What Is A Permanent Address

The 21st century has been indeed one of rapid digital transformation. The amount of time people spend online, is getting greater & greater, while shifting from traditional areas of attention such as the TV, spending time with friends, socializing in the “real” world etc.


This has led to a whole line of new businesses, that just cater to people online, as well as existing industries that have been disrupted & moved their services & offerings online.


Additionally, entire corporations are now banking off of the fact that we spend so much time on a computer & or mobile phone screen. Companies like Amazon, Ebay & Google, will keep us busy shopping online, instead of offline.


There is an interesting trend, that was especially noticeable after the crash of 2008, of businesses going online for the purpose of slashing expenses; indeed maintaining an office or building, is a lot more expensive than working out of your own home.


So in today’s article, we will be covering the topic of permanent addresses, and how these can be used for the registration of your business, helping you avoid many of the unnecessary expenses businesses had 20 years ago.


A residence with the street number 237


What Is A Permanent Address?


A permanent address is a physical street address that is under your name. Examples of permanent addresses would be a home or office address.


Such addresses can be transferred over & changed by completing a Change of Address form with the USPS.


Permanent VS Physical Address: What’s the Difference?


As you have just discovered, a permanent address is the physical street address which is under your name. Again, this could be your home or your office. You can use it for both personal and business needs. However, there are two address standards in the United States of America: permanent and physical.


A physical address is a valid street address which you can use for business and personal. However, it isn’t necessarily where you live (or work). Sometimes, it is referred to as a mailing address.


Unlike a PO box, it won’t have any restrictions. You will be able to receive unrestricted mail from all carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more.


Even though it is generally business owners who use physical (or mailing) addresses, they are quite popular among travelers, students, and people in the military.


Employee on a computer analyzing data

Is A Permanent Address Required for Business?


Depending on the filling of your business, you would need a permanent address or a registered agent address. Such examples are LLC’s and LLPs. Having said that, you may well need a business address for your small company too. It all depends on what services or products you offer.


So, What Is a Registered Agent?


A registered agent is a person, agency, or other business who you appoint to be your “mail receiver”. In short, it ensures you never miss an important document (taxes, summonses, and more) ever again.


Examples of a registered agent would be the address for a business partner or your very own home address. The alternative to using your home address (and having it being in public display with the State and online,) is getting a regular office address out of which your business operates.


Due to the fact that office space generally costs more though, and not all businesses require that the business owner (or employees) be physically located there, startups will use a home address as a cheaper alternative.


A neighborhood with homes


Using A Home Address For Business


It is reasonable to want to preserve capital, at the launch of a business. For some people, it makes a lot of sense, using a home address in order to save on office expenses.


However, considering the affiliated risks that come with displaying publicly on the web, your family’s home as well as the solicitations you will get, you may want to re-think this.


Another reason you may want to avoid using a home address is due to the unprofessional look that it will give your business. Especially if you are just starting out and looking to make a good impression, showing people that you went the extra mile to setup your business properly and professionally, will pay off well in the future. Yes, it may cost you a bit more in the beginning, but it is definitely worth considering a registered agent as supposed to your house. After all, you wouldn’t want your kids getting hold of your taxes now, would you?


But there is a more practical reason why you should not use your home address, for business purposes. As you grow the business, you will notice that more pieces of mail will come through your mailbox and at some point, will create a chaotic paper mess for you and your family. Additionally, at some point you may decide to move to another residence. That can cause a serious disruption to the location your business is registered in, and potentially a lot of confusion for clients as well.


Black residential mailbox

Alternative Physical Address Ideas


So if getting office space is not in the books, and using your home address is not a safe or practical solution, what can you do to register a business? Keep in mind that a PO Box would not work as a physical address so you need some better alternatives than just that. Therefore, we’re going to discover how you can go about finding a business address that is not a PO box.


But since we are discussing permanent addresses (and not necessarily physical ones), here are 4 alternatives to a permanent address (which are definitely worth your money):


  1. PO Box Address: Using a PO Box will allow you to receive business mail as well as fulfill the address requirement for your business registration. Registering a business using a PO box is probably not the most professional way to go about it, but it is definitely a lot safer than using your home address.
  2. Pack and Ship mailbox: These are independent postal centers that will receive and process mail for you. Every neighborhood has them, and it’s a good way to register a new business. One potential hurdle could be that you are dependent tied down to lifetime of that business. So if for whatever reason the center goes out of business or relocates, you will be dealing with a change of address all over again.
  3. Virtual offices: We already discussed how your startup costs could go up with the lease of a real office space. However there is always the option of going virtual, and having a secretary answering your phone calls for you (and taking messages) as well as receiving your mail. Virtual offices are a cheaper alternative to a real office, but they’re still going to cost you a few hundred bucks per month.
  4. Virtual Mailbox: Think of this as “PO Box meets the Internet.” You get the perks of having an address that is distant from your home address, with the security you would expect from a postal service center, and rates that a Post Office store would give you. It is the ideal situation for any new business registration. There is an additional perk of viewing all mail online of course which should not be neglected. From the comfort of your own couch, using your phone you can access all snail mail online. From there, just click to scan, shred or mail forwarding an item.


