Paypal Create Shipping Label

Interested in creating a shipping label through PayPal? Read more below.

Have you ever wanted to use the PayPal “create shipping label” function to get things sent off quickly and efficiently? It’s a great system, and sellers everywhere can benefit from implementing this in their shipping process.


The PayPal “create shipping label” can help you to access discounts, streamline your shipping system, and keep all of your shipment information in one place. If you run an online business and shipping is a headache that you could do without, utilizing the PayPal system is a great way to make things easier.


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What Is The “Create Shipping Label” Option?


PayPal has an option that allows online retailers to very quickly and easily create shipping labels for their products. It’s great for people who are tired of hand-writing addresses (with the constant risk of making a mistake) and then having to wait in long queues at a post office to get them mailed out with the correct postage.


You will enjoy a lot of other advantages when you use the “create shipping label” function, which we will cover in more detail later in the article. This function is available to everyone, even if you aren’t selling items, and it is a great way to make shipping more convenient, provided that you have access to a printer.


What Shipping Couriers Can I Choose From?


When you use the “create shipping label” option, you can send mail via either UPS or USPS. You don’t currently have the option of using other couriers via PayPal’s system, so if you wish to ship with a company such as DHL, you will not be able to use this function.


PayPal may later expand to offer other couriers to their clients, but it’s not currently something that you can do. You will have to go to the courier’s own website and purchase a shipping label from them if you do not wish to use UPS or USPS.


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How Do You Create A Shipping Label With PayPal?


If you’re ready to create a shipping label with PayPal, the first thing that you need to do is log into your account. Go to PayPal’s main website and click the “log in” button. You may have to wait for a confirmation text to gain access.


Once you are logged in, click on the tab near the top of the page marked “Activity.” Scroll down through your activity until you see the sale that you wish to create a shipping label for, and then look for a button marked “Print Shipping Label.” This should be just below the words “Payment Received.” Click on this button. The first time you use the service, you will have to confirm certain information is correct, but after you have done this, you will not need to do it again unless issues arise. You will be asked to verify your phone number, your address, and the kind of printer that you will be using to print the shipping label.


Next, you will be taken to a page that allows you to select your shipping options and the kind of package that you wish to send. You will need to input the dimensions and the weight of the package, so have it near at hand. You can then click on the “calculate shipping costs” button, and you will be given a price for the label. Once you have confirmed everything, you will be able to download and then print your label and affix it to your package. All that remains to be done after that is to drop it off at a local post office, and it will be on its way to the recipient.


Can I Create A Shipping Label If I Don’t Have A PayPal Account?


No, you will need a PayPal account in order to create a shipping label. PayPal automatically generates the name and address on the package from a transaction that already contains these details (such as an eBay payment) and it cannot do this without an associated account that has received the transaction. You can easily create a PayPal account, and it is a free service provided you use it a few times per year. You will pay some fees on transactions, so make yourself aware of these in advance and ensure that you are happy with them. If you are selling online, having a PayPal account is a big plus, because it allows buyers to purchase your items with just a few clicks, and you won’t have to securely handle card information. Often, it is the easiest solution, but familiarize yourself with the fees that you will pay.


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Can I Create A Shipping Label If I Don’t Have A Printer?


Unfortunately not, no. You must be able to print the shipping label, and while you are creating it, you will be asked to select the kind of printer that you are going to use. You have the choice between an inkjet or laser printer, or a label printer. If you don’t have a normal printer, a label printer will suffice for this job, but you must have some means of printing the information from PayPal onto a physical label, or you cannot use this service.


If you do not have access to a printer, consider investing in one, or find a library as a temporary measure. Most libraries will allow you to print, but there will be a small cost associated with it, and it is best to have your own printer in the long term.


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What Are The Advantages Of Using The “Create Shipping Label” Service?


There are three major advantages to this service, and they are particularly important if you are running a business. That said, anyone can benefit from the service.


