Does FedEx Deliver On Sunday

Does FedEx deliver on Sunday? In most addresses yes – but not all. Read more below.

One of the biggest complaints about the USPS (United States Postal Service) is that they don’t deliver on Sundays, among other things. So, what are the alternatives? Does FedEx deliver on Sundays or are Sunday deliveries a “special” delivery option that comes at a higher cost? If you are waiting in for a delivery from FedEx, you may be wondering whether it’s worth doing so during the weekend. A lot of mailing companies do not deliver at weekends, so it’s important to check before you waste valuable time staying in for a package that may not be coming.


FedEx does deliver on Sunday and, the fact is, they are one of the most used services for weekend deliveries. A two-day delivery option (such as something that you order through Amazon Prime) that is originated on a Friday has a good chance of being delivered on a Sunday through FedEx. You often don’t see the inner workings of delivery service options, contracts between places like Amazon and FedEx or UPS, and delivery options when you order online. Not seeing those options makes you wonder about the consistency of Sunday deliveries.


Consistency includes most of the options that you see when you step into a delivery service office and see the sign that prices every delivery service with the myriad available options to go along with each service. So, it’s understandable if you don’t know FedEx delivers on Sunday or what constitutes a Sunday delivery service. FedEx delivers to most US properties on both Saturdays and Sundays, and does not charge extra costs for delivery on these days. This has made it a popular choice for people who want to move packages quickly, without the delays usually caused by the lack of weekend deliveries.


fedex packages at the front door


What are the Weekend Delivery Options That FedEx Offers?


FedEx is probably the most wide-open weekend delivery service available. The competition has similar offerings, except the USPS, but none are more robust and focused on 7-day delivery service.


  • No additional fees for weekend delivery service, including Sundays
  • Deliveries on Sunday even if you order late in the week
  • FedEx delivers on Sundays to the vast majority of the US population
  • Additional weekend delivery services for subscribing members
  • 30% and 15% off new account sign-ups
  • FedEx Home Delivery Service


Does FedEx Deliver On Sunday?


If you are expecting a package on a Sunday, it’s quite likely that it will be delivered, so make sure that you are at home if you will need to sign for it (or ensure a neighbor is available). FedEx outstrips many of the other delivery services because it offers weekend deliveries at no extra cost to the sender. It therefore makes deliveries seven days a week, which can massively speed up the delivery times for packages, because it doesn’t cause a two-day pause at the end of the week. An item sent on a Friday can be delivered by Sunday, rather than having to wait until Monday to even start moving. In today’s world, with so many people depending on swift deliveries and online shopping, it makes sense for this service to run seven days a week, to maximize the flexibility of businesses and individuals.


FedEx Delivers on Sundays to Most Homes


FedEx has made a point of marketing the convenience of Sunday delivery service. Of course, such extensive marketing applies continuous pressure on the company to go through with its word. FedEx hasn’t created a monopoly on Sunday deliveries but they are the best-known delivery service when it comes to weekend and Sunday deliveries. They market it and then they keep their word, all across the country. When FedEx states that they deliver on Sundays to “most” of the population, the exceptions usually revolve around extremely rural locations and Hawaii. Sure, the mail is flown into Hawaii more often than it arrives by boat, however, flying is never a guarantee when it comes to precision and punctuality.


No Additional Fees for Delivering on Sundays


FedEx doesn’t charge additional fees for deliveries on Sundays and that includes entering your local FedEx on a Thursday and sending off a package. Under normal circumstances, with USPS, if you send off a package on a Thursday that takes three days to deliver, it won’t arrive at its destination until Monday, because the third day falls on a Sunday and your mail will sit at a carrier office for an entire, 24-hour period without moving. That can be aggravating even on a good day. With FedEx, your package will be out for delivery on Sunday. If you’ve ever ordered from Amazon Prime, you will probably have spotted the delivery date that Amazon displays after your order is complete. If you see that it is slated for delivery on a Sunday, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s going to be FedEx that is delivering the package. Unfortunately, FedEx isn’t the sole delivery option that companies like Amazon do business with.


Where Can You Not Get Sunday Deliveries Via FedEx?


