FedEx Delivered To Wrong Address – What To Do

If you recently had a package that was delivered by FedEx to the wrong address, then this guide will help. Read through and let us know if you were able to find your package.

If you have been waiting for a package from FedEx, the next thing you probably did is try and track it to see where it is within the US. Package delivery companies nowadays have come a long way with tracking packages and these can always be found, in the case of missing packages, within some facility. 


There are cases however when you will look up the FedEx tracking website and add in you tracking code, and that will show that the package was in fact delivered but it went to the wrong address. 


In this blog, we will try and cover this topic thoroughly, and give you some tangible actions that you can take in order to be able to get the package re-delivered to you. 


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What You Can Do To Retrieve A Package From FedEx


If your driver is the one who delivered your package, then by looking at the tracking status of your package online, you will be able to see where the driver delivered the package. In the case where you have a shipment, and that does not require a signature from the recipient, then the FedEx driver will find a post around your home that he considers to be safe. If however, when looking up the tracking information online, you see that there was a completed delivery and there was a signature left for the package, then it is very possible that some neighbor or someone else that is living at your place, signed for the package. 


If the driver delivered the package to some other location, then that is something that will show up on the tracking website and in which case you can try and get in contact with FedEx to have it delivered to you. 


Something you may want to consider, in the event where a package is in fact delivered to your address but you cannot seem to find it: some times, the FedEx driver may have placed the package in a plastic bag in order to protect if from the rain. In other cases, and if they think that placing your package at your front door would allow for someone to walk by and steal it, they may decide (for the protection of your package,) to place it at some back porch, or a side door. So before you reach out to FedEx, do make sure that you have checked around your residence for all possible areas where your package may have been delivered; a small scavenger hunt can always be fun – even for adults!


FedEx Says Your Package Was Delivered But You Never Got It


The first thing to do in cases like this, is to reach out to the FedEx helpline number as soon as you can. Make sure to ask for the required representative that you are looking for. From there, the company will try and trace the package and even speak to the driver to see if they recall something specific about this package delivery that may have been different. 


If that does not result in anything, then it may be a good idea for you to reach out to the shipper directly. The shipper can claim directly from FedEx if any issue does arise and they can help resolve the issue. Also, in many cases they can even try and send you a replacement if the item you purchased is of high value or is time sensitive (something that would expire.) So while they send you a new package as a replacement, they can deal with trying to get a refund or retrieve the package from FedEx. 


Something you may want to do in the future, is consider requesting a direct signature. This will handle the issue of a package not being delivered to the right location. Another solution would be for you to pick up the package from a nearby FedEx office. This will help minimize any confusion further. 


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Will FedEx Cover The Cost Of A Lost Package?


If you have insurance that comes along with the package that you are receiving, then FedEx will cover up to a certain amount that is based on the value of the package. Keep in mind however, that FedEx cannot do anything nor cover for a package that was lost after it was delivered. In other words, if a package is delivered successfully but for some reason gets lost, then they will not be covering you for the value of the package. 


Something you may want to keep in mind, is that not all packages are automatically insured. Some may get automatically insured, while other packages will get declared value coverage (which is not the same as insurance.)


fedex claim form


How To File A Claim With FedEx


You can file a claim with all FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight shipments. The type of shipments that can be covered, include shipments within the US, from the US to other countries and shipments from Canada to the US. 


To file a claim, you need to follow a 5 step process:


  1. Complete the online claim form and start your claim
  2. Add supporting documentation at this step or after you file
  3. Submit your online claim form
  4. Schedule or conduct your own inspection
  5. Track the status of your claim

FedEx Deliveries To Virtual Addresses


Generally speaking, when you try and have a shipment sent to a residential or business address, depending on the frequency of packages the FedEx driver will deliver to your address they may have trouble finding your address. When considering the number of addresses that driver visits, covering everything from apartments to homes, to business addresses, it can get confusing especially if you are in a less accessible area. 


On top of that, when a FedEx driver leaves a package at your front door, that makes you vulnerable for people to come and steal your package. 


For those reasons, a growing number of FedEx customers have been looking at virtual address alternatives. These are real physical addresses, that will accept mail on your behalf. Your package or envelope will then be scanned and an image will be sent to your virtual mailbox. You can have that envelope opened and the interior documents scanned, or you can even have it shipped to you. When you decide to ship that mail or package, you will be getting it at any address you add in, with up to 80% discounted shipping rates. 


Due to the amount of mail that US Global Mail ships, FedEx will give us larger discounts which we will then pass down to you. 


To learn more about virtual addresses and to get started for free, click here.

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