Label Created Not Yet in System

Got a package update like this? We cover it in detail in this article. Read more below.

Navigating all the different tracking status updates you might find when you are expecting a package is enough of a headache and hassle as it is.


Combine that with tracking status updates like “Label Created Not Yet In System” that are anything but crystal clear and anything but concretely defined and it’s easy to see how frustration builds so quickly.


Luckily, though, you don’t need a translator to decipher the lingo shared on your tracking information – not after you use the inside information included below, anyway.


In this quick guide, we are going to break down exactly what you should expect to happen from your package that’s telling you the “Label Created Not Yet in System” status update. We shine a light on what that status update means, what you can expect, and how to use this information to better anticipate when your package is going to arrive.


Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Why Does Tracking Say “Label Created Not Yet in System”?


Even though it doesn’t look like the most descriptive tracking status update in the world, the truth of the matter is the “Label Created Not Yet in System” update is one of the most frequent and common updates of them all.


You see, ever since the USPS (and other shipping companies, for that matter) started to allow individual customers to set up, configure, and print their own shipping labels – rather than handling all the h of this on their own – this label has become almost ubiquitous.


Anytime that a new shipping label is created and hasn’t yet been scanned or uploaded into the shipping company’s infrastructure this is the kind of status update you’re going to get.


Individuals at home that are running their own e-commerce operation, small business owners that send products out to customers themselves, and even medium-sized businesses that have their own dedicated shipping facilities are likely going to provide tracking information to their customers that includes this kind of status update.


In fact, you might even find this status update if the shipping company that you are working with has created an itinerary and a label for your package but hasn’t yet scanned it into their database already.


This doesn’t happen all the time (organizations like USPS, FedEx, UPS, and the like generally scan tracking information as soon as it is created), but it isn’t all that uncommon, either.


At the end of the day, this tracking update simply means that a label has been created but it isn’t yet included on any shipping manifest or uploaded into any backend infrastructure (which usually means the package hasn’t been received by the shipping company just yet, either).



Why Has a Label Been Made But My Package Hasn’t Been Shipped?


There are a whole bunch of reasons that a shipping label may have been created but a package hasn’t been received and uploaded into the system yet, but the biggest one is that a label was created by an independent shipping partner or individual and the package simply hasn’t been handed off to the shipping company yet.


Companies like FedEx and UPS, as well as the USPS, have a number of platforms – most of them online – that allow individual customers to create their own shipping labels prior to the packages actually being dropped off at a local shipping facility.


Third-party platforms (like Pirate Shipping, for example) also give individuals and small businesses the opportunity to create shipping labels for their products, too.


All of these packages are going to start off with these kinds of tracking updates. All of them are going to have labels created that haven’t yet been uploaded into a specific shipping company system just yet, simply because the company hasn’t been able to get their hands on those packages or scan those labels just yet.


As mentioned a moment ago, sometimes this tracking status update will pop up even when packages begin their journey at a shipping company office. USPS, FedEx, and UPS workers that do not immediately scan newly created shipping labels into the system it will create tracking messages like this.


Sometimes the tracking infrastructure and database itself is a little bit delayed, causing this message even after a package has been scanned and received by a shipping company, too.


Those kinds of issues are pretty rare, though, but the tracking information will inevitably become a lot more accurate and a lot more consistent as soon the system or database is brought up to date and the bugs are ironed out.



When Will My Package Get Picked Up or Dropped Off to the USPS?


The really frustrating thing about seeing the “Label Created Not Yet and System” tracking information is that there’s no real way to know when the tracking info is going to be updated or when your package is going to start to move on its journey to its ultimate destination.


The only thing this tracking information lets you know is that the information for a package to be shipped has been received, even if the package itself hasn’t been physically handed off to begin its journey onward.


Sometimes you’ll get this tracking message just a few minutes before your package starts to head out on its way. Other times it can take a day (or a couple of days, even) between the label being created and the package being handed off to the shipping company so that it can be scanned and moved through the shipping infrastructure.


We wish there was an easier way to know exactly what’s happening with your package based off of this tracking information alone. But truth be told, this tracking update simply means that the journey for your shipment is only about to begin.


Think of this as the pre-race countdown!



Will I Know When My Package is On the Move?


You will definitely know that your package is on the move as soon as the update changes from “Label Created Not Yet in System” to something – literally anything – else.


Most of the time the next message you’re going to see is “Package Received”, though sometimes your package will skip right over that tracking update and instead show something like “In Transit” or “Processed Through Facility”.


Nonetheless, as soon as you see a new message from the original “Label Created Not Yet in System” you can have total confidence that your package is beginning its journey to its ultimate destination.


The only way that a new update would be pushed to that tracking number is if new activity had happened with the package, and that’s only going to be possible after the shipping company has received your shipment and the information has been uploaded into the system itself.


What’s the Next Tracking Update Going to Be?


As we just made mention of a moment ago, there are a couple of different tracking updates that might follow the information telling you that a shipment label has been created but the information has yet to be uploaded into the infrastructure or shipping system.


The most common update that you’re going to get (especially when this package is being shipped via USPS) is “Package Accepted”.


This update just means that the USPS has actually received and accepted your package for delivery. An update like this means that either a USPS mail carrier has gone out and accepted the package directly or that the package (with the premade shipping label) has been dropped off at a local USPS post office.


At the end of the day, “Package Accepted” tells you that the label information has been handed off to the shipping company, that the label has been scanned (which means the package has been scanned), and that the package is going to be on the move soon.


Sometimes, though, shipping companies may not individually scan the package that has been dropped off or picked up by a shipping agent.


In those circumstances, the next update will be something like “In Transit” – highlighting the very first time that the package has been scanned but also sharing information about how the package is moving through the shipment process, too.


“In Transit” updates usually aren’t the most useful updates of them all – especially since they generally aren’t tied to any location data to let you know how far along your shipment is – but it’s nice to see some activity when you’ve been staring at tracking information just telling you that a labels been created for a couple of days.


You might also see “Processed Through Facility” updates right after the label creation update.


These updates tell you that your package hasn’t just been accepted by a shipment company but that it’s also been scanned, processed, the logistics for its delivery planned completely, and that it’s moved through that initial facility and is on the move to the next stop along the journey.


These kinds of updates are almost always attached to location information, too.


That means you’ll not only know for sure that your package is moving closer to its ultimate destination, but you’ll have a good idea of just how far away it is as well. It’s not hard to ballpark how long it’s going to be until your packages delivered with this update.



What Should I Do If the Tracking Info Hasn’t Update in a Couple of Days?


If your tracking information has been telling you “Label Created Not Yet in System” for couple of days there’s no reason to get nervous


It’s not at all uncommon for this tracking update to be the first link in the chain for anywhere between two and three days, and sometimes even a little bit longer – especially if the label was created late on a Friday or anytime during the weekend.


Most small businesses (and even most individual shippers) are going to try and “batch ship” their orders all at once. Labels are created individually as they come in, attached to shipments as they are processed, but nothing goes out the door individually or “piecemeal”.


Instead one day a week (or a couple of days a week, if the order volume is there) these businesses ship everything they have ready to go all at once and then rinse and repeat the cycle with new orders as they come in.


This is why it’s not at all unusual for this status update to remain in place for three or four days, though usually you’ll get updated activity a lot sooner than that!


If, on the other hand, it’s been a week or more and all your tracking information still says is that the label has been created but the information is not in the system yet it may be time to get a hold of the company shipping your package. You’ll want to reach out to the people responsible for creating the shipping details and actually putting your package in the post, too.


At the very least you’ll get a little more clarification about what’s going on.



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