Not all of the US is currently served by FedEx’s Sunday deliveries, and it’s important to be aware of the spots that aren’t, especially if you are in one or you are sending a package to one. You don’t want to be waiting at home (or to have your recipient waiting at home) for a package that isn’t coming because Sunday delivery doesn’t exist in the area! Make sure you check this before sending packages. According to FedEx, they deliver on Saturdays and Sundays to 95% of the United States. However, if you want to know whether or not your fall into that 5%, you will have to check FedEx’s weekend map provided on their website. You will have to enter your location, including country, zip code, and whether or not your delivery location is a residential or commercial address. Once you enter the information, Select either “view map” or “view overnight map.” The map will let you know whether or not the delivery location is available for weekend delivery.


The reason that there is no certain answer to the question is the fact that FedEx is almost constantly altering its weekend delivery map as it continues to get updated and FedEx increases its weekend delivery options. This list is constantly being updated, so use FedEx’s website for accurate information about where does and does not get Sunday deliveries. Simply enter the destination zip code into their checker, and it should tell you whether Sunday deliveries are available in that area or not. If they aren’t, the package may be delivered on Saturday or Monday. You should get an estimate when purchasing the shipping. Pass this on to the recipient so they know when they need to wait at home for the package.


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Member Services Through FedEx


If you create an account with FedEx and sign up for their services, the first thing that you will notice is that it is absolutely free to not only sign up for an account, but it’s also highly beneficial. According to the FedEx website, having an account with FedEx comes with several benefits:


  • Save up to 30% on most FedEx Express services
  • Save up to 15% on most FedEx Ground services
  • Exclusive FedEx rewards
  • FedEx will send you free supplies


If you own your own business and are heavily dependent on mail service, FedEx is a good option to stick with. Of course, most small businesses utilize all of the services of the available carriers in the US. However, sticking with FedEx comes with certain guarantees. Anything that you mail (that’s going to land on a Sunday) will be delivered to the recipient regardless of which day of the week it is. For small businesses, that is benefits of 7-day delivery service are simply incredible.


Oftentimes, you need to get your mail to the recipient quickly, efficiently, and in one piece. Your package isn’t going to languish in a carrier processing center for 24-hours just because it happens to be Sunday. There are also the benefits of jumping on board with an account sign-up. While the rewards may seem a bit trivial oftentimes, the savings do add up, and having the advantage of FedEx sending mailing supplies to you for free, just because you have an account, is a really nice selling point for using their services.


Do All FedEx Services Arrive On Sunday?


No; at present, only the FedEx Home Delivery residential ground packages are delivered on Sundays. Other FedEx delivery services will have different terms and conditions, but it is likely that more and more of them will move to offering Sunday delivery slots as time goes on.


The Sunday delivery service is intended to provide cheap, convenient shipping for businesses whose customers want packages quickly without having to pay extra for expedited shipping. It is also intended to take advantage of the fact that many people are at home on Sundays, rather than being out at work, and find it more convenient to have a delivery scheduled at the weekend so that they can receive it and take it indoors. Some other FedEx services may deliver on a Sunday, but you will need to check with each service. Many FedEx deliveries are only completed between Monday and Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Make sure you check this before mailing an item, especially if it is time-sensitive.


At present, all 50 US states are served by the Home Delivery Sunday service, but certain areas within certain states are not. The more remote the area, the less likely it is to have Sunday delivery. This is simply due to the cost of delivering to remote areas. It is far more expensive than delivering in built up areas, and therefore it may not be economically viable for FedEx to make a weekend delivery to a remote area. However, this is likely to change in the future, so keep an eye on FedEx’s site and see if the area becomes available for Sunday delivery at some point.


How to Know if Your Package will be Delivered on a Sunday


FedEx offers a complete tracking package with all of your mail deliveries so you can keep track of where your packages are and get notified as soon as they are delivered. Of course, all of this is a pretty standard operating procedure. So, what does FedEx do to separate itself?



If you use FedEx, you have a pretty broad range of delivery options to choose from and you can get pretty creative in your customization options. The best part about all of the available options is that it doesn’t matter what you choose, Sunday delivery is always available—unless you’re in that 5%.


FedEx Date Certain Home Delivery


The only exception to the Certain Home Delivery option is that you can’t choose a date that would fall before the standard delivery date. For instance, if the standard delivery date is 3 business days from now, you can’t choose 2-day delivery with the Certain Home Delivery option. Also, Certain Home Delivery options include Sundays and the only exception to the rule is holidays. At FedEx, they recognize all of the official federal holidays, so the mail won’t move on those days.


fedex trucks driving

FedEx Evening Home Delivery


This option includes weekends, specifically Sundays as well. Whenever the scheduled day of delivery is, you can customize your delivery time to fall between 5 pm and 8 pm in the evenings. It’s a great option as not everyone’s schedule is the same and evening delivery options can be a major benefit. It may seem weird getting your mail delivered to you at 7:30 pm, on a Sunday, but that’s exactly what FedEx offers.


