How To Get A UPS Mailbox

If you’ve been growing frustrated with traditional mailbox options from the US Postal Service, exhausted with their limitations, price hikes, and lackluster customer service and support, keep on reading. The odds are pretty good you started to look into other mailbox solutions for your home or small business.


And while there are a number of different options to pick and choose from today, UPS mailbox solutions are among some of the most popular on the market right now – and it’s easy to understand why that is.


Below we dig a little bit deeper into everything you need to know on:


  • How to get a mailbox address
  • How to determine what is the right UPS mailbox for you
  • The benefits UPS mailbox options have to offer
  • Additional information to help with your research & due diligence 


Shall we get right into it?


Let’s go!


Mailbox UPS


UPS Mailbox Size Determines Everything


Right out of the gate, the very first thing you’re going to want to consider when searching for a UPS mailbox solution, is the size of the mailbox you are looking to lease.


For the most part, your UPS mailbox decision is going to be heavily determined by the size of the mailbox you are after.


The location you are interested in renting a mailbox from, may only have a handful of different box sizes available. Since one of the most important factors that determine the price of your mailbox, is the size of the actual mailbox, being limited with a small variety of boxes will also limit the pricing options available to you.


You want to ensure  you are getting a mailbox to accommodate everything you anticipate on receiving, with zero headache or hassle whatsoever. So doing proper due diligence with your local UPS store, is always the best way to go when scouting for the best UPS mailbox.


As a general rule of thumb, all UPS Mailbox locations provide three different sizes:


  • Small boxes (perfect for individuals,)
  • Medium boxes (ideally suited for individuals, larger households, and small businesses,)
  • Large boxes (usually set up for small to medium-sized businesses with large mail volumes.)


UPS Store


Your local UPS Mailbox location will be able to help you figure out which box makes the most sense for your needs and budget, if you’re still having a tough time settling on a box size.


It’s not a bad idea to visit the UPS store in person, before you make a commitment. This will ensure you know exactly what you are getting into.



UPS Mailbox Notification 


How Long Will You Be Renting Your UPS Mailbox For?


The next big piece of the puzzle that you’re going to want to figure out when it comes to getting a UPS mailbox is determining how long you want your lease to run.


UPS locations offer mailbox rentals in three-month, six-month, and 12 month terms. You may be able to come to an arrangement for a more custom duration, depending on your specific needs and budget.


You’ll find that a lot of UPS mailbox services are very flexible with the kind of leases that they provide, especially if you are giving their service a “trial run” and aren’t comfortable with committing to long-term agreements, just yet.


At the same time, you’ll be able to save a lot more money on your UPS mailbox lease when you extended the length of it & sign up for a longer term. Those that have 12 month leases (or longer) almost universally save more money than those on shorter-term agreements.


That’s definitely something to consider if you want your new UPS mailbox address to be permanent or (at least) semi-permanent, going forward.


UPS Location 

Find a Local UPS Store Near You


It’s obviously a good idea to make sure that the local UPS store, is conveniently located in your side of town. Most UPS stores do have these kinds of facilities ready to sign up for, though not all of them are going to have the mailbox size you are interested in. It is best to communicate with the local store you are interested getting a box in, and they should be able to accommodate you.


You can always jump online and go to the UPS Store Locator page to find the nearest UPS mailbox location in your community. It’s not at all uncommon to have a couple of different options to pick and choose from (which definitely increases your odds of finding the mailbox size you’re after), and you’ll want to find one you can commute to every so often to pickup packages & mail.


US Passport 

UPS Mailbox ID Requirements


It’s important that you bring two independent forms of identification; one of the ID’s must be a photo ID. A driver’s license and any other form of identification you have handy – including bills, credit card statements, bank statements, etc. – will help you streamline the sign-up process, significantly.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns about whether an ID you hold on hand will cover you or not, it is best to communicate with them in advance. That will save you a trip to the UPS store, and any easy checkout experience.


UPS Agreement


UPS Mailbox Agreement


Each individual store will have their own unique agreement that you’ll need to read carefully. Generally speaking however, all of them follow the same general outline.


All the same, it’s not a bad idea to request a copy of the agreement in advance. Take it home, read it over from start to finish, and only sign if you’re comfortable with that you see. Keep in mind that different stores, will have different pricing setups as well as different deposit and fee schedules. This is something we will dig a bit deeper into later in this article. 


UPS Mailbox Store


Advantages To Registering A UPS Mailbox


Get a Real, Physical Address


One of the biggest benefits you’ll get out of signing up for a UPS mailbox is getting rid of – once and for all – the need to put down a PO Box, as your mailing address.