How to Get Mail Without a Permanent Address


Of course, there is more to life than business needs. With that in mind, we need to talk about how to get personal mail with no permanent address.


Thankfully, it is possible. Whether you are a digital nomad, travelling for a living, or moving house without knowing where you’re actually going to end up, you can still receive letters, packages and parcels.


There are a few solutions that the United States Postal Service has devised that are fantastic options for you. Let’s get into the specifics.


Get a PO Box


Granted, this may not be that great for those that are travelling as you’d have to stay around the same area to access your mail. However, if you are planning to move to a location but don’t have an address yet, PO boxes are definitely the answer.


They tend to be located in the lobby of post offices so they are easy to access. In fact, some places offer extended opening hours for PO box owners (sometimes even around the clock access 7 days a week).


You won’t need to worry about security either as each box is locked by a code or key. Just bear in mind that there can be only one named key holder. So, you can’t have your partner’s name on the file too, unfortunately.


Snail mail entering a computer screen

General Delivery


If you are going to be staying in the same city for a decent length of time, or you know that you will be moving to that area shortly, you can use general delivery. Going with this option means your letters, parcels, and packages will be forwarded to one of the mail offices in the city.


Don’t stress, you won’t need to rush off there every time a piece of junk mail comes in. They will hold all your mail for 30 days. Bear in mind that you will need to pick it up in person and bring a valid, government accepted photo ID. This could be a driver’s license, student card, or military identification.


The great thing is that it doesn’t take long to set up when you need it. Although, if the city you’re in is quite big, the process will take longer. Why? Because you will need to call someone to figure out which post office to forward your items to.


Temporary Address Change


Of course, these options won’t suit everyone. So, you can simply ask a trusted friend or relative to collect your mail for you. Then, they can send it to your new address when you have figured everything out. Alternatively, you could save them a job and pick it up!


We mentioned earlier about the Change of Address forms. You will have to fill one of these out if you want to ensure your mail goes to your loved one. As we said, it’s easy to input all your information and submit it. Here’s how to do it:


  1. Go to the USPS website.
  2. Locate the Change of Address page.
  3. Click Temporary.
  4. Pay $1.05 so the online platform can verify your identity.
  5. Fill out all the information on the form.
  6. The United States Postal Service will send you a confirmation code. Make sure to keep this safe as you will need it if you want to cancel or adjust the information you provided.
  7. A welcome kit will turn up at your temporary address.
  8. All your mail will be sent here until you make a permanent change (or a different temporary one).

The Bottom Line


Using a permanent address does not necessarily mean that you need to put your home and family at risk. Distancing business from residence is good for so many reasons beyond security and privacy. Having control of business-related mail and keeping it separate from your individual mail will allow you to stay on top of things. It’s a pretty win-win situation, don’t you think?


There are several options available to you when it comes to using third party addresses to register a business. By far what we would highly recommend, is the consideration of the virtual mailbox, which gives you the advantage a PO box would give you, along with the convenience and ease that comes with a digital mailbox system.


Virtual mailboxes allow you to shred, scan, deposit, and ship your mail, all from within the app. Not to mention that our mail handlers are more than trained to give you a high-quality, secure experience. Trust us, it will feel like you’re living in the future!


US Global Mail is proud to be leading the way, in the virtual address world. With over 80,000 customers since 1999, our proven track record and success with handling your mail, has allowed us to continue with the same passion and dedication that we had 20 years ago. Just look at all the amazing customer feedback we have received over the years. We are proud to be backed by such brilliant people.


For any questions feel free to reach us here. We are always happy to relieve your concerns and queries you may have before you commit to our virtual mailbox.


What Is A Virtual Mailbox? Here’s Why You Need One

No text messages, no social media, no email…none of that back in the day. How did we even survive back then? (my 15-year-old son asks)

And although most of the aforementioned means of written communication have taken up the lion share of what the USPS used to be responsible for, it still hasn’t completely wiped out this organization that employs so many millions of Americans. IRS notices, the occasional letter from grandma, the DMV (and the list goes on) are some of the reasons why everyone still needs to receive some kind of paper mail. 


