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From Brazil? Shop US sites & SAVE!

Brazilians can now shop US websites without living in the US.

Did you know you can find cheaper prices online versus buying the same products in Brazil (even when you factor in shipping charges)?!  Check out this infographic US Delivered made, for more details:

Save big when you ship your online purchases from the US to Brazil by consolidating your shipment, here’s how it works:

With US Delivered, they consolidate your purchases into one efficiently packed box; lowering your price for international shipping. A great example is from a customer that had various shipments and requested a consolidation. If the customer shipped without consolidation, the total cost would have been of $150 USD, after consolidation the total cost was $64. Thats a total of 57% in savings! Not to mention, their shipping rates are on average 26% less from their competitors.

Sign up with them now and start saving on your US shopping no matter where in Brazil you are located!

Let us know how you like their service!

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