FedEx Appointment Home Delivery


Appointments are just that, set times during the day when a person can get their mail through FedEx. If you sign up for this option when you send your package off, FedEx will contact the recipient via phone when the package has been received by their local processing facility. When they call, the recipient can schedule a time for the package to be delivered, which includes evening times, weekends, and more specifically, Sundays until 8 pm.


Customization Options


What the customization options that FedEx offers allow you to do is combine all of the services listed above and come up with something derived from all of them or just one. The above-listed services that FedEx offers include a pretty broad window of opportunity for how you want to send your mail or get it delivered. You don’t have to go to your local FedEx facility to sift through your options and get a shipping label printed up. You can do all of that from your home computer or even from your smartphone.


30% and 15% off for New Account Sign Ups


Another incentive for opening an account with FedEx is getting steep discounts on some of their services, notable FedEx Express and FedEx ground, two services that certainly will deliver on Sundays. FedEx Express incentives include both the United States and international mailing options. FedEx Ground isn’t the FedEx truck pulling up to your mailbox. FedEx Ground involves mail transportation over long distances—such as state to state—overnight.


What Time Does FedEx Deliver By On Sundays?


FedEx operates between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., and this is the same for Saturday and Sunday deliveries. If your package says it will arrive by the “end of day,” it should be with you before 8 p.m. that evening. Packages can arrive outside this window if the driver happens to be running late but has decided to deliver the package instead of returning it to the depot. This may happen if road or weather conditions are bad, the mailing system is particularly busy (e.g. for holidays), or due to other delays. However, this is outside the official operating hours of FedEx, so it’s best to assume that you won’t get a delivery after 8 p.m., since this is fairly rare. If your item has not arrived by 8 p.m., you may wish to follow up with FedEx the next day and find out what happened. It is possible that the delivery has just been pushed back one day. It is likely to be delivered on Monday in these cases, but it may be worth contacting customer services and finding out, especially if your package doesn’t show up soon.


How Can I Buy Sunday Delivery With FedEx?


If you want your package to be delivered on a Sunday, you will need to send it via the FedEx Home Delivery service. When filling in the information, check the box marked “This is a residential address,” as FedEx does not deliver to businesses or commercial properties on Saturdays or Sundays. Marking this box will inform them that it is eligible for delivery on a Sunday. However, if you are unsure, you can use the “Perform detailed address check” function, and this will let you know whether or not the address is residential. If it isn’t, you can still use FedEx’s services, but the package won’t be delivered on a Sunday.


Will FedEx Pick Up Packages On A Sunday?


Sometimes when you are sending a package, you want FedEx to collect it on a specific day, and you may be wondering whether you can choose a Sunday, since the delivery drivers clearly work on Sundays now. However, this is not possible for most customers – only a few can do this. Certain eligible shippers can request a Sunday pickup and get the item delivered as early as Monday, but most cannot. The only customers who can do this are large businesses that have a weekend spotted trailer pickup that is able to reach a FedEx Ground Hub by 5 p.m.


This business must be enrolled in the service using their FedEx account executive, and there are no other exceptions. If you do not have an arrangement, a spotted trailer, and a local Ground Hub, you cannot get packages picked up on a Sunday. For most customers, therefore, it is not currently possible to have packages collected on a Sunday. This may change in the future, however, so if you need this service and you aren’t currently eligible, keep an eye on FedEx news.


tables in front of a restaurant


Can I Get FedEx To Deliver To A Business On A Sunday?


FedEx only delivers to residential addresses at the weekends, and you cannot ask them to deliver to a commercial address. This is likely because most businesses are shut or operating on limited hours during the weekends, and the delivery driver would probably be unable to access the business or find an employee on Sundays. If you want a package to arrive on a Sunday, it must be shipped to a residential address, and you must confirm that it is being shipped to a residential address when you purchase the shipping. Again, it is possible that this policy will be updated in the future, but there isn’t currently an option for Sunday delivery to businesses, even if you know that the business will be open and able to accept the package.


Difference Between FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground


There’s not so much a difference in how FedEx delivers as much as where it delivers. FedEx Ground options are for businesses only. If you want to send a package to someone that works at Publix, you will have to choose FedEx Ground. If you want to send something to your friend’s home a few states away, you will have to choose a FedEx Home Delivery option. They both deliver by the ground, so there is no difference there.