A pen sitting on a written letter


Of course the environmental toll we’re paying is humongous, considering that most paper mail is junk (marketing) mail. Other factors to consider (outlined in the paragraphs below) may lead someone to start thinking of alternative options to traditional paper mail. Something faster, easier to use & more secure. A virtual mailbox.


What Is A Virtual Mailbox?


It is a secure mailbox you can access online, in which all your paper mail is scanned & stored in a digital format.


On top of that, you’re able to gain a whole lot more control over the mail experience – sending and receiving mail – when you move to a virtual mailbox service than you would have been able to otherwise.


Similar in a lot of ways to a traditional PO Box, but differing significantly when it comes to how technology, digital scanning, and a host of accessory services included with virtual mailboxes are concerned, there are a lot of individuals and a lot of businesses moving away from PO boxes and towards virtual mailboxes for a couple of reasons.


We dig a little deeper into those reasons below, but you’ll be happy to know that signing up for the right virtual mail service is pretty easy.


Obviously, you’ll want to find the right company to do business with – a trusted partner like US Global Mail – but after that you can really hit the ground running without a lot of headache and without a lot of hassle.


The process is very simple:

  1. First you will receive a virtual address.
  2. Then all your mail arrives to that address.
  3. Items you receive are scanned (exterior envelopes) and you can view them in your Virtual Mailbox
  4. And finally you pick which items you wish to have opened and scanned. We scan and upload the document into your Virtual Mailbox. 


Snail mail entering a mobile phone and coming up as digital mail


Above and beyond the obvious benefit of not having to drive to the post office, being able to view everything online instantly and getting real-time notifications, the virtual mailbox gives you several options: you can scan a mail item, discard, shred or even select the option to have it mailed to you. (Sometimes you may need the actual physical mail, for example, your driver’s license.)


Never again are you going to have to worry about losing mail that has piled up in your home or office, not being able to track down important packages or parcels that you know you picked up weeks or months ago, or generally just cluttering up your space with mail that you don’t know if you’ll ever need in the future – but know that you probably shouldn’t toss it out on the off chance that you might.


The control that you are able to exercise over your mail with a virtual mailbox is unparalleled.


Sure, the USPS has a proven method in a PO Box that has been tried and true for generations. But virtual mailboxes don’t throw out PO Box approaches entirely so much as they incorporate what the USPS does well with those services with their own innovative twists, accessory services, and improvements.


You really do get the best of all worlds when you choose to move forward with a virtual mailbox service compared to just grabbing a PO Box at your local post office.


Another huge convenience is the ability to go back and view mail that came in many months (or even years) ago. It serves as a terrific mail management system, with superb archive features. Which is why you need to ensure you are working with the best virtual mailbox service.

And if you own a business, you realize the amount of paperwork and paper mess this archival system can help you avoid. 


You’ll have a completely searchable (easily searchable, at that) archive of every single mail piece, every single package, and every single parcel that comes through your virtual mailbox.


On top of that, we aren’t just talking about a couple of data points that you can get out of a spreadsheet with this searchable database, either.


No, with the right virtual mailbox service you’re going to get actual digital photographs or scans of the envelopes and packages themselves.


You’re also going to get information about the individual or organization that sent you those packages and parcels, as well as concrete dates and timestamps about when they arrived at your mailbox, when you received digital confirmation of those deliveries, and (with some services) when you last accessed that information and those digital documents.


All of this is going to streamline your paperwork process significantly. You can forget forever about having to pile all kinds of mail into complicated physical filing systems, living your life with manila envelopes cluttering up the place, or hoping that you haven’t lost a key pieces of mail somewhere in the shuffle just because you have so much to navigate.


Overwhelmed professional looking at a stack of papers


Something to consider if you have a business that you wish to display in a more “prestigious” fashion, is the fact that a real street address looks a lot better than a PO Box. 


It is true you can register your business using the Post Office and get a PO Box, but consider how that would look on your website or when doing a presentation to a client? 


A streamlined enterprise mail management solution could help with other business needs as well, such as a check deposit. Check deposits are offered both for individual customers and businesses alike and can come in handy in order to save time from going to the bank. Endorse your check digitally, and you’re good to go!


These check depositing services are just one of the accessory options that top virtual mailbox service providers include as part and parcel of your membership package.


There isn’t anything like this available from the USPS at this point in time, and there may never be a streamlining of these kinds of services in the future.