PO Box addresses can sometimes be a nightmare to deal with, especially when you are having products shipped to your PO Box. Anybody who has done a decent amount of online shopping – especially from e-commerce platforms like Amazon –  knows that PO Box addresses can wreak havoc on shipping and delivery times. Sometimes the order delays can last for several days when using a PO Box (which would not be the case with the use of a physical address.)


On top of that, if you are running a business out of your home, you will be able to add an extra layer of legitimacy & credibility by using a physical mailing address (as opposed to a PO Box.) Combine that with the privacy and security perks that come with distancing your business from your residence and soon you realize how moving forward with a UPS Mailbox becomes a lot better of an option, compared to using a traditional USPS PO Box.


UPS Delivery Truck


Full Service UPS Package Delivery


The United States Postal Service (generally) will flat out refuse packages from third-party carriers like UPS, FedEx and DHL if they aren’t contracted for “last mile” services. That makes getting your packages at a traditional PO Box a real pain.


Because UPS is a full-service shipping and delivery company you won’t ever have to worry about those issues again. Not only will UPS streamline the shipping and delivery of products and merchandise through UPS themselves to your new mailbox, but they are also going to accept deliveries from all other shipping carriers and services as well – without exceptions.


UPS Tracking ID


UPS Security & Privacy


The privacy and anonymity you get with a UPS mailbox is something that you can’t get with PO Boxes, but you also get an extra layer of safety and security as well.


Unlike the post office, when you’ll have to visit during normal business hours, you will have 24/7 access to your UPS mailbox whenever you need to retrieve packages or mail.


All of the items that you’ve ordered are going to be stored securely and safely in your box or a shipping locker indoors – not left out on the porch or the front doorstep. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about mail piling up in front of your door when you are away for a couple of days (letting folks know you aren’t home inadvertently).


Person checking UPS Mailbox


Flexible UPS Mailbox Solutions


Of course, UPS mailbox solutions also provide a bunch of other personalized mailbox services that the USPS has not – and may never – provide themselves.


On top of the 24/7 secured access we just mentioned you’ll also be able to take advantage of Mail Check services, mail receipt notifications & mobile texting to alert you when new items hit your mailbox. The ability to know exactly when mail has arrived at your UPS mailbox (and the opportunity to have that mail pre-screened and photographed for you so that you know whether or not it’s worth driving to the UPS store to get your mail and packages) is a major convenience, and one that just makes sense in today’s hyper connected world. You’ll also have the opportunity to call the UPS store directly and ask them if you have mail, receiving friendly confirmation right away. 


UPS Mailbox Price Sheet


UPS Store Box Prices


Before we get into specific pricing details regarding UPS mailbox services it’s important to make one critical distinction. Each individual UPS store is owned and operated independently and as a franchisee. That means rental costs and leasing fees for all mailbox services are going to differ from one location to the next. As a general rule, though, the services all fall under the same range of prices – and that’s what we highlight below.

 UPS Mailbox prices depend primarily on the size of the box you are looking to register. The available box sizes, usually break down to small, medium & large. Below you will find the pricing details for each UPS mailbox size you are interested in.


Small UPS Box


Small UPS mailboxes cost between $10 and $30 a month


Typically, you will find mailboxes at the range of $10 – $15 per month, but they can some times reach up to $30, depending on the location.


Medium UPS Box


Medium size UPS mailboxes will cost between $20 and $40 a month.


These boxes are a bit larger, can handle a little more mail flow on a day-to-day basis, and are ideally suited for those that do a lot of online shopping and anticipate to receive a lot of packages. 


Large UPS Box


Large UPS mailboxes cost between $30 and $50 per month.


These are the kinds of mailboxes you want to get if you are using them for a commercial operation and especially if you anticipate receiving larger packages.


UPS Contract Signing


Lease Agreement Duration


Just like pricing differs from each individual UPS Mailbox Store location, lease terms and agreements are going to differ as well. Generally though, you can expect lease terms to range from three months and up to twelve months. The longer your lease agreement, the larger the discount you get.


UPS Mailbox Deposit and Fees


Almost all UPS mailbox agreements are going to include a 100% nonrefundable fee of between $10 and $15 per key. This key isn’t just going to give you access to the mailbox itself, but it’s also going to give you access to the mailbox center 24/7 year -round.


Replacement keys are available if you lose your key, though you’ll have to pay an additional nonrefundable fee.


