea to check your emails to see if you have any tracking updates from any companies that you regularly buy from. Often, a text notification will also result in an email being generated to give you a shipping update, so look out for this. If you get an email, compare the tracking information with the information on your notification and see if the two match. This should tell you whether the item is something you have purchased.


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Can This Notification Result In A Letter Instead Of A Package?


Yes, the Rapid Enterprises Inc/Stamp notification can result in a letter if this has been sent in a specific way (e.g. Priority Mail). The notification will not usually tell you whether it refers to a package or to a letter, so don’t immediately assume that it is about a parcel. Keep an eye out for both parcels for letters, and see if any come with the tracking number that you were given. If they do, this will solve the mystery.


What Should I Do If The Package Isn’t Legitimate?


If you have reasons to believe the package is fraudulent, the first thing that you should do is double-check your bank and credit card statements for false charges. If you find anything, get in touch with your bank immediately, because your personal information may have been compromised. You can also try contacting USPS or whatever courier sent you the message, or the retailer if you manage to identify an order that you didn’t place. Most customer service teams will be happy to try to figure out what’s going on for you, and they may be able to resolve the issue.


If in doubt, you may also want to reach out to Rapid Enterprises Ltd. If the company has legitimately sent you a text, they may be able to assist you in determining what the package is, where it came from, who sent it, and when you will get it. Data protection laws may prevent them from sharing all of that information, but they should still be able to help you figure out whether the package is legitimate and what you should do about it. You should also check whether the tracking information works. In some cases, if the text is from a scammer, the tracking information will be randomly generated and will not return anything when it is entered. However, some scams do result in the delivery of an item to your home, so don’t be too reassured if the tracking number works; the notification could still be from a scam company.


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Does It Matter If The Package Isn’t Legitimate?


If you get a package for something that you didn’t order, you might be tempted to accept it. After all, who would turn down free items? However, you should exercise a little caution here. There have been multiple articles and warnings going around about a scam technique known as “brushing.” In this scam, the scammers set up dummy Amazon accounts, purchase an item, get it shipped to a random address (in this case, your address), and then they can leave a positive, verified review about this item.


That might seem harmless, but false reviews are very hurtful to other consumers, and it also means that your information has been compromised. You should get in touch with Amazon (or the appropriate store that you think the item has come from) and ask them to help you restore the security to your account. It is important to do this, and to ignore any requests from unknown companies for money. If somebody starts calling you to request payment for the item you received, do not respond to them. If possible, send the item back to the sender’s address unopened if you didn’t order it. This helps to protect you, although you do still need to update your online security and protect your personal information.


Will I Get A Tracking Number?


Often, this message will contain a tracking number that you can use to find out where your package is. This is usually the point of the message, and you can enter that tracking number into USPS’s website so you can get an update on your package’s progress. If the message does not contain a tracking number, something may have gone wrong. Try refreshing the message, and if you are still having problems, get in touch with USPS or Rapid Enterprises Inc’s customer service team so that they can sort it out.


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Why Have I Received A Tracking Notification From Rapid Enterprises Inc?


The most likely explanation for receiving one of these notifications is that you have a package on its way to you and this is the update. It provides you with the information you need in order to track the package’s progress personally, so it’s a key part of standard delivery procedures. If you don’t have a package en route, the most likely explanation is that spammers have got hold of your cell phone number and they are trying to trick you into providing money. Be very wary of this and check the tracking information to see if it is valid.


Does Amazon Ever Use Rapid Enterprises Inc/Stamp Notifications?


According to stories online, Amazon does sometimes use Rapid Enterprises Inc/Stamp notifications to ensure that its products are shipped around the country at a reasonable speed. If Amazon is dispatching a package to you, therefore, you should look out for this notification. This seems to be particularly true if Amazon is shipping you a free gift. Amazon sometimes does this to respond with thanks to users that have left reviews. You should be notified if this is the case. If in doubt, call the Amazon customer services team and ask if they can identify the item for you. They may be able to tell you which (if any) products have recently been shipped, which could narrow down the item that the text is referring to. Amazon should also be able to tell you if you are eligible for a free gift and whether it has been dispatched. In general, the customer service team is eager to help and will give you as much information as they can (except when protecting the privacy of another user’s data).


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Getting text notifications does make it easier to ensure that you are at home when a package is due to arrive, but it still isn’t always practical. If you do a lot of online ordering and you frequently see the Rapid Enterprises Inc/Stamp notification and feel your heart sink at the timing, you might benefit from having a Virtual Mailbox. This service, provided by US Global Mail, is a secure way to receive packages and letters even when you aren’t at home. It offers a physical address where packages can be stored until it suits you to collect them, and this is a great way to reduce the stress and coordination that is often involved in getting an item delivered.

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