But the ability to not only have a check delivered directly to your mailbox, a digital document made of that check arriving, a digital copy of that check scanned into your records (available and accessible on any internet enabled device at any point in time), and the ability to have that check instantly deposited into your account is a game changer.


It’s not hard to see how a service like this can streamline so much of your operation, especially when you choose a partner that you know you can trust in the virtual mailbox industry.


Mail being delivered across the world with the click of a button


Here is a list of the advantages you get, when using a Virtual Mailbox:


  • Save time, money & stay organized. Long gone are the days when you needed to drive, sometimes in harsh weather, deal with the traffic and get stuck behind a turtle car. If you consider the amount of money you spend on gas going back and forth to the post office yearly, that’s some extra needless spending. And you know what they say about time being money right? So factor that in too! And what about archiving all your documents and going back months & years at a time, digging up some old IRS notice? It’s evident that a Virtual Mailbox, if nothing else, would provide you great convenience and would also be a money saver.


A clock held on the one hand and a dollar sign on the other hand


  • Save up to 80% on shipping costs. Sometimes you need to access your physical mail and get the actual paper envelope. We understand that, which is why there is an on-demand shipping request made available to you. The advantage here is the fact that when using a mail forwarding service like US Global Mail, due to the volume of mail we ship & handle, we are able to provide bulk pricing. The irony is, that so do several mail forwarding companies, but many of them decide to even mark up the shipping service itself. If you do proper due diligence, you will find mail forwarding services that offer you shipping at a fraction of what the retail cost would be (up to 80% off.) US Global Mail is proud to be one of them.


Shipping boxes sitting on a keyboard key labeled as shipping


  • The environmental consequence. The tons of junk mail that end up in landfills or our oceans, is scary to even think about. Unfortunately, most residents tend to simply trash the junk mail (magazines, marketing mailers, etc) instead of recycling. Using a digital option, would help lessen our global footprint, considering that the sponsored mailers that we get – should you decide to do so – we shred and recycle.


A giant human footstep that has demolished part of a forest


  • Security & privacy. Mail theft in this country is growing at a record pace. Identity theft is on the rise, and having your mail exposed in public, can create a series of headaches or even amount to personal losses with criminals using your identity for malicious activity. When you compare this to having all mail sent to a warehouse secured with 24/7 surveillance systems and security personnel, it is evident that you your mail will stay away from the hands of crooks. Additionally, all mail is encrypted and you have access to it all, whenever you choose. 


USPS mail theft notification


In summary, e-mail in no way has been able to eliminate all physical mail. But obtaining a virtual mailbox will allow you to digitize even the extra pieces of mail that our 21st century digital age has not been able to disrupt. 


Two things are certain: virtual mailboxes aren’t going anywhere and nor is snail mail.


The trick is trying to find a way to marry these two completely different of communication in a system that doesn’t add more headache, more hassle, and more complexity to your already super busy life.


Nobody wants to have to worry about more issues and more anxiety with their mail, regardless of whether or not that’s personal mail or business mail. We are all looking for ways to increase efficiency, cut down on the amount of time we spend having to navigate this type of necessary busywork, and making our lives a little simpler and straightforward along the way.


The good news is, streamlining your mail management and keeping everything online in one place, can help organize the busiest individuals and businesses. 


The big challenge is always finding the right partner to move forward with, especially today when the market is becoming ever more crowded with new competitors getting into the industry.


You’ll want to be sure that you research all of your options, really do your due diligence to find professionals that you know you can trust, and dig deep into the reputation of the companies you’re thinking about doing business with before you sign on the dotted line and have them handle something as important as your mailbox.


It’s critical that you work with trusted companies like US Global Mail, experts that have a long and established track record that can be independently verified by you, so that you know you are being well taken care of.


Move forward with a fly-by-night operation that you can verify on your own and you’re only adding more complexity and more anxiety to something that could have been almost effortlessly taking care of with the right partner – a partner like US Global Mail.


What are your thoughts?


Are you ready to make managing all of your mail – ALL of your mail – a whole lot easier than it ever was before, all while enjoying the best of the traditional mailbox and digital communication worlds?


How can a Virtual Mailbox make your life easier?


Let us know!


Should I Rent A PO Box?

In this article, we will be covering the topic of PO Boxes: Is it really an important part of life in the 21st century or are there any better alternatives? 


Here’s everything you need to know.


What Is A PO Box?


A Post Office, or PO box, is a mailbox located in one of the 31,000 Post offices across the United States. With over 21 million available, businesses and individuals are able to rent these boxes to receive their mail and packages. 


