Medium Flat Rate Box Dimensions

What are the typical medium flat rate box dimensions? Read more below.

Dialing in shipping prices is hugely important for businesses these days. The right shipping margins can help boost profitability in a big way. The wrong shipping margins, though, can have businesses losing money faster than they ever thought possible – all while hiding the “leak” along the way.


Thankfully, though, with the help of medium flat rate box dimensions (and other flat rate boxes) this is mostly a problem of the past. Today businesses – and regular folks – are able to take advantage of flat rate shipping solutions to minimize costs, to streamline operations, and to add a little more predictability into the way they ship their stuff.


To better understand medium flat rate boxes, flat rate shipping general, and all the advantages this kind of shipping solution offers we’ve put together this quick guide. Let’s run through it together right now!


priority mail in a mailbox


What Exactly is Flat Rate Shipping?


USPS flat rate shipping services have been available since 1991, and almost immediately became one of their most popular shipping services. Guaranteeing a “if it fits, it ships” kind of approach to sending things through the Postal Service, customers only had to pay a single, standardized fee to send packages anywhere in the country.


Today the range of flat rate options from the USPS (and other services) has grown exponentially. It’s now possible to send almost anything through this program (provided it weighs less than 70 pounds) – and you can do so pretty quickly, too. At the end of the day, though, the promise of flat rate shipping remains the same:


As long as you can fit whatever it is you have to send into an appropriately sized flat rate box you are good to go. You’ll only ever have to pay the flat rate to get it to its ultimate destination – no matter where that is!


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Benefits of Flat Rate Shipping


There are a couple of reasons that savvy business owners take advantage of flat rate shipping services, including:


Free shipping materials – All USPS flat rate boxes are available 100% free of charge. There are multiple different kinds of envelopes and boxes available to pick from (check out the medium flat rate box dimensions to see if that size works best for you), too. You’ll still have to pony up for packing peanuts or cushioning material, but not having to spend an extra dollar per box (or more) can boost profitability in a big way.


Fixed, known, consistent costs – Shipping calculators today have gotten a lot more advanced than they ever used to be in the past. At the same time, most businesses don’t want to have to worry about calculating shipping on-the-fly every time someone purchases something. With flat rate boxes, standardized, consistent prices can be attached to every order.


Priority delivery speeds – Today it’s possible to measure medium flat rate box dimensions, stuff the box completely full, drop it off at the post office, and then have that package delivered within 1 to 3 business days all while paying a flat rate. That never used to be possible. On top of that, delivery speeds are getting even better all the time!


No surprise charges – You won’t have to worry about paying any surprise charges or fees on flat rate boxes. No extra fuel costs. No fees for residential address deliveries. No fees for Saturday delivery. The cost of shipping your flat rate box is always the same!


Delivery to (almost) every address in the United States – If the USPS is able to deliver mail to the address you want to send your flat rate box to you’ll be able use the flat rate services! That’s a huge advantage compared to some of the other services available from different shipping companies in the industry today.


Breaking Down the Medium Flat Rate Box Dimensions


Though there are a variety of different sized boxes you can use to ship with via USPS flat rate services, the medium flat rate box dimensions seem particularly well-suited to most types of deliveries. Not too big, but not too small, the medium flat rate box dimensions are in that “Goldilocks” sweet spot. You’ll be able to ship almost anything in this kind of container – and you’ll be able to get as many medium flat rate boxes as you like completely free from the USPS, too!


To give you a better idea of just how much space is inside of these boxes, here’s a breakdown of the actual medium flat rate box dimensions:


11.25” x 8.75” x 6”


That might not seem all that big at first glance, but medium-sized boxes have a pretty decent “packing payload” and plenty of room for most items. As long as the merchandise you want to send comes in at less than 70 pounds you’ll be able to send it via flat rate prices, too.


fedex package


FedEx Offers Flat Rate Shipping, Too


Federal Express also offers flat rate shipping services, and they have a medium-sized box that you might want to check out, too. Their medium flat rate box dimensions breakdown like this:


11.5” x 2.5” x 13.25”


They have another medium flat rate box as well, this one measuring in at:


8.75” x 4.5” x 11.25”


You’ll be able to pick and choose which of these two options work best for you if you decide to go the FedEx route. The FedEx flat rate shipping services called the “One Rate” program, and while they offer delivery to up to 80% of US addresses they don’t have the same kind of delivery range that the USPS does. The prices are pretty competitive, though, so they may be worth a closer look.