A lot of locations that offer UPS mailbox services will sometimes charge an overflow fee of three dollars, if excessive amounts of mail begin to pile up at your mailbox or if large packages are left at the location for extended periods of time. Due to the instant notifications & alerts you receive with the arrival of a new piece of mail, this shouldn’t be a big problem and is something that can easily be avoided.


Here is guide with a full list of UPS fees & rates.


virtual mailbox platform 


Virtual Mailbox VS UPS Store


Of course, as much as UPS Mailbox services are a great convenience and better alternative to USPS, they do come with some limitations. Typically, people that are not happy with the USPS, will sign up with either the UPS or some Virtual Mailbox service. 


Some of the main reasons why a virtual mailbox makes more sense than a physical mailbox, can be found here. In short, virtual mailbox will allow you to manage all mail online from your desktop or mobile device, without the need to visit a physical location.


Other perks they come with, are free check deposits (where they deposit a bank check on your behalf,) more favorable mail storage terms & discounted shipping. In fact, due to the volume of mail these platforms process, you can usually get up to 80% off of typical UPS shipping rates. Use a shipping calculator, and you will be able to see what a typical shipping would cost with & without the use of a Virtual Mailbox platform. Virtual Mailboxes are usually favored over physical UPS mailboxes, due to lower fees & more streamlined mail management that can be done online.


US Global Mail is privileged to be the Virtual Mailboxes, since 1999. For more details, click here.

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These reasons may just surprise you, or even inspire you. Either way, happy shopping!


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What Is A Mail Forwarding Service?

When you move from one home to another within or outside the US, you want to make sure you get your mail at your new address. Mail as in: tax notices from IRS, health care information from insurance companies, paper statements, bills, checks, federal notices, magazines, journals etc.
This happens via a mail forwarding request. Mail Forwarding is a service that allows you to get your mail from your old home at your new one. Increasingly that new home for your mail is now your device!

Physical mailbox in the cloud filled with paper mail

Will I get paper mail, in 2020?


Despite the technological advances in our lives, there are still a bunch of things that are only be delivered via paper mail. These include:


  • IRS notices – tax info, and bills
  • Social security – info, benefits and checks
  • INS notices – immigration notices
  • Credit and Debit cards
  • Passports
  • Drivers Licence
  • Jury duty notices
  • Hand written notes and cards


How does mail forwarding work?


When you move from one address to another, your mail needs to move too. You can either inform everyone who sends you physical mail- like your bank, the government, IRS, etc. of the new address, or you can simply forward your mail from your old address to the new one by filling out the change of address form with the USPS, when moving within the country.


Man & dog are running and a bird is carrying paper mail away with it

Moving within the US


So, how do you forward your mail to another address? You go online or to your local post office and fill the change of address form. 
There are 2 options when moving your address:
Permanent change of address: USPS will update your old address to your new one in their system. Any mail addressed to your old address will come to your new address.

This is a permanent change.

We recommended it when moving overseas or when you wish to keep one permanent address for life. And never have to deal with the hassle of changing your address again.

With this change, you should get a Virtual Mailbox so you can move as many homes or countries as you wish without ever changing your permanent address.


Temporary change of address: This method changes your address anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months at a time.

After the duration of change of address expires, USPS will stop forwarding your mail from the old to the new address.

The mail will start going back to your old address, unless you renew the forwarding again. You can do this again for 6 more months.

USPS does not state what happens after 6 months, but you could keep doing it on and on forever, if you wish.

Be prepared for delayed mail in the change of address process, mostly due to ineffectiveness of the US postal system.

The upside is this is a free service provided by USPS.


Man waiting for the mail next to an empty mailbox

Moving outside the US


USPS will forward mail internationally, but for a steep cost.


You can enroll in the USPS overseas mail forwarding service, which costs $21.10 retail or $19.35 if you enroll online. There’s an extra cost of $21.10 for each week of service.


The service will cost you $84.40/month. You will also pay shipping for all Priority Mail items that USPS will ship immediately as they are received.


Not a cost effective way to forward your mail overseas.


How long does it take for mail to be forwarded to a new address?


If there’s one thing certain in life, other than taxes, that is the fact that people will keep moving in the near future. According to reports, about 35.5 Million Americans move each year from some place to another.


We have already discussed what mail forwarding is, and why it’s something you probably want to consider when moving. Time is money however, and depending on your move date, you may want to get ahead of time & start right away the mail forwarding process. 


After you have completed your online application with the USPS, it will take about 10 to 15 days for your mail to show up in your Virtual Mailbox


Keep in mind, you’ll also need to fill out a 1583 Form which grants us permission to process & handle mail for you.