How Does a PO Box Work


The process for taking advantage of a PO Box is really simple and straightforward, and learning how PO boxes work isn’t going to take you very long at all.


To get things going, you’ll have to find a post office location that you want to set up your PO Box in to begin with.


Most people are going to find a post office that is located near their home or business (just for the sake of convenience), though you could certainly choose a PO Box pretty much anywhere and everywhere you’d like in the United States.


After choosing a postal office location, then you’ll need to go through the actual process of figuring out how PO boxes work and how to sign up for one.


You’ll need to choose the size of the PO Box that you are most interested in, figure out how much that PO Box is going to cost, and then you’re going to have to provide identifying information and documents that allow you to officially sign up mail at that specific location.


Another piece of the puzzle to figuring out how PO boxes work is determining the length of the rental agreement you are going to enter into with the post office.


Some people are only going to need a temporary place to get mail while they are traveling for work, away at school, etc. Short-term rental agreements – usually three months in total – are available, though you can also sign up for six month engagements, twelve month engagements, and even longer terms if you are going to be sticking around in that area (or are going to want the box for that amount of time, to).


After signing up, you’ll then need to go to the postal office location physically, use the key that has been provided to you to open up your box, and then take physical ownership of your mail. If you have too much mail for the box size – or if you have packages that have been sent to that PO Box address – you’ll usually find a secondary key inside the box to access a dedicated storage locker to receive the overflow or the bigger packages.


Be sure to return the key when you are done (usually at the front desk or in a dedicated dropbox) and you are good to go. Now you know exactly how PO boxes work!


How Much Are PO Boxes?


The price will vary based on the duration of the rent agreement as well as the mailbox size. A P.O box for 6 months will cost as little as $19 and up to $75 in certain locations. For more information on pricing, please visit the official USPS website.


Why Do You Need To Get a PO Box?


There are a couple of reasons behind why people get a PO Box to begin with, but the first one is that rural mail delivery isn’t always the most consistent thing in the world – especially in areas where homes and properties are spread out across a pretty wide geographical area.


There are a lot of towns and municipalities in the United States where home mail delivery just isn’t all that possible, at least not with any real efficiency. The USPS recommends that those kinds of homeowners take advantage of PO Box services to enjoy more consistent mail delivery, and almost always offer significantly discounted rates (if not totally free rates) depending on certain situations.


Other folks trying to figure out why get a PO Box are going to want to separate their physical address – the residential or business address – apart from their mailing address.


Business owners (especially those that do not a silly need to conduct business out of a physical location) are particularly most interested in leveraging the benefits of a PO Box when it comes to privacy and a little more anonymity.


There aren’t too terribly many business owners out there that want to give away their home address to customers and clients that always have become unhappy or disgruntled, for obvious reasons. This is especially true when you are running an online business and have to know face-to-face interaction with your clients.


Nobody wants a stranger to arrive on their doorstep, unhappy and potentially causing an unsafe situation, just because your residential address is doing double duty as your businesses mailing address.


Obviously, there are other benefits of a PO Box that you want to consider – having a secure location to receive mail at and one of them. There’s a reason why the USPS has millions of people taking advantage of PO Box services each and every year.


PO Box Sizes


Across all Post Office locations in the US, there are 5 standard PO Box sizes that you can pick from. Each box will come with a different pricing plan.


  1. X-Small (3″ x 5 1/2″ x 14 3/4″)
  2. Small (5″ x 5 1/2″ x 14 3/4″)
  3. Medium (11″ x 5 1/2” x 14 3/4″)
  4. Large (11″ x 11″ x 14 3/4″)
  5. X-Large (22 1/2″ x 12″ x 14 3/4″)


Wondering how they can benefit you?


Here are the Pros and Cons to getting a P.O. Box VS the alternative: a Virtual Mailbox





1. Permanent Address


Moving itself is already a hassle; you’re packing up your entire life. But now you have to change the mailing address for your bills and bank statements, not to mention the IRS and other government programs. And what happens if you’re already gone and your bank statement arrived at your old address? Then there’s a possibility of having your identity stolen and used to commit fraud and run up credit cards. With a PO Box there’s no need to update your mailing address every time you move, because it’s permanent.


2. Privacy


Your home is for your private life; the fewer strangers knowing where you live, the better. Having a PO Box allows you to give out a mailing address that doesn’t subject you to danger. For example, if you’re a business owner or providing services for someone and they’re far from satisfied, you don’t want that disgruntled customer knowing where you live.