FedEx Ground does offer its slate of options and alternatives for how you want your package delivered to a business address. The difference is, that the number of customization options is a lot more limited. Also, FedEx Ground—when it is delivering to commercial addresses, most often businesses—does not deliver on either Saturdays or Sundays. FedEx sticks to the business days only when dealing with businesses. If you need to get the package to a business recipient, depending on how well you know them, you can try using the FedEx Home Delivery option instead, so that you can ensure that the package will arrive sooner by including weekend delivery options. Your weight limit and package sizes are limited to the same dimensions and weight as they are with FedEx Home Delivery options, which is 150lbs.


When Did FedEx Start Sunday Deliveries?


FedEx began offering Sunday deliveries in January 2020, and reduced its reliance on USPS at the same time. The SmartPost service, which is a combined effort by the two companies to offer fast, cheap mail, became less popular as FedEx made this move. FedEx will handle most of its own ground operations going forward. This is partly due to the rise in online shopping and the sheer number of packages shipped each year. With increased delivery density, which reduces costs, FedEx has been able to make weekend deliveries more economically viable, and has therefore increased its offering to its customers.


This may also be in response to Amazon’s aggressive delivery strategy. Customers want packages to arrive quickly, and by offering weekend delivery, FedEx is positioning itself as a shipping company of choice. With more and more people eager to get their deliveries quickly and cheaply, the move is timely, and may help to increase FedEx’s customer base. It is particularly attractive for businesses that want to ensure packages arrive quickly without having to pay for expedited shipping. By removing the delay traditionally associated with the weekend, FedEx ensures that businesses can serve their customers quickly and effectively, without having to charge higher shipping rates to achieve this.


Can I Choose To Have A Sunday Delivery?


Sometimes, it’s really important to get a delivery on a specific day of the week. You might want a Sunday delivery because you happen to be at home on Sundays and you work every other day of the week. You might be waiting for an urgent package to arrive. Unfortunately, the recipient cannot alter the delivery date. However, if a certain day is required, the sender may be able to use the FedEx Date Certain Home Delivery service, which allows them to specify the delivery date. This can be any day of the week, including a Sunday, but excluding holidays.


Can I Choose A Time Slot?


Neither senders nor recipients can choose a time slot, and the package could arrive at any time during FedEx’s working hours – from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


How Do I Know If My Package Will Arrive On A Sunday?


Unless the sender has specified the delivery date, you won’t know for sure whether your package is going to arrive on a Sunday – you can only guess. FedEx Home Delivery takes between 1 and 5 days in the contiguous US and 3 to 7 days for Hawaii and Alaska. If your package is sent on a Friday, it could arrive any time between Saturday and Wednesday (if you are in the contiguous US). If your package is sent on a Tuesday and has not arrived by Saturday evening, there is a high chance that it will be delivered on the Sunday, as this will be the fifth day. However, there is no guarantee of this. The best way to guess whether a package will arrive on a Sunday or not is to input the tracking information into FedEx’s website and check their estimated delivery date.


Will FedEx Pick Up a Package on a Sunday?


For the most part, that’s not an option that a customer can choose from. FedEx will pick up a package on a Sunday, however, it’s only going to do so from a major business that is signed up for the applicable service through FedEx. If you want to mail a box of dog treats from your home in Florida to a friend in Oregon, you’re going to have to go down to FedEx on a day that an office is open. They’re not going to pick it up and they won’t pick it up if you’re mailing it from a business either.


As aforementioned, it’s only available for a very small group of large businesses that happen to be paying for a specific service within the FedEx ecosystem. Of course, the policy is subject to change and FedEx may not always be in the business of not picking up packages on Sundays. If you are a regular FedEx customer or have a substantial relationship with FedEx through your business, it’s important to stay up with the news of the day from FedEx.


virtual mailbox on desktop



FedEx does deliver on Sundays to residential customers and it does so in a highly customized, broad timeframe. For business mail, however, the weekends are out of the question for now. Getting packages delivered on a Sunday is certainly a convenient option, and many people are glad to have it because they can be at home to get packages when they need them. However, you can make your delivery life even easier by taking out a Virtual Mailbox from US Global Mail.


This provides a secure address where packages can be delivered on any day of the week, whether you are at home or not. The mail will be stored securely until it suits you to collect it, and you can view items that have been delivered on the app. If you find that you are regularly waiting in for deliveries and frustrated by how inefficient the mailing system can be, this service will solve the problems and make deliveries much more convenient for you.

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