Person being sleepy


Mail forwarding can be such a convenience when the time comes where you need to move. Think about it; it saves all the hassle of emailing or calling friends & relatives and ensuring they got the new address you will be moving to.


Once you have decide to do a change of address, your friends or family will still get to address the same location on the envelope, and then the USPS knows automatically (given that you’ve completed the mail forwarding process) what address to send it to. 


But then that raises the question: Does forwarded mail take longer to arrive?


There is a lot of buzz online and horror stories on forwarded mail taking weeks for it to arrive to your new address. It is true that sometimes there are factors that can contribute to a piece of mail that is being forwarded to a new address, to be delayed. 


The short answer is no; forwarded mail does not take longer to arrive. 


USPS package distribution warehouse


Understanding how mail forwarding works, may be a good way to understand why your new address would not delay the delivery of your mail. 


When someone decides to send you some piece of mail, it is initially sent to a USPS station responsible with sorting out incoming mail. If you have completed the mail forwarding process with them, then by default they will know to change (re-address) the package that is intended to be sent to you. What that practically means, is that this re-address of your package, is a bit more instant than you’d imagine. 


Should I choose temporary or permanent mail forwarding to forward my mail?


The answer depends on your move:


  • Or moving cities within the US?
  • Or moving homes within the same city?
  • Are you moving to a permanent or a temporary home?


The best solution is to get a permanent address for life so you never have to change it again, no matter how many times you move.
Kind of like your cell phone number – you don’t change that anymore when we move, why keep changing your permanent address?


If moving overseas, you will need to keep a US address for many reasons. A permanent change of address makes sense in this case.


If moving within the US or within a city, it depends on your preference whether you wish to get mail at home, a PO Box or  a Virtual Mailbox. If former, do a change of address with USPS as mentioned above.


If you do not wish to give out your home address because you want it to stay private, or you get business mail or you get mail at different homes, you can have all that mail consolidated and be available via a Virtual Mailbox.


User interface of the virtual mailbox on a computer & smart phone


A mail forwarding service like US Global Mail will help you get your mail via a Virtual Mailbox, no matter where you move. You can see, read and take action on your mail online, which makes life so much easier and mail handling so easy.


How To Forward Mail


Step by step of how it works: You sign up with a mail forwarding company and get a US address. This address is your anchor while you move around the globe. Your mail forwarding sign up will also come with a Virtual Online Mailbox. The process is simple:


  1. You get a local US address (make sure it is a street address, not a PO box). The State your address is in or place does not matter as long as it in the US.
  2. You fill a change of address form at post office fill online informing USPS that you have a new address where you mail should be delivered.
  3. Your mail and items start arriving at the mail forwarding company. The mail forwarding company then uploads the items to your online virtual mailbox.
  4. You  see those items online and decide what you want to do with them. Depending on the features offered by the mail forwarding provider, you can get mail opened and scanned or shipped, get items packed together and shipped, discard any junk mail etc.


What to look for in a mail forwarding service?


Unlocking the mystery of mail forwarding services: here are 10 things you should look for in a mail forwarding service.


Child at the "love locks" tourist attraction in Paris


There are many, many companies out there that offer mail forwarding services. Before we tell you about all our research, here is a word of caution: never sign up for one from Craigslist or such services. These might be scammers trying to get your mail!


What to look for when signing up with a mail forwarding company?


Of course, we think we are the best but you should look around and choose one that will work best for you. We want you to choose us only if we are a good fit for you. When shopping around, look for:


  1. Reputation: how long has the company been around, BBB rating, reviews, how secure is your mail with them
  2. Prices: how upfront and clear is their pricing, how competitive are their shipping rates.
  3. Plans: do they offer comprehensive plans for your/your family?
  4. Shipping Rates: This is a biggie! And can add up your costs significantly. Check if the service charges “retail” shipping rates meaning they don’t give you any discount on shipping and keep the discounts they get from shippers like UPS, FedEX, DHL etc for themselves?
    Or do they offer  you discounted shipping rates so you can ship for a lot less when you need to ship your mail or other items to yourself.
  5. Customer service: do they have a way for you to talk to them, do they have live phone and chat support, or is it a bot and what is the email response time? When you need a shipment to sent out asap or when you need a mail piece scanned within the hour, this matters a lot.
    At US Global Mail, we ship all requests received by 1pm the same day. And our email response times are usually less than 4 hours.


We did a comparison of the more popular mail forwarding companies to see how they stack up against each other. You can see the info here.