Are you responsible for managing expatriate employee mail for your employer? US Global Mail offers you a suite of solutions to easily and efficiently manage Expat mail placing the when, where and how decisions on the Expat- rather than you- just like it should be. After all, it is their mail and they should manage it!

Some of the issues that companies face while managing expatriate mail:

Allocation of resources for a purely operational task Wastage of valuable mail room space for receiving, opening, consolidating and forwarding expatriate mail and packages Handling employee dissatisfaction with issues such as confidentiality and receiving time-sensitive mail in a timely manner

Why Global Companies LOVE Our Service

From saving you costly monthly expenses and opportunity costs associated with involving your staff in handling Expat mail, to handling international shipping formalities, we do it all, for you. Our innovative solutions offer a suite of services including a Custom Relocation Portal complete with an Expense Tracking system, the ability to set spending limits, do custom reporting and manage costs and benefits. See how it works

Removes Liability and Compliance Headache

Leave all worries about being in compliance with complicated shipping requirements to us. Stay clear of employee privacy concerns by outsourcing this function to the experts at US Global Mail. Never have to worry about a company shipment to Saudi Arabia being held up in customs because of a Pokémon toy in an expat's package!

Increases Efficiency and Savings

Our service helps eliminate the costly and time-consuming non-core activity of forwarding employee mail from HR workload and their mailroom by outsourcing. It helps alleviate unnecessary receiving, sorting, repackaging and forwarding. Custom options let employees manage and pay for their mail and shipments to reduce costs.

Trustworthy and Reliable

From Fortune 500 companies, corporate relocation companies to individuals- we work with more expats than any other forwarding company. Our A+ rating with the BBB and candid reviews from many of our 25,000 fans on Facebook, tell our story better than we can!

A Proactive Way to Add Innovative Benefits

Your clients rely on you to be trusted advisor. By using the experts in international mailing solutions you demonstrate your commitment to researching the best service providers and looking out for their interests. Extending unique and valuable benefits to your employees like USGM’s Mail & Package Concierge Services will help boost employee morale and productivity.  

Complete Control and Transparency

Our customized and fully transparent visual dashboard gives you complete control and a 360-degree view. Allocate spending limits and track expenses, generate reports and manage resources more efficiently.  

Timely Mail and Privacy for Employees

Mail is a private and personal thing. Employees may be getting prescriptions, personal goods, specialty food items and clothing to maintain their lifestyle;  subscribing to trade journals & magazines; receiving personal mail, like notices from IRS and other Federal and State Tax notices,  that they don’t necessarily want others to see. We believe that they should be afforded this privacy. USGM’s mail and package service ensures timeliness and privacy for Expats.  

We Do The Heavy Lifting For You

We specialize in worldwide mail and package services. This is our primary business and we have been in business for more than a decade. We have automated the processes to handle thousands of pieces of mail each day. Our team is familiar with the myriad requirements of paperwork for international shipping. Leave the grunt work to us!

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