Physical mailboxes located at a pack & ship store


3. Professionalism


A PO Box is very useful for small business, but it’s not just for protection against angry customers. If you can’t afford an office space, P.O. Box helps you appear more professional in comparison to your home address. It also makes sorting mail easier when the mail for home and business aren’t lumped together


4. Delivery Time


Since PO boxes are located in the post office, it’s delivered much faster than it would be to a residential mailbox. A PO Box removes the wait time that a postman delivering mail to you. Your mail is ready for pickup as early as 11 am.


Worker checking physical mail in a mailbox


5. Security


A PO Box is a lot more secure than a mailbox on the street or in front of an apartment building. It’s under surveillance and locked inside a building. This leaves you less vulnerable to mail thieves who may use your mail to steal your identity. It’s also not exposed to the elements. When Grandma sends you candy, it’s not as fun to eat it when it’s melted from the summer heat or water logged from the rain. Mail delivered to a P.O. Box is only exposed to the light breeze wafting from the air conditioner.




A PO Box isn’t all rainbows and air conditioning though. To make an educated decision you need to understand the disadvantages that PO Boxes have as well.


Icon that shows a thumbs down


1. You Have to Pick it Up


Having a PO Box means that rather than a short walk to your mailbox, you have to drive all the way to the post office. For some that’s 10 minute drive, for others it’s longer, and it’s especially not fun after a long day of work. However, if you live in a rural area that mail is hard to deliver to, this won’t have a big effect.


2. No 24/7 Access


Many Post offices don’t offer the 24/7 that a residential mailbox does. The times available may not always be the time available for you, especially during the holidays


3. Not Professional


If you’re a small business owner, a PO Box can make you appear less professional. I know what you’re thinking. “You said the exact opposite earlier!” While a PO Box appears more professional than a home address, it’s still indicative that you don’t have an office space. If you want peak professionalism you’ll have to fork over more money for street address.


4. It Overflows


PO Boxes come in different sizes that correlate with their price. You may immediately want to go for the smallest size to save money, but if you do, you’ll need to make that drive to the post office more frequently. If you’re box constantly overflows you’ll be charged with caller service fees that can amount to 500$ over 6 months.


Paper mail & folders stored at a USPS warehouse facility


5. No Mail From Other Carriers


It’s federal law that only a postal employee or box user can put anything into their box. As a result, major shipping companies, FedEX and UPS only deliver mail to actual street address. With a PO Box you can end up only being able to receive USPS mail.


6. No Additional Services


The USPS has tried to improve recently. You can now have informed delivery for residential PO Boxes, but it’s still lacking in comparison to the other option you have: a virtual mailbox.


PO Box Alternatives


Though there are a multitude of benefits of a PO Box (many of which we have highlighted above) there are also a couple of drawbacks – including the ones that we made mention of earlier.


Thankfully though, you are not limited to only having to choose between a physical address that you used to double as your mailing address and a PO Box available directly from the United States Postal Service.


You can also choose to take advantage of a whole host of PO Box alternatives, many of which combine the best things about a traditional PO Box (and operate similarly to a PO Box) with the best of the digital communication tools and technologies so many of us are used to using on a day-to-day basis.


The trick is in identifying the best virtual mailbox services to match your specific needs and your specific budget.


There are a lot of top-quality options out there for you to pick and choose from, but there are a handful of options that stand head and shoulders apart from the rest of the pack – like US Global Mail, for example.


You’ll want to choose PO Box alternatives that have great reputations in the industry, PO Box alternatives that offer a suite of services and solutions you’ll actually be able to take great advantage of, and PO Box alternatives that fit your budget perfectly.


A little bit of research and due diligence will help you uncover the ideal options for you if you’re looking to move away from a PO Box without having to use a physical mailing address only. Let’s dig a little deeper into the alternative approaches below.


The Alternative: Virtual Mailbox


A virtual mailbox is almost like a PO Box, only better. You get a permanent address, privacy, security, and professionalism. What sets it apart is that it has none of the cons of a PO Box. Once you receive mail at this address, its exterior is uploaded online and you can decide whether to have it opened and scanned, shredded, or forwarded to a different address.


Illustration of what a virtual mailbox looks like


No more driving the post office! See how they compare at a glance:


PO Box vs Virtual Mailbox


How to rent a virtual mailbox


Interested in getting more value for your money? Learn more here or follow these 3 easy steps to start renting your own:


How to rent a virtual mailbox, US Global Mail


How to rent a PO Box


Still interested in signing up for a PO Box? That’s okay, sometimes change can be scary. We’re still here to help though so here’s a guide on how to rent a PO Box in 5 easy steps:


How to rent a PO Box


Hope this helps. Give us a buzz if we can help answer any questions for you.