Flat Rate Shipping Speeds


As far as speed is concerned, you’re looking at delivery windows that are going to be pretty close to First Class mail and packages handled by the USPS – with the option to bump things up to a faster delivery, too. This means that most flat rate boxes are going to be delivered between three and five business days (especially when they are being sent to the Lower 48 states in the US). Once you start talking about flat rate boxes going to addresses in Alaska or Hawaii, though, you can add two or three extra days of travel time.


With expedited services, though, you can start looking at delivery windows of between one and three business days. You’ll also get priority tracking information, the ability to purchase extra shipping insurance on every flat rate box, and a whole host of other extras that are available from the USPS as well. Some of these extras will increase the cost of the flat rate services, but tracking always comes 100% free of charge.


How the Flat Rate Shipping Process Unfolds


The actual process for handling packages with medium flat rate box dimensions that are going to be sent via the USPS is pretty simple and straightforward. Let’s do a quick rundown right here.


Choose Your Box


To kick things off, you just need to choose the flat rate box that you want your packages to be sent in. As we highlighted above, there are plenty of different options to pick and choose from (ranging from flat rate envelopes to extra-large boxes). Most people seem to be pretty happy with medium flat rate box dimensions, though.


After picking the size box you want to send your things in, simply reach out to your local post office for these free boxes (as many as you like) or order them from – 100% free of charge. The bigger the box the higher the shipping price is going to be (no surprise there). Still, with medium flat rate box dimensions you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune on shipping costs.


Just remember that while “if it fits, it ships” is the standard rule of the flat rate services from the USPS (and other shipping companies), you still have to make sure you aren’t violating weight limits. Be sure that your items don’t weigh more than 70 pounds or you might be bummed out of the flat rate program.


Pack Your Items


The next piece of the puzzle is to actually go through the packing process.


You’ll want to orient your items inside of your box to keep them as secure as you can during transit. After that, you’ll want to use a little “overkill” on packing materials. Remember, this package is going to go through a bit of a bumpy ride on its way to its ultimate destination. The USPS is responsible with packages for sure, but a lot of the shipping process is 100% automated and the machines may not be all that gentle. Use more packing peanuts and more bubblewrap than you think you’ll need. Really fill the volume of the medium flat rate box dimensions to keep things locked in, secure, and fully protected. Wrap the whole thing up with packing tape to securely lock things in and you’ll be good to go.


Ship Your Stuff!


After the packing process has finished you’re ready to go through the actual shipping process. You have a couple of options here, too.


For one thing, you can drop your package off at the local post office and have them handle the bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to printing your shipping label and getting your box in the shipping system. That’s probably the easiest approach and the one that most people take advantage of.


On the flipside, though, you can print your own shipping labels by using online tools. The website makes this process relatively pain free, right from the comfort of your own home.


After that, simply leave your package out by your mailbox to be picked up by your mail carrier. They’ll grab it the next time that they come to deliver your mail. Provided it is correctly labeled (and shipping has been paid for) they will scoop it up, scan it, and it’ll start its journey to its ultimate destination. It really doesn’t get much easier than that!


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How Much Does the Medium Flat Rate Box Cost to Ship?


The prices on flat rate boxes shift and change almost every year (usually getting more expensive). As of 2022, though, the prices on medium flat rate box dimensions are still pretty affordable. You’re looking at medium flat rate box dimensions (on both top loading and sideloading boxes of this size) will only cost $16.10. That’s going to be tough to beat!


Are There Any Restrictions on Flat Rate Shipping?


There are restrictions on the things you can send via the flat rate shipping services from the USPS, though.


We are talking about things like:


  • Alcohol
  • Explosives
  • Firearms and Ammunition
  • Gasoline


Anything that is prohibited from being sent through traditional USPS services are not going to be able to be sent via the flat rate services, either. It’s not a bad idea to double check with your local post office if you are wondering whether or not something you want to send is on the prohibited list. That can save you a lot of time, headache, and frustration.


Virtual mailbox on a desktop & mobile


Receiving Packages (Flat Rate or Otherwise) is Effortless with US Global Mail


Something else that can save you a lot of time, headache, and frustration is a Virtual Mailbox account from US Global Mail. The modern mailbox, Virtual Mailbox account from US Global Mail simplify and streamline your mail reception process significantly.


For starters, you get a permanent physical street address you can use to reroute all of your mail – giving you privacy, protecting your identity, and guaranteeing receptions of packages (including flat rate packages) from all shipping companies. This includes the USPS, FedEx, and UPS – something that a traditional PO Box from the post office can’t offer!


Combine that with the digital scanning of your mail and packages, instant notification about deliveries of packages and mail to your mailbox, and the ability to forward your mail and packages to almost any address on the planet at up to 80% off of traditional prices and this is a no-brainer. For more information about US Global Mail check out their website today!

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