You Mail It, We Ship It

If you have the ability to print local US Mail from your location, simply send us the packed and labelled items in a box and we will put them into the mail stream for you. You only pay Bulk Packing Fees of $10 per box and 50 cents for each boxed item that we ship for you. No additional Fees.

How Distribution Solutions Work

  1. We provide you a business “US address” from which items will ship (your US headquarters!) Customers feel comfortable knowing they are buying locally.

  2. You ship your packed items to us with postage from your USGM address.

  3. We add your items to the US mail stream. Packages appear to ship from your company at your company’s US address. (Customers place their next order & we do it all over again!)

Why USGM For Distribution?


You don't have spend international postage to ship your products. Get an online account to ship postage and only pay for local shipping.


We are the Experts in the business and have been doing this for over 10 years. We understand the needs of our customers and time sensitivity which is why so many e-bay and amazon sellers choose to distribute with us.


Know that your goods will be out for delivery the same day as they get here. Sell from anywhere in the world and operate like you were local in the US.