Why do People Get a Virtual Mailbox? In 2020…

Before we get into why you should get a virtual mailbox, you’ll need to know what a Virtual Mailbox is. A virtual mailbox is a service that offers a permanent street address.


Basically working the same as a traditional PO Box with some digital enhancements, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of all worlds when it comes to these two completely different forms of modern communication.


You’ll be able to receive snail mail new this virtual mailbox just the same as you would at a physical address or at a PO Box, but after that mail has been received (packages, parcels, and envelopes – everything goes) and then goes through a digitization process that makes these solutions so special.


Once you receive mail at this address, its exterior is scanned and uploaded and you can decide whether to have it opened and scanned, shredded, or forwarded to a different address.


The best thing about this entire approach – and the number one thing that makes virtual mailbox services so different and so beneficial – is that you are in complete control of your mail in a way that just isn’t possible with any other approach.


The amount of control that you are able to exert over your mail – how it is handled, whether or not it is opened and scanned, how it is destroyed, or how it is forwarded to an address of your choosing – but you firmly in the driver’s seat.


Instead of having to handle your mail on the terms of the USPS, picking it up at the post office during specific hours, having to physically go there to get your mail, and dealing with all that headache and hassle you become your own postmaster.


It’s a game changing paradigm shift and there are plenty of reasons why so many smart and strategic business owners and individuals are making the switch to virtual mailbox is today.


Here are 5 reasons why you should get one:


Documents being removed from a folder


It prevents Identity Theft



Mail theft is one of the most common ways for someone to steal your identity. By rifling through your mail, a thief can collect:


  • Your name and address
  • Social Security number
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email address(es)
  • Employment history 
  • Credit card and bank account information
  • Pre-approved credit card offers


This information could allow them to easily run up credit card bills and commit fraud in your name.


The security of your mail is more important than most people would think. Is it really safe for your mailbox to be on the street where not only your neighbors, but strangers can walk up to it and pick a lock?  If you have a virtual mailbox, only you can access your mail online. And the warehouse your company stores it in is protected by an alarm system, security cameras, and a key-card lock.


When you really think about it, our traditional mailing system is anything but secure and locked down.


Sure, it is a federal offense to tamper with someone’s mail – and a huge crime to even open up a piece of mail that hasn’t been addressed to you – but there aren’t a lot of safeguards put in place to protect your package or your parcel as it moves through the mailing process and then gets delivered to your doorstep or to your PO Box.


There are a lot of “weak links in the chain”, so to speak, that can become compromised without a lot of effort – but even worse, those weak links can become compromised without you knowing there has been a compromise or without the USPS becoming aware of the compromised, either.


That’s a huge problem.


By taking advantage of virtual mailbox services you patch a lot of those flaws in a way that just wouldn’t have been possible going the “traditional” route the way that millions of Americans do with their mail each and every single day.


Bulgar exiting a home from the window


It Prevents your house from being burglarized


More people are beginning to realize the dangers of advertising when they go on vacation. 75% of burglars use social media to find their targets and ⅔ of burglaries occur when people aren’t at home.


But have you ever thought of how your mailbox advertises your whereabouts? 


An overflowing mailbox is an obvious sign that you’re not at home and an open invitation for a nefarious passerby to swipe your belongings. 


With a virtual mailbox:


  • no one is aware of your absence
  • There is no overflow, you can receive an unlimited amount of mail
  • If you expect an important document to arrive while you’re away you can just check your mailbox online while still enjoying your vacation


We live in a world that is a lot less accepting of privacy than ever before, with people online constantly looking for ways to identify individuals that they disagree with – often times over the smallest things imaginable.


The last thing you want to do is make it even easier for these individuals to find out where you live, to potentially burglarized your home, or even to terrorize you and your loved ones. No one wants to worry about someone that may mean them harm finding out where they live just because your mailing address is attached to your physical address.


With the help of a virtual mailbox service you’re able to eliminate those issues entirely, but you’re also able to eliminate the issues we highlighted above of overflowing mailboxes making your home look like an easy target.


The mail is kept safe and secure, you are still immediately notify about any packages or parcels that come into your mailbox – as they come in, in real time – and you have a whole lot more control over what happens to your mail moving forward.


It’s Great  For Small Businesses


Operating a business out of you home has many advantages. You choose your hours and there’s no commute. However, when it comes to receiving mail, you may have to use your home address which has many disadvantages:


  • Strangers now know where you and your family reside, any disgruntled customer or vendor could show up at your home 
  • If you are ever sued, the summons will be served at your home alerting the neighbors to your situation
  • You may appear less professional  
  • And as business is picking up, you’re also going to have to spend an enormous amount of time checking the mailbox


Being able to separate your residential address – or even just your business address from your mailing address – provides an extra layer of safety, security, and (some) on anonymity that business owners deserve these days.


