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The BEST US to UAE Shipping Rates

Living in United Arab Emirates? Want to order merchandise from the U.S? Worried about the cost

Living in the United Arab Emirates? Want to order merchandise from the U.S? Worried about the cost of having your favorite items shipped to you?

Don’t stress any longer! We compiled the information below to give you the pricing available for the top package forwarding companies. With this chart you can see for yourself which company and shipping carrier is most economical for you. 

You can view and download the file here: US to UAE shipping prices


Of course, you have to factor in membership fees for these companies which we already did for you in another post! We make package forwarding and shopping in the US easy for you! Please, keep in mind that these are estimated prices that we find using the companies shipping calculators. You can always reduce costs by repacking and consolidating your items before shipping, in some cases costs are reduced by at most 50% off with these options.

Here is a service that we recommend based on our research, they might just be the best out there. What do you think? Who do you use ? Let us know!


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