Advantage One: Reduced Shipping Costs


If you take a package to a local post office, you will pay the standard rate for shipping whatever kind of package you wish to send. If you purchase your label via PayPal, you will get commercial rates – those that are usually only available to bulk purchasers such as big businesses. That means it will often be cheaper than if you buy the label in a post office or on the USPS or UPS websites. The difference may only be small on some transactions, but if you send a lot of mail, even a few cents makes a big difference to your margins, and can add up to a lot over time. The cost saving is one of the biggest attractions of this service, but with the other advantages, it is an obvious choice for many people.


Advantage Two: Ability To Hide Shipping Costs


You might not always want your buyer to know exactly what you paid to ship their package. Some buyers forget the other costs involved in shipping (packaging materials, man hours, fuel to transport the package to a post office) and only focus on the flat rate. This means they may complain about prices that are higher than the one they see on their package. However, when purchasing a label through PayPal, you will have the option to hide the shipping costs so that your buyers cannot see the price you paid.


Advantage Three: Increased Professionalism


Not everyone likes the handmade look of labels written on scraps of paper and stuck to packages. A printed label is preferable in some situations, and makes your business look more professional. It is also less likely to get lost, smudged, etc., because it is designed for its purpose. It is still important to include a copy of the recipient’s address inside the package, as well as your printed shipping label. This means that if the label becomes detached from the package, the mail carrier can still work out where it is supposed to go.


Advantage Four: Streamlined Shipping


Instead of having to sit and work out which labels you’ve written, which you haven’t, and which go on what packages, you can streamline your process. Handwriting labels neatly and clearly can take a surprisingly long time, and there is a lot of room for error, especially if you write multiple labels in one day.


On top of that, when you reach the post office and try to buy your labels, you then have to remember which packages are being sent using which shipping services (assuming you offer different shipping speeds). This can be a challenge when you no longer have the order details in front of you. This is all streamlined by PayPal’s service, which will take care of everything. A click of the button will transfer the name and address exactly as written by the buyer onto the label, removing all risk of errors occurring at this point.


You can select your shipping method with the order details right in front of you, making sure that each parcel is mailed correctly. You can even work one parcel at a time, printing a label and attaching it to the package before moving on to the next one.


Advantage Five: Time Saving


As well as the time saved on having to write out labels, you will save time when it comes to mailing the packages too, because you won’t have to queue in your post office. Given how long lines can be sometimes, this could be a massive benefit. It will let you get your items through the door much more quickly, giving you more time to yourself, rather than standing in line for hours each week to get items shipped.


Advantage Six: Convenience


A final factor is the convenience of the service. It will store all of your shipping information and labels in one place, so you no longer need to worry about where they are and which courier you shipping what parcel with. This place is also where all of your invoices and your tracking numbers will be, so you should have everything you need in one convenient place that you can log into at any time. You might even end up saving office space because you’ll need less paperwork.


Do I Have To Pay For This Service?


You will only pay for the cost of the shipping; PayPal does not add any extra fees for the use of this service. It is there as a convenience for those who use the platform, and it will not cost you anything extra. The one cost to be aware of is that you will be printing your own labels, rather than the post office printing them. Over time, this will have a cost in terms of ink and paper. However, this cost is likely to be pretty small, and should be covered in the savings you will make by accessing commercial rates.


Can Buyers Print Shipping Labels?


In some cases, buyers can also use the shipping label service when they need to return an item. If it is available, this will appear as an option alongside the transaction. You will normally have to pay the shipping costs for the label, but in some cases, it will qualify for free shipping. In these instances, you will see the button marked “Return shipping on us.” PayPal will pay for the return shipping, and all you have to do is print the label and drop the package off at a post office. You should always check the return stipulations with the seller before you return an item for a refund to make sure that the item is eligible to be returned.


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Paypal’s “create shipping label” service is a great way for sellers to make shipping far more straightforward and even more cost effective. If you utilize this service, you can get all your packages sent out cheaper and more efficiently.


Buyers who are looking to make their lives easier may benefit from using a Virtual Mailbox. This service allows mail couriers to securely deliver your parcel at any time and on any day, regardless of whether you are at home or not. This is a fantastic way to make your life easier when you’re expecting a delivery, and it’s well worth considering as the holidays start and you begin ordering gifts online.

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