As we highlighted above, nobody should have to worry about complete and total strangers – especially potentially disgruntled or unhappy customers or clients – showing up at your doorstep unannounced and unwelcome just because your mailing address was the same as your home address.


By adding this extra buffer layer you’re able to add a bit more protection and security for yourself, your loved ones, and your property.


The other benefits that you’ll enjoy – appearing more professional and more credible, enjoying more control over how your business mail is handled, etc. – go hand-in-hand with the security and safety benefits that you get out of a virtual mailbox account.


This is one of those “must-have” business investments you’ll want to make that pays out significant returns on its overall cost, and does so almost straightaway. It really doesn’t get much better than that!


Cartoon depiction of a pack & ship store

With a virtual mailbox:



For example:

Heather’s Flowers

1321 Upland Drive #XXXX

Houston, TX 77043

  • Your family’s privacy isn’t comprised
  • You can sort through company mail from your laptop
  • You can retain limited liability for business activity or debts


A stack of USPS folders


It helps you sort through your mail


When you order from a magazine, or give out your address to a store or business for that enticing coupon, marketers descend on your mailbox like a pack of wolves. No one wants to check their mail for an important letter only to go home with piles upon piles of junk mail that they’re now responsible for discarding

With a virtual mailbox you can:


  • discard junk mail before it ever approaches your doorstep
  • Scan or forward the important documents you’ve been waiting for


Some people even use their Virtual Mailbox address solely for sign up purposes, so their mailbox at home is reserved for more personal letters like grandma’s birthday packages.


Sifting through your mailbox can take a lot of time, especially if you are running a small business or are particularly active on mailing lists.


With a virtual mailbox you’re able to separate out your business mail from your personal mail, you’re able to have junk mail discarded before it even hits your hands, and you’re able to keep track of all the mail that you are receiving with digital records of that piece of mail, the information regarding who sent that mail, and important timestamp information that you may need moving forward.


Combine all of that with the digital archival data that you can easily search and scan (as necessary) and it isn’t hard to see how this modern mailing system is so much more advanced than the one we all have been using for hundreds of years.


Imagine being able to not only quickly sift through all of the mail that you have received, but also easily being able to search all of the mail that you have digitally – going back years, even – just the same way you would search for something online through Google.


That’s not the kind of feature you’ll likely ever get to take advantage of directly from the folks at the USPS.

You can access your mail from anywhere in the world


Some people may opt to have a P.O. box instead of a virtual mailbox, but this last reason will reveal while the latter is the smarter choice. What happens when you move? Maybe your spouse gets a promotion in another state or even another country? Maybe you’re retiring and want a life of nonstop travel? How are you going to get your mail? 

With a PO BOX:


  • You don’t have the option of going to pick it up in person anymore. 
  • Some will not forward your mail to you
  • Even if they do forward mail, they won’t sort through it, so you’ll have to pay for those extra pounds of junk mail


With a virtual mailbox you can:


  • have a permanent address you can maintain for anywhere in the world.
  • forward only the important mail at discounted rates
  • have your mail scanned and available online
  • Shop in the US and have your purchase shipped to you for less


Ready to get your own virtual mailbox?


At the end of the day, all of the benefits that we highlighted above only begin to scratch the surface of the advantages you’ll be able to leverage when you choose to move forward with your own virtual mailbox.


On top of that, there are very few negatives to moving forward with these kinds of services – and none of those drawbacks would be considered deal breakers by any stretch of the imagination.


When you choose to move forward with a trustworthy virtual mailbox company, a company that has a real reputation in the industry as being a legitimate operator, as constantly innovating and improving their services, and a company that is committed to offering great solutions at affordable prices, there’s next to nothing to worry about.


Obviously, you’ll need to do your research and due diligence. This is, after all, decision that is going to hugely impacted the way that you interact with your mail from here on out.


This is not the kind of decision you want to make on a whim.


At the same time, while you’re conducting your research and due diligence you shouldn’t at all be surprised to discover glowingly positive reviews of all that US Global Mail services bring to the table.


There’s a reason why these services are considered to be some of the best in the business, a reason why the customer service is so well-regarded, and a reason why US Global Mail is so frequently recommended by people that have actively switched to a virtual mailbox and are loving the results.


Sign up with US Global Mail and get a physical street address in the US and get notified of its arrival through your virtual mailbox!


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