Does FedEx Deliver To PO Boxes?

If you need a FedEx package delivered to your PO Box, this guide can help. FedEx does not traditionally deliver to the Post Office, however with FedEx Smart Post, you can.

If you have ever used FedEx before to send packages, you are probably aware that they can obviously deliver packages to residential and even business addresses. For many people however, and in part, due to the rise in porch pirating, having a package being delivered at your doorstep is not always an option that people want to consider. 


For many people, PO Boxes are a better alternative to receiving packages and mail. It protects the package from theft, from weather conditions that would ruin the package and it helps with having all packages delivered safely in one place. As we have discussed before, there are many cases where a delivery of a package creates confusion for the homeowner, as he/she is trying to see where the FedEx delivery driver has placed their package. 


So in today’s article we will be covering a very common topic and question, that has created quite a bit of confusion among folks; whether FedEx can deliver to a PO Box. 


Generally speaking, FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes for addresses that are located within the US. In fact, if you do try and select a PO Box as a destination for your package, you will probably get a warning pop up that suggests that you cannot use that address. 


The reason for that is, that FedEx, by law is not allowed to actually walk into a post office, open your box and place in it your package. 


po boxes at the post office


Are There Cases Where FedEx Can Deliver Packages To A PO Box?


As mentioned already, FedEx generally speaking, is not allowed to deliver packages to a po box. However there are some rare cases such as in the case of larger Post Offices that are deemed as competitive offices. In cases like that, postal packages can be delivered to Post Office boxes at no cost to the Post Office, if the PO Box number is not used. In a case like that, the street address is used and the number is used without the PO reference. 


To give you an example, instead of using “PO Box 123” for your address, you would be writing 505 Main Street #123. So the format would be very similar, like in the case where you are writing an apartment address. If you are wondering how this makes sense for the Post Office to allow this (as they do not make any revenue on it,) then the solution is simple to that; po boxes at such locations are more expensive. And that is why competitive offices are allow something like this to take place. 


Another example where FedEx can deliver to PO Boxes is in the case of military bases. And of course, if you have a mailbox at a non Post Office location (independent pack & ship stores such as Postal Plus, Mailboxes Etc, UPS Store etc,) then in that case FedEx would deliver there regularly because they just call it a box number or suite number (and not a po box.)


fedex truck delivering a package


FedEx Can In Fact Deliver To A PO Box, But There’s A Trick


Technically speaking, FedEx is not allowed to deliver to the Post Office. What is meant by that, is that they can not actually walk into a Post Office facility, open your mailbox and place your package in it. 


However, there is something called FedEx Smart Post; this will use the USPS system during the last leg of delivery in order to deliver to domestic PO Boxes. FedEx express can also ship to a PO Box in some international locations, including in the case of Puerto Rico. However, in cases like that, you are required to provide a valid telephone, fax or telex number. 


If you try and send a package using FedEx Smart Post, then you will want to make sure to add the street address of the Post Office and then for the PO Box number, just add in the number of your box without making reference to it being a PO box. You can write “#123” or “unit 123” instead of “PO Box 123.”


fedex trucks


Can You Use FedEx Ground or FedEx Home To Ship To A PO Box?


If you are using FedEx Ground or FedEx Home, you can ship to all PO Box locations. It is just that FedEx will actually use FedEx Smart Post for the final part of the delivery. So in that case, FedEx will simply drop off  the packages for the postal employees to take into the Post Office and add into your box. 


More About FedEx SmartPost And PO Box Deliveries


Based on the average daily shipping volume, FedEx Smart Post offers a customizable solution. They will pick up, provide a line haul and deliver your packages to a USPS facility for final delivery by a Postal Carrier.


The typical delivery time for SmartPost deliveries is 2-7 business days, depending on the distance to your destination. You can expect a longer delivery time outside the 48 contiguous states. You can expect to get your package, any day of the week between Monday and Saturday. 


The geographic region that is covered with FedEx SmartPost are all US locations. This includes Alaska and Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, all US territories and PO Boxes. Also you can expect FedEx packages to be sent to the Military as well.


When it comes to package size and weight, FedEx will ship a maximum of 70 lbs and 130″ in length plus girth. 


When using FedEx Smart Post, you cannot have the following:


  • Collect on delivery
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Declared Value
  • Signature Proof of Delivery
  • Evening or appointment delivery
  • Hazardous Materials Service


virtual mailbox platform for desktop and mobile


Getting FedEx Packages At A Virtual Address


More and more people have started using virtual addresses in order to receive their mail & packages. Virtual addresses are real street addresses where all mail is collected at but then scanned and uploaded into your virtual mailbox account. 


Any package or mail item that comes in your name, will get a scan of the exterior of your package. That image is uploaded into your account and can be accessed by any phone or computer device. If you need an envelope opened and scanned, US Global Mail can do that for you. 


For packages, anything you need shipped to your location can be done with up to 80% off retail shipping rates. Due to the volume of shipping that is done by US Global Mail, we are able to secure great discounts from FedEx. 


To learn more and to get started for free, click here.

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